“What Are Some Tips for Increasing Motivation?”
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“What Are Some Tips for Increasing Motivation?”

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"Any tips for increasing motivation?"

The expert: Gabby Bernstein is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker and podcast host. Here's her advice. 

Being productive is one of my superpowers, but my version of productivity doesn’t look like everyone else’s. I’ve had some of my most productive moments in an infrared sauna!

I find that when I push less and stop trying to control things, I can accomplish more. I learned this the hard way; I fully admit that I used to be a control freak.

One of my favorite mantras is: I can do less and attract more. The more fun I’m having, the more motivated I am. And when I’m motivated, I don’t just create more—the work I create has a much bigger impact.

Here are my three favorite tips for staying motivated, having more fun and getting more done.

  1. Take the pressure off. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll burn out fast. Instead, do one small thing every day that will help you achieve your larger goal. This will help you stay motivated.

  2. Be in your highest and best. If it's easy, fun and moves the needle, then it's something you should focus on. If it's not, outsource it or find another way to get it done. This way, you can take your energy off of what’s blocking you and focus it on something that motivates you.

  3. Lean into joy. Do what you enjoy and motivation will be an afterthought. This may sound simple, but it’s really true. I not only use this advice myself, but I see it in my team: The secret to Team Gabby’s success is that we feel deeply connected with the work we’re putting out into the world. Therefore, everyone is super motivated. And I believe anyone who’s in our Miracle Membership and anyone who takes one of our quarterly challenges can really feel the love and joy that infuses everything we put out.

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