Easy Ways To Keep Up The Halloween Spirit At Work (Even When There’s No Party)
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Easy Ways To Keep Up The Halloween Spirit At Work (Even When There’s No Party)

When we were in school you could always count on themed holiday celebrations—especially for Halloween. Yet, somehow on that road to adulthood, activities that seemed totally acceptable not so long ago are now seen as kitsch or *ahem* not worth the effort.

Nay—Halloween is for any and all ages! That’s why we’ve rounded up a few simple Halloween ideas for work that will help you keep up the spirit of the holiday (and your own spirits).

Halloween ideas for work that upgrade office morale

(Because no one wants to be the only one to dress up for Halloween.)

Decorate the office work space

Let the office manager know you have some great Halloween ideas for work and ask if it’s okay for you to lead the charge on decorations and activities. Remember, when you volunteer, it’s hard to say ‘no.’ Volunteer to dress up the communal areas or entryway to the office in Halloween decor. Create a small budget and present it to your boss for future reimbursement. Make it easy on yourself and go to the local dollar store for some last-minute decor. Skip the spiderwebs (or limit it to one key area) and grab some tinsel in orange, black, purple or green. Tape up cutouts of bats, spiders, witches. Simple wall decor can easily make the biggest impact. Oh—and never forget at least one good pumpkin.

Bring Halloween treats

There’s nothing quite like some office freebies and treats to get your coworkers in the Halloween spirit. Stop by the grocery store and have your pick of anything pumpkin. Pies, cupcakes, cookies, and cake bread are all good starting points. If your office does a happy hour, consider bringing a seasonal drink like pumpkin ale or something similar. If there’s the possibility for a potluck or a company -wide lunch, add to the festivities by bringing plates and napkins that tie in to Halloween.

Dress for the occasion—even if it’s not a complete costume

Unless there’s a costume contest going on, we understand if you hesitate going to work in a full-on costume. If dressing up in costume isn’t part of the company culture, show your Halloween spirit in more minimalist ways. Dress in all-black. Wear a T-shirt with Halloween imagery. Nab one of those headbands with a small witch hat or kitten ears. Consider it Halloween-lite.

Challenge coworkers to a best group costume contest

One surefire way to get more people participating in Halloween costume contests is to set a specific Halloween theme for the entire office. Consider themes like: Best Disney costume, Best Pop Culture Icons, Best Superhero or Best Movie Characters. You can also increase the likelihood of participation by asking employees to dress in pairs or groups. In this way, you’ll ensure no one feels left out!

Play a spooky playlist to set the mood

Okay, so maybe putting on a Halloween playlist with the sound of screaming monsters and ghouls isn’t the most appropriate, or not going to help anyone get through the workday. But—why not consider a playlist with songs that span a wider range? Think: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas? Stumped on what else might work? We’ve rounded up our own Halloween playlist for you here.

Organize a pumpking carving contest

Ah, the good ol’ pumpkin carving contest. What more could we say? Ask your office manager or boss if there’s room in the budget to grant a prize to whoever brings to work the best-carved or decorated pumpkin.

Welcome trick-or-treaters

Do you work at space that’s near other small businesses? If so, ask your neighboring companies whether they’d like to participate in a block-wide trick-or-treat day. To cut down on travel time between neighborhoods, families sometimes prefer taking small children up and down a few streets where businesses are known to give our candy. There’s nothing quite like seeing the kiddos show up in their Halloween best!