How Wellness Entrepreneur Shiva Rose Makes Time For Herself

How Wellness Entrepreneur Shiva Rose Makes Time For Herself

“Your body never lies, so listen to your gut or intuition.”

Whether at home in Santa Monica or traveling for business, Shiva Rose starts each morning the same way: sitting in meditation with a cup of tea. It’s a critical opportunity for her to check in with herself and get connected.

Rose began her career as an award-winning actress with roles in films, plays, and television. But when she was diagnosed with lupus and other autoimmune disorders, she turned her attention toward getting well and documenting her path to healing. Eventually, that research led her to create a line of products that were both chic and nontoxic. Rose also recently released her first book, Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness. “Most people with an entrepreneur’s spirit begin projects with an inherent, organic passion for seeing that thing in the world,” she says.

In the daily hustle of running her multifaceted business and parenting, her simple morning ritual serves as a lodestone. “We live in very fast paced, draining, and masculine times where taking time to nourish ourselves isn’t a natural part of our routines,” Rose says. “If we do this and build it in our lives, we can then be even more productive to our work, family and communities.” Read on to learn how Rose makes time for herself and what she treasures.

Power Mantra

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” —Anaïs Nin

I like to be reminded of how we need courage to expand in all areas in our lives, from business to love, so this is a useful go-to daily mantra. Also, your body never lies, so listen to your gut or intuition. If at times I can’t differentiate between my intuition and ego or fear, I try to become still and listen to my body.

Skin Care Essential

I wear my Glow Balm daily for a luminous glow. I also will use my Blue Crystal Eye Cream to reduce puffiness around my eyes.

Can’t-Miss Podcast: ReWild Yourself Podcast

I am fascinated by the idea of returning to the wild and being able to live as closely to the earth as we can comfortably in these modern times.

Happy-Place Outfit: Kimono

I used to tell stories through my characters as an actress, and that sprouted the seed in me to be a storyteller. I love to wear an old kimono and slip when I’m camping somewhere under some old trees.

Currently reading + listening to:

I am realizing how the smart phone is impacting our imagination and creative abilities in a negative way. The book How to Break Up with Your Phoneis a wonderful, concise, and easy-to-read book and manual to help us get some distance from these mind-changing machines.

I am also listening to Dan Dyer’s music. I love his mix of country and Americana songs. He is an Austin-based musician, welder, and campfire cowboy.

Productivity Hack: Eating healthy and meditation

When I am in healthy place I have lots of energy and can do so much in a day. I do however need to re-nourish myself throughout a workday, and do so with raw chocolate made with raw cacao for a boost of energy, Sun Potion tonic like Yin Power to keep my adrenals from over-stressing, kundalini meditation in the morning to light the path for the day, mantras playing in my studio throughout the day to balance the brain and soothe the nervous system, and yoni egg rituals at the end of the day to reconnect with myself.

Most-opened Apps: Spotify and Waze

I use Waze a lot to navigate this Los Angeles traffic and Spotify to give me a soundtrack to do so.

Good-Hair Secret Weapon: Luster Hair Oil and brushing less often

I don’t brush my hair often because I have wavy hair and it can make it truly electric and wild. I use my Luster Hair Oil which has powerful Ayurvedic herbs to help it grow, and I try to drink bone broth weekly for the collagen.

Flats, sneakers or heels?

These flats are stylish, chic, and so comfortable. They go with everything from my earth mama dresses to fitted jeans.

Self-care method of choice: Yoni egg ritual and baths

I like to unwind daily in the evening with a bath ritual. I like to use my Sea Siren scrub to take away the negativity of the day. It is made with lemongrass, shea butter, sea algae and other incredible ingredients that are all sourced from the natural world. I will scrub my body as I listen to a mantra, then when I get out from the bath I will apply one of my body oils on my limbs with an intention of love. I also will reconnect with my womb, and my center of gravity and intuition, by doing yoni or jade egg ritual a few times a week.