How One Woman Tackles $35K In Debt With A Pay-As-You-Go Plan

How One Woman Tackles $35K In Debt With A Pay-As-You-Go Plan

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I was around $35K in student loan debt when I graduated college and I was overwhelmed, especially since I knew I wouldn’t have a high-paying job when I decided on a writing career. But, I knew of other people who had $100K of debt so I was on the lucky end of things, I guess.

So far I’ve only knocked off about $8,000, maybe $10,000. I don’t think I’ll be able to pay my debt off fully for at least another 10 years! Actually, that’s probably wishful thinking. I want to ideally be debt-free by 30, but that’s not happening unless I magically get like $50K in my bank account. I guess I’ll say my goal is to be debt-free by 35. That’s the dream.

I do a pay-as-you-earn situation in which every year I send in an application with proof of income and my tax stuff—the loan servicer then calculates a monthly payment based on those factors. Honestly, I don’t understand why people aren’t doing this. I know interest can get tricky and such, but this plan has helped me so much, especially after I got laid off last year and needed to majorly readjust my money situation.

I also think it’s funny how people without loans just absolutely don’t understand student debt. Once while at work I said that if I didn’t have a loan payment every month, I would be so much more financially sound and someone (without loans) said ‘I don’t have loans and I’m still broke, so what’s the excuse.’ And that’s why I hate people! —Chanel, 27, NY

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