21 Women Founders on What They’re Gifting for the Holidays

21 Women Founders on What They’re Gifting for the Holidays

We’re a little nosey around here (let’s be honest—who isn’t?). We thought to ourselves, “Huh, we wonder what some of our fave entrepreneurs are gifting their inner circle for the holidays?” So, we asked some of the coolest brand founders we know to share what they’ve got their eye on from fellow woman-owned brands and women-founded companies. TL;DR: We want it all.

Loren Brill
CEO and Founder of Sweet Loren’s

“I am definitely in the kitchen baking a lot, either testing new recipes or just baking for fun, and I'm obsessed with these Holy Sheet pans. They make baking fun! It's so hard to find pops of color to bring into the kitchen, but I am obsessed with the Raspberry color. It's a great-sized pan and has non-stick ceramic coating which makes for the easiest clean up. It's also dishwasher-friendly. I make our Sweet Loren's cookie dough on these all the time and serve friends and family warm cookies right off the pan because it's so pretty and presentable. The perfect holiday gift for anyone.”


Daniela Angelucci and Michelle Osei-Bonsu
Founders of Listen, B*tch Affirmation Cards

"We’ll take any opportunity to support women-owned businesses (and bonus points if they’re fellow Canadians too)! That’s why Mejuri and Essentials by Temi are our go-to destinations for holiday gifts. Specifically, we love blinging out our friends and family with Mejuri’s classic gold hoops and the Cedar + Vanilla Butter Scrub from Essentials by Temi. They’re always crowd pleasers." 

Between Hoops, Mejuri, $88

Ashli Goudelock
Founder of The Tsuri Company

“With all the go-getters in my circle, I'm giving them a gift card for Sharp Editorial's career services. From resume creation to everybody's least favorite task (read: creating cover letters), plus LinkedIn revamps and interview strategies, Sharp Editorial really takes their clients to the next level. Plus, it's owned by a woman who cares deeply for others' futures, so you know that she and her staff give their clients everything they've got!"

Sharp Editorial's Career Services

Kavisha Mirza
Founder of EVRĒDĀ

"I'm obsessed with Toronto-based candle company Seventh & Oak. Their eco-friendly, wood wick candles make the perfect gift for the cooler season, and the scents are amazing. I'm obsessed with the Campfire scent which is a woody, spicy and sweet blend. Perfect for creating a warm, cozy environment during the holiday season."

Campfire Wood Wick Candle, Seventh & Oak, $38

Julia Xu
Founder & CEO of Multitasky

“This year, I'm gifting handknit hats from Tink Knit. This Brown University student-run nonprofit financially empowers local single mothers through knitting, providing them an opportunity to make an income at home while taking care of their kids. Their cozy hats make both meaningful and practical gifts, which is a combo I'm always trying to find.”

The Classics Hat - Pink, Tink Knit, $30


Faye Harris and Tanya Gonzalez
Co-Founders of EAUSO VERT

"This year I’ll be gifting these huggie earrings from Kinn Studio, a beautiful jewelry company from woman founder Jennie Yoon. All the pieces are made to be kept as heirlooms, so they make a really lovely gift. I also love that their jewelry is made from recycled gold." — Faye

Mini Hoop Huggie Earrings, Kinn Studio, $240


"Anyone who knows me knows exactly what they’re getting this year. I’ve recently discovered the brand Donni, a collection of everyday essentials that are so soft and cozy, they’re hard to take off. I own a few pairs of Donni garments and appreciate how the founder, Alyssa Wasko, is able to blend the highest quality of materials with the most undeniable comfort. Cozy gifting will be my theme this year." — Tanya 

Jersey Square Neck Long Sleeve, Donni, $124


Kaylin Marcotte
Founder and CEO of Jiggy Puzzles

“There's a new woman-founded business, Skye, that's making professional and personal coaching much more accessible for everyone. I heard someone put it as ‘therapy is past to present and coaching is present to future,’ and I love the idea of gifting someone support to be incredibly intentional about their future. As a solo, first-time founder, I have found it invaluable to have a coach, as a source of support, accountability and strategic focus, so I'm gifting my team their own coach with Skye. My go-to gifts are bundles from Beekeeper's Naturals too. I love the idea (especially during cold and flu season) of hive-powered health, and that they're female founded and a certified B corp. I gift their yummy Superfood Honey and a "Save the Bees" sweatshirt.”

Superfood Honey, Beekeepers Natural's, $40

Nuria Madrenas
Founder of Tacit

“I'm going to be gifting The Renewal Mask from Crown Affair. I know how highly coveted this product is (*ahem* it's often sold out), so I'm always sure to stock up to have at-the-ready for gifts. I love the Founder of Crown Affair, Dianna Cohen, and how she weaves in influences of art and design into the brand. This is one of those gifts that people open and say ‘I've wanted this for so long!’” 

