Your Full Moon Horoscope For May Is All Or Nothing

Your Full Moon Horoscope For May Is All Or Nothing

We can expect emotions to run high during the full moon in all-or-nothing Scorpio on May 18. But know that the feelings that come up at this time are meant to point us in the right direction. These feelings are meant to help us to get honest about our desires and our needs, and to show us where we need to put in the work towards getting them met. Doing so might require facing some uncomfortable truths, breaking away from unhealthy relationships, and redefining what’s truly important to us.

Since the moon will be in Scorpio, a sign associated with themes of death and rebirth, know that whatever is brought up to the surface under this moon can pave the way for healing, transformation, and personal empowerment, says astrologer Mecca Woods.


It’s time to get real with yourself (and possibly another) in terms of what you want from an intimate relationship. Maybe you’re finding that you want more than what you previously thought, or maybe you could stand to give a little more. Either way, you’re called to drop down into your heart space and acknowledge what you feel instead of running from it. Financially, it’s time to let go of old money habits and reevaluate what’s truly important to you. Know that what you have (or don’t) doesn’t define you.


A significant relationship comes under the microscope now as you’re called to examine whether it’s a relationship that’s worth taking to the next level or if it’s one that needs to be let go of entirely. How you see yourself and this relationship fitting into your life will be the determining factor, as will your better judgment. Hint: don’t keep a relationship going just for the sake of familiarity. You’re evolving and your relationships need to evolve too. Being upfront and honest about where you are can help you decide.


Your work-life balance comes to the spotlight now, which might have you ready to make an exit from a high-pressure, low reward job or simply looking to ways that you can better manage your stress. It may be time for you to pare down your schedule and be more mindful of how you’re using your time and energy. Remember, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, especially if you’re consistently getting little return on the investments you’re making. Meanwhile, it’s time to stop being so hard on yourself.


Authenticity is the theme for you at this moon, as you’re called to step up and allow yourself to be fully seen—warts and all. There’s beauty in being your full self and doing so will help you with attracting the right people to you, including a love interest. There could be some shifts in your alliances, especially if people have become too accustomed to the old you. In terms of your creative skills, you could receive recognition for your genius. In love, it’s make it or break it time.


You might feel a bit tender under this full moon as you’re called to examine the ways you may be letting family expectations, buried resentments, or old programming get in the way of your success. Acknowledging your anger and giving it a healthy outlet can be the first step in helping you to remove any blockages you might be facing. Another way you can begin removing blockages is by defining what success means to you rather than trying to adhere to someone else’s standards. You are here to break the mold, not fit into it.


You could have a revelation or an a-ha moment at this full moon that not only pushes you to acknowledge the truth about something (perhaps something you’ve been avoiding) but also pushes you to challenge an old way of thinking. As part of this shift in thinking and communicating, you may need to work on scaling back on chronic pessimism or complaining. On the flip side, this could be a pivotal moment for you to speak your truth. You could get the chance to present your writing or ideas to an audience.


It’s all about your money now, which means that you could receive an offer for a job that you’ve been wanting or a boost in salary. If you’re not expecting a job offer, expect themes around how much you’re worth and how much you’re getting paid to be a focus. If you’ve been feeling undervalued, it’s time to change that. Value what you have to offer. Also, this full moon can also help you to break away from an old story you’ve been subscribing to around scarcity and abundance.


The spotlight is on you now and what you’re feeling. And instead of stewing in your feelings, expect this full moon to push you to talk about something you’ve been holding back or avoiding. Go with the flow, because the air needs to be cleared. It’s the only way that things can begin changing for the better. But know that what comes up doesn’t necessarily need to be something bad. It could be something as simple as initiating a conversation that could foster a professional opportunity or relationship. Open up.


Your energy may not be as high as it usually is at this time, though you could use a moment for rest and reflection. While you’re usually a freedom-loving and happy-go-lucky type, there may be something that you’ve become too attached to, and you may be desperately trying to control the outcome as to what happens with this something or situation. Let go, Sagittarius and trust that whatever you’re releasing now is for your highest good. Focus on the things that you can control—like how you respond to your emotional triggers.


Your friend’s list may come up for review now as you’re pushed to let go of friendships that may be lopsided or lacking the authenticity that you crave. You might even find that certain groups or organizations in which you once identified, just aren’t cutting it for you anymore. Either way, it’s time for you to align with those that feel more like your tribe. On a different note, you could receive some sort of praise or recognition from your peers as the result of your hard work and support.


Your career is in the spotlight and it’s possible that you could be on the receiving end of a prestigious new job or a promotion of sorts. You could also receive some sort of public accolade or praise around your work or reputation. Though overall, what happens next in your career really depends on how much you want it. If you’ve been going through the motions and settling for less, now’s the time for you to dig deep and go for the gold. Though you must determine what that gold is.


It’s time for you to step outside of your comfort zone. And this could happen by way of an educational opportunity or the chance to travel abroad. Either way, you’re being pushed to see and experience the world differently, which can help you with shedding self-limitations and outdated beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in place. At the same time, where can you stand to live life more creatively? Give yourself permission to fall back in love with life (and yourself) again. Changing your environment and outlook can help.