A Road Test With Cult Beauty Brand Glossier’s New Lightweight Powder

A Road Test With Cult Beauty Brand Glossier’s New Lightweight Powder

At this point, I’m pretty sure Glossier could try and sell me a dried-up Sharpie as eyeliner and I’d order it immediately if not sooner.

I’ve fallen all the way in with them, singing the praises of their Cloud Paint blushes, the miracle that is Boy Brow, and the Haloscope highlighter, to anyone who wants listen. And in fact, to many people who have no such desire. So when I caught wind that Glossier was putting out a new face powder, it was probably the sixth or seventh best day of my year so far.

Wowder is a super lightweight powder touted as having the ability to cut shine, set makeup and blur the appearance of pores, all without turning your face into a cakey mess by the end of the day.

Now, it’s worth noting that my skin and I aren’t always BFFs and I’m subject to bouts of nihilism when it comes to being a 30-year-old with acne. I have a tendency to stand in front of my mirror at night, after a glass of wine or two, and tell myself that I’m going to die someday anyway, so might as well show these three whoppers who’s boss.

As such, much as I love Glossier for their general aesthetic and brilliant packaging, my skin is rarely the clean canvas on which their products thrive best.

I have their Skin Perfecting Tint, though the coverage is so light that it really just sits on my shelf as motivation to stop the face-picking that necessitates a heavier foundation.

The same, essentially, can be said for Wowder. The texture is so lightweight that it defies all conventional properties of face powder, virtually disappearing into your skin. The finish manages to be matte without covering up that just-right dewiness Glossier products work so hard to facilitate. And in this respect, it really is remarkable and unlike other powders out on the market.

Wowder doesn’t claim to provide much coverage, and indeed, if coverage is what you seek, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for. It also doesn’t have a whole lot of lasting power, as to be expected with something so lightweight, so if you’re headed out for an entire day with no foreseeable opportunity to reapply, either throw it in your purse, or know that some forehead shine will likely be in your future.

But all in all, it’s a beautiful product—even more so if you opt to buy the Wowder Brush, which is so soft it’ll make a baby seal jealous, and even more so still if you already have beautiful skin that only requires a faint dusting of finishing powder.

Wowder comes in three shades—Light/Medium, Dark/Deep and Rich, and it costs $22. The Wowder Brush is $20, and you can purchase them together for a discounted price of $35.