14 Holiday Gifts For The Witchiest Babes In Your Life

14 Holiday Gifts For The Witchiest Babes In Your Life

What’s a nature-worshipping, tarot-reading, sage-burning gal to do during the holiday season? Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em—by giving the gift of new age spirituality.

Ugh, the holidays. That particularly painful point in the Venn diagram of capitalism-meets-religious-tradition.

And while all you (as a spiritual being) really want for “Christmas” is to baulk at scientific materialism and escape this earthly plane for a while, let’s try for the next best thing.

And that’s forcing your beautifully hippie ideals on your friends and family via the exchange of gifts.

Don’t worry your empathic head; we have just the selection. All created lovingly by radical pagans and witchy womyn (just like you), the below gift guide is just the thing you need to help find your centre and manifest the perfect holiday break—whatever you ~believe.~

Very large amethyst candle holder
$150 at The Hoodwitch

Free People Crystal Elixir water bottle

Many Moons 2018 Vol 1 workbook
$24 at Modern Women

King Khan’s Black Power Tarot

Catherine Rising x UO palo Santo crystal bundle
$18 at Urban Outfitters

Noncense N1 incense holder

Famous Witches 2.0 t-shirt
$30 at Modern Women

Material Girl, Mystical Worldby Ruby Warrington
$14.84 on Amazon

Dori Midnight Between Worlds Gender Magic elixir
$20 at Otherwild

Small Spells Tarot Deck
$50 at Haus Witch

Incausa Bath and Meditate offering bundle
$20 at Otherwild

House of Intuition Red Limited Edition holiday gift box