4 BS-Free Mantras To Mumble When You’re Super Stressed Out

4 BS-Free Mantras To Mumble When You’re Super Stressed Out

For all the times when telling yourself “stress is not my friend” isn’t going to cut it.

If it feels like the world is a bit of a shit sandwich right now and you’re dealing with a ridiculous amount of stress—it definitely is, and you probably are.

According to a study published recently by RAND Corporation, more than half of Americans are exposed to unpleasant and even hazardous working conditions. One in four Americans don’t feel like they have enough time in the day to do their jobs, and one in five say they’ve experienced verbal abuse, threats, humiliation or unwanted sexual attention within the last month.

And then, of course, there’s violent white-supremacist protests going on right now, compounded by the fact that the President of the United States doesn’t really seem to mind. Also, that whole threat of nuclear war with North Korea.

Better find some methods to cope with all that stress.

The practice of repeating mantras to oneself have long existed as a method of self-soothing and meditation, dating back to Hindu traditions that are thousands of years old, according to scholars. Modern times have since seen a branching-off of this practice into a more mainstream method that relies on uttering positive-thinking phrases like “I deserve to live with ease,” or “smiling brings me joy.”

All well and good. But for those of us who identify as more Daria-esque, trying to feel better can sometimes require more than simply telling yourself to feel better.

As such, we’ve put together four handy mantras that aim to put the reasons you should feel a greater since of gratitude in a more specific context.

Check ‘em out below for the next time the pressure gets to be too much and you need a little reprieve:

Honestly, what an honor. Rihanna is an endless gift of no-fucks-to-give inspo—be it her proclivity for taking wine glasses out of restaurants, to her historically inspired outfits. And then there’s the greatest FLOTUS of all time, who never fails to lift us up with her sincerity, grace and intelligence. She’s also really cute when she dances.

Hey girl, heeeey. Can someone explain to me why we live in a male-first sexual culture, again?

Alcohol has a long history of valid and less-than-valid claims about it being good for you, in moderation. Let’s go off the latest, shall we?

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, women who have seven or fewer drinks per week were 25 to 30 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease than those who had never consumed alcohol.

Optional sub-mantra: “Only ___ hours until happy hour.”

She learned about her pregnancy just days before the Open, and went on to win the January tournament without dropping a single set. This marked her 23rd Grand Slam win, making her the player with the most Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles combined, amongst all active players.

And if that doesn’t work as a reminder that women are tough as hell and you should stress less, well, there are always slime videos.