Your Full Moon Horoscope For April Wants You To Let Go Of The Toxicity

Your Full Moon Horoscope For April Wants You To Let Go Of The Toxicity

The full moon in Libra on April 19 will be the second full moon that we’ve had in Libra in a month, making it a blue moon. Since blue moons often represent a rare (and auspicious) opportunity, this moon gives us a second shot at rebalancing and harmonizing our relationships, says astrologer Mecca Woods.

If the full moon on March 20 highlighted the trouble spots in our relationships, this full moon will help us make improvements or changes where needed, which may include some final and lasting decisions.

With Venus—the ruler of Libra—still in compassionate yet dreamy Pisces, we may need to look at where we’re giving too much to certain relationships and where we may be giving too little. If a connection feels unrewarding, unfulfilling, or inauthentic, it may be time to let it go.


It’s possible that you and someone you’re seeing could take your relationship to new heights, especially if this person has touched you at the soul. On the flip side, if you’ve only seen what you want to see in someone and your relationship, this full moon could reveal the truth to you. Either way, when it comes to a significant relationship, change is afoot. Though, know you have a choice in how you respond to that change.


You’ve got no problem with taking on responsibility, but this full moon may ask you to evaluate where you’re overbooking yourself to a soul-crushing point. If something’s weighing you down, you’re being pushed to let things go and lay down some of those burdens, no matter how you think others might perceive you. Your job right now is to worry about your own well-being. You deserve that much.


Authenticity is the message that this full moon carries for you. When you dare to take up space and shine your light out into the world, you end up attracting the love that you’re looking for. By tapping into your joy and your passions, you’re sending a clear signal to yourself and to others that you belong here. This moon could highlight a moment of triumph for you, spotlighting your creative gifts and genius. Your time is now.


What resonates with you most right now? You might be called to make a decision at this moon that may seem scary and like you’re stepping into the great unknown. But perhaps you’re actually stepping more fully into yourself. This will require you to be completely honest with yourself about your needs. At the same time, you might find yourself challenging your belief system, as the old rules may no longer apply.


Your social calendar may be full now, but it’s possible that you’re spreading yourself too thin by trying to keep up with it all. As such, it may be time to assess who and what best deserve your time and attention. With this in mind, you may need to drop a few things and let folks know what you can and can’t do. On another note, a mental shift may be in order.


A financial matter could come to a head now and it’s likely that you’ll reach a viable agreement on a contract or negotiation. If someone is offering you money that looks less than satisfactory, you may need to take a pass on the deal and look for something better. Either way, don’t let scarcity thinking get in the way of your ability to get what you really want. First, you must be clear about your expectations.


Your health and well-being come into focus under this moon as you’re encouraged to tune into how you feel on the inside and out. Part of your homework may involve breaking away from relationships with others that hold you back. Consider this not only a push towards self-improvement but a push towards honoring your needs and taking active steps to see that those needs are met. You deserve more happiness.


You may have an a-ha moment under this moon around something that you’ve been avoiding or trying to control. Whatever this realization might be, the theme hinges on you letting something go or having a bit more faith that things are working out for you, even if you can’t tangibly see it right now. On a different note, know that having a creative outlet can be therapeutic for you. Allow healing to take place.


Community is highlighted for you as lean on the friends that you call family. When people start to recognize you and your name, you might find opportunity knocking at your door. However, know that it’s okay to be picky about your connections. Not everyone needs access to you, especially if certain people don’t have much value to offer you in return. Drop the dead weight.


You might find yourself making an important decision regarding your career that could either help you garner recognition for your work, or help you align with what you were born to do. Your task now is to define what success means to you and you alone. If you have something important to announce or want more eyes and ears on something you’re doing, now’s the time to start generating a buzz.


An opportunity that you’ve been waiting for could finally come through, reminding you of the power of what can happen when you believe. This opportunity could bring you a financial reward as well. However, if it’s not in alignment with you or your truth, you may decide to turn it down. Know that now’s not the time to accept just anything presented to you. It has to be something you’re willing to give your whole heart to.


If you’ve been giving too much of your power away to a certain relationship, expect to have some intense revelations as to why you need to let this relationship go. Ultimately, look to this moon to show you where you need to pour some of that energy that you’ve been giving to others back into yourself. Know that you are worth much more than you’ve been allowing yourself to have. Be honest with yourself and others about how you feel.