How To Improve Your Hustle With Essential Oils

How To Improve Your Hustle With Essential Oils

Think essential oils are only for hippie-dippy weirdos? Well, a) weirdos are great and b) think again!

Essential oils come with claims of colorful benefits that range from healing properties, to brain stimulation, to stress-relieving, and it’s said they can be used in your day-to-day life to improve your hustle. We consulted two essential oil aficionados to discover which oils will help revive your energy when that afternoon slump hits, provide clarity and focus before an important meeting, and more.

Rosemary:If you’re looking for an essential oil that can help get you through a mid-day slump and provide your senses with a natural pick-me-up, try rosemary essential oil. “Rosemary’s deep, herby scent provides a natural pick-me-up,” says Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics and author of Just The Essentials: How Essential Oils Can Heal Your Skin, Improve Your Health, and Detox Your Life.

“When inhaled, rosemary has been shown to improve mental focus without the crash that many stimulants carry.”

Lavender:Similar to rosemary, lavender essential oil can also be used as a natural pick-me-up to reenergize and refresh your mind.

You can use lavender on its own or mix it with rosemary to create what Grigore refers to as her “genius blend.” We like the sound of that. The best part? Both essential oils are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

Citrus: If you’re looking for essential oils that can help you hammer out that assignment that you’ve been procrastinating on, Grigore suggests choosing one from the citrus family, which is comprised of lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and bergamot.

“The zesty bunch are known for increasing energy levels and uplifting the spirits,” says Grigore. “Another plus about citrus oils is that they closely mimic the scent of the fruit [or] plant from which they’re derived, making it easy to know which ones you might prefer.”

Eucalyptus: Is your brain feeling a bit foggy? Take a whiff of eucalyptus essential oil. “While commonly touted for its ability to clear the airways, rid you of congestion, or kill bacteria, eucalyptus essential oil is also extremely invigorating and energizing,” says Grigore.

“One whiff of this powerful essential oil can snap you back into the present moment—stat!”

Cardamom: If you’re feeling distracted at work, clinical aromatherapist and founder of OILLE, Kirsten King suggests giving cardamom a try. “I find [this] oil perfect for increasing energy and focus,” she says.

Whether it’s infused in your daily facial serum, such as OILLE’s Raspberry + Goji Berry Facial Serum, or diffused in your office, cardamom’s therapeutic properties help to stimulate the brain and get your head back in the game.

Look out for…

In addition to choosing an essential oil that will stimulate the brain and improve your productivity, it’s important to note that not all essential oils can be trusted. To ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, Grigore says to consider the following factors:

Batch size: When shopping for an essential oil—whether it be online or at your local Whole Foods—Grigore suggests purchasing oils from small batch purveyors. “Generally speaking, mass-produced oils tend to be cheaper, lower quality oils,” says Grigore. “When in doubt, check out a company’s website and look for information about their history and methods. Words like “hand-harvested,” “small-batch,” and “wild-crafted” on the labels are all pluses.

Organic certification: Just like you would a piece of chicken at your local grocery store, Grigore suggests looking for a USDA-certified organic logo on the essential oils you purchase. “I’m a big proponent of buying certified-organic oils whenever possible,” says Grigore. “We’ve already seen how wildly different the finished oils can be just from harvest to harvest. So, imagine what a difference it could make if you add synthetic pesticides into the mix. ‘Organic’ is a regulated term, so manufacturers can’t use it without being certified to do so.”

Label transparency: It’s also important to note how transparent the label is. “Aim to purchase from suppliers who are willing to disclose specific details surrounding the plant itself, including its common name, Latin name, and country of origin,” says Grigore. “The more information a manufacturer presents, the better.”

How to use essential oils to increase productivity and improve your hustle

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go over how you can use them in your daily life, to stimulate your senses and provide the brain with clarity, focus and energy.

Take a deep breath

According to King, “inhalation is the quickest and most potent method of absorption.” She suggests diluting a small amount of stimulating essential oil with a carrier oil in the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together to warm the concoction. Then, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and take a deep breath. “Try inhaling with your nose first, then play with inhaling with your mouth,” says King. “You’ll see subtle differences between the two routes.”

If creating your own inhalation oil seems a bit daunting, you can also take a lil’ whiff of a stimulating essential straight from the bottle, or try an inhalation oil that is already mixed for you. The Pick-Me-Up Etheric Inhalation Oil from Farmaesthetics utilizes the energizing properties of grapefruit and peppermint essential oils to aid focus and mental clarity.

Invest in a diffuser

Another easy way to incorporate essential oils into your work life is through a diffuser. “When you diffuse an essential oil, you are forcing it to evaporate into the air. The molecules then surround you, making your room smell amazing, and hopefully, effecting the desired impact on your mood,” says Grigore.

Go for a work-friendly diffuser, such as the Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Air USB Room Diffuser which can be plugged directly into your computer. Diffuse a single essential oil or blend of essential oils that stimulate your mind, like the Saje Wellness Brainstorm Reviving Diffuser Blend. Made from citrus, spice, and floral essential oils, the balanced blend can help spark new ideas and keep the energy flowing. Hence the name “brainstorm.”

Spritz yourself and your surroundings

If you need an energizing refresher throughout the day, try spritzing yourself—and your surroundings—with an invigorating essential oil mist, such as the Saje Wellness Refresh Energizing Face & Body Mist. Formulated to help you stay sharp and maintain positivity, the invigorating face and body mist is sure to become your in-office pick-me-up.

Try a roll-on

In addition to surrounding yourself with the aromatic benefits of essential oils, you can also wear essential oils. Roll-on essential oil blends are an excellent way to breathe in the beneficial aroma of an essential oil and smell good at the same time.

Inspired by ancient Vedic tradition and modern yoga practices, The chakra-balancing roll-on collection from Aura Cacia focuses on interconnected energy centers that are said to have an influence on spiritual and emotional expression. Expressive Throat Chakra Balancing Roll-On is formulated with a blend of lemon essential oil and various carrier oils—such as, sunflower oil and jojoba oil.

Apply essential oil-infused beauty products

Did you know that many of the beauty products that you use on the regular are already infused with essential oils? That being said, they’re often infused with other gross chemicals, too. If you’re looking to add more essential oils into your daily regimen, look for all-natural beauty products—such as, S.W. Basics Lavender Tube Cream—that utilize the properties of essential oils for gorgeous skin and a peaceful, focused mind.