This Force Of Nature Gets By With A Little Help From Her Crystals

This Force Of Nature Gets By With A Little Help From Her Crystals

“Crystals are always in my bag or my bra. I am constantly stopped at the the airport.”

As a self-made entrepreneur and the founder of non-traditional public relations and branding agency Noise 784, Guest strives to stir-up outdated media practices and bring a fresh perspective to the industry by following her intuition and, obviously, making some noise.

Guest splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, which means there are no average days. Meditation, supplements, and warm lemon water keep her going between calls, sets, and client meetings. And crystals are key. “Crystals are always on my desk, in my bag, in my bra, or on set and, even though I have TSA pre-check, I am constantly stopped at the the airport,” Guest says.

Guest’s latest experiment is Happy Noise, an emoji app that allows users to cleanse their text feeds by sending healing energy stickers. The idea is to encourage a higher level of communication and, of course, “to send good vibes to your homies.”

Guest’s dedication to impacting our rhythm and vibration infuses everything she does. Read on to learn how this force of nature stays powered up.

Power Mantra:

“I am a warrior [of the light].”—Paulo Coelho

“The Warrior of the Light is a believer. Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is certain that he will find love, love appears.”
—Paulo Coelho

Skincare Essential: Colorscience Powder Sunscreen

The key to great skincare is guarding your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. This is an unbelievable solution to otherwise greasy sunscreen. I throw it in my bag to dust on midday if the sun is particularly strong and I don’t even feel it on my skin.

Can’t-Miss Podcast: Medical Medium

Medical Mediumand Self Service by Girlboss! I am obsessed with Anthony Williams and his incredible insight on the healing power of food. Self Service is fascinating since it focuses on self care through astrology, crystals, and wellness.

Happy-Place Outfit: Advisory Board Crystals Radiant Cities Hoodie

If it has rainbows or sparkles, I am in. Obsessed with Advisory Board Crystals Radiant Cities Hoodie, Levis RE/DONE, and Valentino Booties with a Happy Noise pin!

Currently reading:

Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho and The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. I have Warrior of Light on my coffee table and constantly pick it up for inspiration. It is a philosophical guide to being a human. Practical Magic was one of my favorite books and it’s amazing to revisit it in The Rules of Magic. Alice Hoffman is such a gift.

Productivity Hack: Crystals from Spellbound Sky

Crystals and my secret weapon, my mom. If you find yourself in LA, make sure to take a trip to the most magical store, Spellbound Sky. The owners Mark and Martin are the real deal; they’re involved with all the clients who come in and they can help guide you on your spiritual journey with crystals. Our Happy Noise x Blonde Omen crystal-haired troll just launched there. The troll’s cape is made out of the crystal Happy Noise stickers!

They say you choose your mother and my mom is the grounding force in my life mixed with kickass clairvoyance.

Most-opened App:  Happy Noise Emojis

I launched Happy Noise a little over a year ago and nothing feels better than giving the world a spiritual tool for communication.

Good Hair Secret-Weapon:  Color Wow Dream Coat

Color Wow’s entire product line is great, particularly Dream Coat.

Flats, sneakers or heels?

Shoes are power. Being a Gemini, I’m drawn to either booties or sneakers. I feel as powerful in my Gucci rainbow sneakers or Nike Swarovski sneakers as I do in my Valentino Denim Star Booties or Floral Givenchy booties.

Self-care method of choice: Transcendental Meditation

It is really important to unplug for a few moments to gain clarity and perspective. Nothing makes the world stop better than taking some time out for yourself.

GIF that best describes you:

I’m OBSESSED with anything from Fantasia.