Everything You Need To Add More Gratitude To Your Life

Everything You Need To Add More Gratitude To Your Life

When was the last time you thought about something you were truly grateful for? (And, no, we don’t just mean that time last week when you sent the praise up because you got the last available parking spot at Trader Joe’s.) While celebrating the small wins is a step in the right direction, it takes much more discipline to practice gratitude with intention and build it into your daily routine.

If you’re wondering why gratitude should be a top priority for you, allow us to direct you to pretty much every “Routines Of Highly Successful People” article that’s ever been written. So many entrepreneurs credit gratitude or journaling as the key to their success. And it’s not just in their heads. In fact, there are plenty of scientifically proven benefits of gratitude, like better self-esteem, stronger mental strength, and better sleep.

If you’re feeling skeptical, we rounded up eight tools to inspire your own daily gratitude reflections. Ahead you’ll find reading materials to get you in the appreciation mindset, an app to help you track your #blessed moments, and some cute stationery so you can spread the grateful vibes. And, of course, we threw in a gratitude journal or two for good measure.

Once you find a tool that works for you, get ready to own Thanksgiving with your newfound attitude of gratitude. Or, at the very least, have something to add besides being thankful you weren’t on potato-peeling duty this year.

8 ways to get into the gratitude mindset today:

If you’re one of few words, this one-line-a-day, five-year memory journal format is just what you need to get started on your gratitude journey. Plus, the colorful cover makes this book the perfect addition to your bedside table.

Are you an open book? Opt for a blank journal with plenty of real estate to let your positive thoughts run wild. Try setting aside a specific time to journal to have more success turning it into a long-term habit, such as right before bed or as soon as you wake up.

Once you’ve gotten into a routine of practicing gratitude, don’t forget how rewarding it can be to express it outwardly. Start by sending hand-written notes on fun stationery that’ll inspire you to get writing.

Be sure to get specific. Did someone recently give you a gift? Share what it means to you and how you’ll use it. Also try to be timely and share your appreciation as soon as possible.

Pick up The Gratitude Diaries: How A Year Looking On The Bright Side Can Transform Your Life by Janice Kaplan if you’re looking for ways to shift your perspective and close the gratitude gap. See what Kaplan learned on her year-long journey to become more grateful and let it empower you to follow suit.

If you find that the 24-hour news cycle of disheartening events makes it difficult to identify things to be grateful for, look to Neil Pasricha’s The Book Of Awesome. It’s the ultimate listicle of tiny moments worth appreciating, like popping bubble wrap or the feeling of curling up under a blanket.

So, you’re not a ~journal~ person. The good news is there’s an app you can turn to instead. Download Happy Not Perfect and head to the Grateful Diary section. There you’ll be prompted to answer questions like “Who makes you feel happy and why?” and “What is different today than a year ago that I’m grateful for?” Besides, what else are you going to do once the screen time setting locks you out of Instagram?

Oprah has been a longtime proponent of the gratitude journal, so it’s no surprise that her podcast, Super Soul Conversations, is chock-full of nuggets about how to have a more meaningful life. If this isn’t already in your audio digest, subscribe now to keep the vibes of gratitude flowing.