This Woman Designed Her Post-Law School Path Around Her $117K In Loans

This Woman Designed Her Post-Law School Path Around Her $117K In Loans

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I graduated from law school with about $117,000 in debt (after receiving a partial scholarship and taking out federal loans to cover the rest).

I didn’t like the feeling that my career or life options were limited by the fact that I had debt hanging over my head gathering interest, so I made a plan to pay it off, fast. My interest rate was knocked down if I set up automatic withdrawals for my minimum monthly payments, so I did that, but I knew I wanted to pay more than the minimum as often as I was able. Periodically I would check my bank account, see that I had extra money and then make a random student loan payment. I also always made a big loan payment with my end of year bonus.

Law is a somewhat unique field where, post grad, you have the opportunity of getting a really high-paying job right out of school at a corporate law firm. I took one of these jobs with the express intent of earning a salary large enough that I could quickly pay off my loans.

I graduated law school in May of 2016, I started work in September of 2016, and I finished paying them off in January of 2019. So all in all, I paid my loans off in under 3 years. —Andrea, 28, NYC

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