Get Paid To Play With Puppies And Other Fantasy Gigs

Get Paid To Play With Puppies And Other Fantasy Gigs

When people used to ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up, our immediate answer was the next Joan Didion or Serena Williams. But that was before we knew that being a semi-professional avocado eater could pay our bills, or that one lucky soul is being paid 120K to vacation in Mexico for a year. Or, that you could get cash for living in a romantic Italian town.

You may or may not have seen lucrative “opportunities” like these going viral in your news feed. But our guess is we’re not the only suckers who daydream about leaving behind our desks and overflowing inboxes to travel and have a “job” defined by rest and relaxation.

For all you fellow big dreamers out there, we’re keeping tabs on some of our favorite dream non-job postings old and new. Bookmark this article, we’ll keep updating this list with the wildest opportunities out there. (Hello, job where you get paid to trot the globe—we’re available).

Get paid to play with puppies all day

Calling all dog-lovers. MUTTS Canine-Cantina, a Texas-based pup-friendly bar, restaurant, and park is currently taking applications for a lucky “Puptern,” or a paid internship where you actually get to play with puppies all day. If that doesn’t sound dreamy enough MUTTS is actually offering $100 an hour to pet and wrestle around with some Rovers. How do you apply? Post a pic or video on Instagram that explains why you’re the best candidate for cuddling with dogs all day, and tag @MUTTSCantina and use the hashtag #MUTTSpuptern in your Insta caption. The only catch? You have to be willing to commute to MUTTS’ Dallas-Fort Worth location. (BRB, we have a plane to catch to Dallas).

Earn money while you sleep

Millions of people in the US suffer from sleepless nights and insomnia, which we all know is bad for your health. Tons of hospitals dedicate time and money to sleep studies to try and solve this. And as it turns out some of these hospitals will also pay you thousands of dollars to watch you catch some z’s. A tip: do your research before you join any study, of course, and be aware that some are more well-paying ones others. But you might qualify for more nap time cash-earning opportunities than you think. Look up open studies near you here.

Score some cash by playing games

Tell us you your inner 10-year old isn’t shouting with joy right now. That’s right, there’s a place on the internet that will put some dollars in your pocket for playing games. The site GetPaidTo offers a bunch of rewards for doing internet stuff and one of these is to play games like sudoku, puzzles, crosswords, and more. While we don’t expect anyone will be able to quit their day job doing this, you will definitely have some bragging rights next time you run into your nine-year-old neighbor.