The Renewal Mask, Crown Affair, $58

Jenelle Manzi
Founder of Get Golden

“Lately, I’ve been all about gifting experiences. There’s nothing more special than having something to look forward to especially as the nights get chillier here in NYC. This studio Happy Medium hosts wonderful figure drawing classes in the most dreamy space. And for non-NYC dwellers, they sell really cool collage kits. They create such a relaxing and fun evening that lets you tap into your inner creative. Bonus, they sell some fun brands like Get Golden and Ghia to snack and sip on!”

Happy Medium Digital Agency 

Jhoanna Flores
Founder & CEO of Willa Creative

"I have been sending boxes from this woman-owned company called Colored Red, and everyone who has gotten one from me loves them, so I am keeping it rolling into the holidays. I'm such an 'on-bland' shopper but reminding myself not all my friends and clients are, this has been a fun one to send. The founder is great and has helped me add in hand-written notes. The majority of my gifts go out in LA, and since the company is LA-based, shipping is quick and easy. The products are playful, uplifting, and there is something for everyone. I also feel like the curation stands out from a lot of the other box companies I was on rotation with."


Trinity Mouzon Wofford
Founder of Golde

“This year I'll be gifting my 2022 favorite new beauty find: Klur's Elements of Comfort Aromatic Body Oil. It's nourishing, non-greasy and doubles as an elegant natural perfume.”

Elements of Comfort Aromatic Body Oil, Klur, $70

Laurel Myers
Co-CEO of Prima

“I'm a big fan of Parachute and its founder, Ariel Kay. My whole family (kids included!) has slept in their sheets blissfully for years, and it's been incredible to watch the brand grow and evolve during that time. Parachute just released a beautiful new line of exceptionally curated and designed home goods, including unique objects and giftables that are perfect for the holidays. Top on my gifting list are the Wave Candlesticks: the perfect gift for a host, a dear friend, or even yourself, to set the vibe for holiday gatherings and celebrations.”

Wave Candlestick, Parachute, $70


Coabi Kastan and Jan Seale
Founders of Out of Office

“I love Summer Fridays’ products. Their skincare has been a game changer for my skin, and I’m so excited that they now have makeup as well. Their face masks and lip balms make the perfect holiday gift. I’m so impressed with the brand that co-founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Ireland have created, and I love how well the products work.” — Coabi


Jet Lag Mask, Summer Fridays, $49


“I am a big fan of Oma the Label jewelry. I love statement jewelry, and Oma has really great pieces that are the perfect gift for friends and family. There’s nothing better than getting a fun gold piece of jewelry as a gift, and I’ll be sharing the love this holiday season. Not only are their pieces great—it’s Black and woman-founded which I love as well." — Jan

The Olokun Earrings, Oma the Label, $79


Emma Bates
Founder of Diem

"I’m going to be getting some of my girlfriends the Act+Acre Daily Duo. I started using their hair cleanse, conditioner and hair mask last fall and it’s truly changed my hair for the better! I haven’t stopped talking about the products, and I love how they focus on scalp care. My hair is naturally curly and it just didn’t curl for like eight years, it’s now back to normal. Also, I’m a very big fan of their co-founder, Helen Reavey. She’s a trichologist (a.k.a. a scalp and hair guru!)."

Daily Duo, Act+Acre, $58


Tonya Papanikolov
Founder of Rainbo

"This year, I'm getting weird(er?), functional and personal with my gifts, starting with this toilet stool from Tushy (co-founded by Miki Agrawal) because we should all be squatting when we poop! This stool allows for greater ease, unkinks the colon and allows the bowels to empty completely. As a health practitioner, I love poop talk. Our bowel movements are a key indicator of our health. Whether it's family, friends or my team, I care about their sh*t."

Tushy Ottoman, Tushy, $69


Susan Fulton
CEO of VIVANT Skin Care

"This year, I am giving myself and my BDFs (Best Design Friends) the gift of a Locust Edition art piece by some really cool women artists. It's a great way to support summer art education programs for underserved kids. Locust Projects is Miami's longest running nonprofit alternative art space and their executive director, Lorie Mertes, is a friend. Locust enables artists to exhibit art on a size and scale they would not otherwise be able to produce."

Locust Projects, Miami, FL 

Gigi Caruso
Founder of GIGI C

“My top women-owned brands for gifting this holiday season include Summer Fridays, Cuyana, Anine Bing and Merit. Cuyana has the most timeless essentials: their Leather Travel Case Set is perfect for holding a generous amount of makeup and toiletries when on the go. Merit is a Los Angeles-based clean beauty brand with the dreamiest minimalist must-haves. My favorite is their Tinted Lip Oil in the shade Bel Air.

Leather Travel Case Set, Cuyana, $128

Shirin Radl
Founder of Glumúr

“I would typically gift my girlfriends’ my granny’s recipe of chutney that I make every year. However, this year, I will be giving them a one-year Melissa Woodhealth subscription ($99). Melissa is a mom, wife, entrepreneur and the founder of the Melissa Wood Health method, focusing on mindful movements, combining yoga and pilates. Her wonderful energy is contagious, and besides building a stronger body, her philosophy revolves around building a better, stronger relationship with yourself.”

Melissa Woodhealth Subscription, $99