33 Gifts Girlboss Staffers Have On Their Holiday Wishlist

33 Gifts Girlboss Staffers Have On Their Holiday Wishlist

While we’ve been drumming up gift guides for your BFF and the witchiest women in your life, some very eager Girlboss staff have been adding to their own personal wish lists as well. Here are 33 things we’re hoping to unwrap over the next few weeks.

ICYMI, it’s full on gift-guide season here on the internet. And from a behind-the-scenes perspective, one of the inevitable byproducts of a team spending loads of time imaging the fun and shiny things our readers will love most, is the realization that we alsocovet fun and shiny things.

And whaddya know: When the call out came for some festive Girlbossstaffers to submit their wish lists,  answers came in enthusiastic and decisive. And quick. Give a girl a minute to talk about what she’d reallyprefer (in lieu of yet another set of holiday-scented candles) and she’ll pour her heart out, it seems.

Running the gamut from whimsical, to practical, to super simple, to over-the-top indulgent, here are the top picks we came up with.

1. “Activewear is secretly my ideal style of dressing, and this affordable yet sea punk (lo, remember that?) crop says ‘wear a comfy sports bra, but make it fashion.’”

2. “Bury me in these. The Tabi boot is my life-long obsession and I can only dream of one day being gifted a pair with a white finish like these.”

3. “You can never have enough ‘Unending Red.’ I would like a pack of 10—one for every bag, and a few for around the house and office.”

1. “All I want to do is stay indoors. I think I go outside just to remind myself of how much I love being home.”

2. “These earrings are so cute, and any reminder of the mystical is alright by me.”

3. “I love a good jumpsuit, especially one that makes it appear as if I had to make two choices to get dressed instead of just one.”

1. “It’s called ‘cowboy,’ but it’s for all cowpeople alike. It smells like a northeastern forrest and also like musky mouthwash? The experience of smelling it for some reason makes me want to go home and watch True Blood, which is about vampires, so that’s strange.”

2. “Y’all like films? Remember when the Criterion Collection used to be on Hulu, and then it was no longer on Hulu? That’s because they went to FilmStruck, a streaming site for all things arthouse, indie, TCM, and the like. Maybe you can get it and add Felini’s classic 8 1/2 to your queue and never watch it, like me.”

3. “I love this floral print very much. It’s got a contemporary build with a retro-ish look, and is made from nice materials. I would like the whole set, please.”

1. “This is the perfect resolution for my battle between the desire to cap the day off with a glass of wine and my conscience telling me not to drink more than a glass. The ability to have just one glass without sacrificing the bottle is a winner”

2. “Fresh flowers help brighten up any room but fresh flowers every week feels like such a luxury. Farmgirl is the perfect solution and feels like a gift that would keep on going.”

3. “One cup of coffee just doesn’t seem enough for my daily hour-long commute. This on-the-go espresso maker would make for the perfect commuter companion, especially when there’s no escape for unexpected LA traffic.”

1. “I’m mostly a jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal, but somewhere along the way, I’ve developed an excessive affection for faux fur coats, and the more exorbitant the better. Plus, it’s called the ‘Ice Queen Jacket,’ and I aspire to be more stoic (i.e. to notcry when ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ plays during a baseball game).”

2. “Make no mistake: This book is indeed for children, and I am mostly a grown woman. But how cool is it to have a book where you get to be the protagonist? Even better, there’s an opportunity to start learning coding at the end, and in that sense, I’m about on par with a four-year-old. It’s a bit of an odd gift to buy for yourself, so I’m putting these vibes out into the universe. (And psst: this book project was the recipient of a Girlboss Foundation grant!)”

3. “Who doesn’t love a super loose-fitting garment specifically intended for lazing about the house? And it’s made out of velvet and silk? Swoon.”

1. “I seem to have the opposite of a green thumb; plus, my little apartment doesn’t get enough light for plants to thrive (or so I like to think). I love the idea of not killing them for once and having fresh herbs to cook with.”

2. “I love this stylish little leather backpack because I can bop around town straight from work to drinks with friends, all while keeping my laptop handy in case I need to put out any work-related fires.”

3. “I so badly need a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones so I don’t have to stuff my phone and headphone cords in my sports bra or pants when I workout. ”

1. “This vase has three defining features that make it a great gift: First, it’s pink. Second, it’s a wacky shape. Third, it’s designed by iconic architect Alvar Aalto, so it makes you seem smart.”

2. “Virgil Normal is a wonderful store near our office in Silverlake, I love everything they do and make. This Nalgene colorway is everything!”

3. “Owning Mondo Mondo jewelry is a rite of passage in LA. I’m dying for one of these rings! They’re beautiful but badass.”

1. “I’d save this and pass it down to my daughter. Every time I look down, I’ll remember a good time I had with a nice bowl of mac and cheese.”

2. “I love tennis shoes and they have become my work wardrobe essential (shoutout to Girlboss’ Cali cool dress code!). They are easy to dress up and keep you on your feet.”

3. “This is my favorite scent ever. I would drink it if I could. (OK not really—don’t actually do that.)”

1. “Being the data-driven freak that I am, I’m dying to know the ins and outs of my DNA, but haven’t wanted to spend the money on it myself as it seems like an unnecessary expense. It definitely is unnecessary, but aren’t you curious?!”

2. “I’ve wanted this backpack for, like, two years now, but I’m just too freakin’ cheap to buy it for myself. I love how it mixes practicality and style.”

3. “I’ve already got these in black and wear them all the time (my style-inspo queen is @the_salty_blonde who rocks hers all the time). Call me basic, but when I saw they came out in baby pink, I knew I needed to add these to my sneaker collection.”

1. “I like that they’re uneven and the reviews say it’s really soft.”

2. “I like to think of myself as anxious and courageous.”

3. “I don’t have enough fingers for all the rings I want to wear, but this is so insanely cute.”

1. “Because playing ‘the woman card’ is never a bad thing.”

2. “I need to put all my useless junk somewhere, so why not hit two birds with one stone and sport an important message while I’m at it?”

3. “I think I might slowly be replacing everything I own with jumpsuits, but hey, I’m not complaining. Especially if it’s this velvet one—so perfect for holiday parties.”