It Turns Out This Supermoon Trilogy Has A Very Feminist Lesson To Teach Us All

It Turns Out This Supermoon Trilogy Has A Very Feminist Lesson To Teach Us All

Mark your calendars! A trilogy of supermoons is upon us over the next seven weeks. But what do they mean for our horoscope? Essentially, early 2018 is transformation time.

December 3’s full moon kicked off supermoon season, acting as the catalyst for major change. But what even are supermoons and how will they affect us, astrologically speaking, as we close out 2017 (good riddance) and welcome a new year? Astrologer and meme Queen, Lisa Stardust breaks it down for us below. And it turns out there’s some serious feminist shit going down in the cosmos right now.

Supermoons are lunar phenomenons which occur when the full moon is in close proximity to the Earth. The moon looks bigger, brighter, and bolder from Earth’s view. The energetic impact felt by us earthlings is more intense than a normal full moon, due to the moon’s closeness to us.

This Supermoon trilogy enlightens us all, particularly due to its vibe of enthusiasm and motivation to change the world. Together, this series of three supermoons, tell a cohesive story. They serve to awaken the conciseness of the world, using Neptune’s inspiring push to create a better tomorrow.

The first supermoon

December 3’s “cold” full moon acted as the only supermoon of 2017, as well as  the first in the series. The full moons occurring January 1, 2018 and January 3, 2018 complete the trilogy. Full moons are often times of releasing old, outdated views in place of the new. This particular group of supermoons not only serve to set us free—they also liberate us on a bigger, global scale.

Independent thinking Gemini ruled the supermoon on December 3, while the sun drifted through the constellation of social advocate, Sagittarius. Shadowy planet Neptune came out of the dark, exposing lies and outdated beliefs. Social injustices around the world were exposed, as the moon illuminated her glow on sex scandals and abuses of power.

Neptune, pushed the collective consciousness to openly discuss the polarity between truth and hypocrisy; ending in a conversation advocating women’s rights. This “cold” supermoon set off a chain of events, unmasking deceptions that society implemented on women.

The second supermoon

New Year’s Day brings in the second supermoon, also known as the full “wolf” moon. The maternal Cancer moon is howling hungrily for the winds of change. Beautiful Venus acts as the trigger for growth by inspiring moon Goddess Luna to stand up for her rights.

Fed up with being objectified by society, Venus and the moon receive a subtle push from Neptune, forcing their opposing values to work together, serving to unify the plight of womanhood. This supermoon illuminates the role of modern womanhood, shedding light on woman’s issues.

The third supermoon

The third and final supermoon occurring January 31, 2018 is extra special. Not only will this luminary be a rare blue moon (a term used for the second full moon in a month), but it also serves as the first lunar eclipse of the year.

The full lunar eclipse activates both sides of the spectrum as the steadfast Leo moon takes the lead, opposing the Aquarius sun. Feminist asteroid Ceres sets off the eclipse with a powerful punch by asserting her independence, forcing us all to take a deeper look at women’s rights, once more. Political debates around women’s issues will take the limelight as Neptune, causes frustration in the collective.

Expect uprisings amongst the majority as the collective fights against the patriarchal society, using the claws of justice to create and inspire a better reality. Although disharmony may exist, in some parts of the world, the majority is demanding progress—hungry for equality, and roaring to be uncaged. This lunar event acts as a catalyst to shatter the barriers imposed on all women.

Whether it be on a personal or global level, this supermoon trilogy awakens the soul by exposing truths. For a long time, we have been brainwashed by the lies imposed on us by society. Now, we have the opportunity to see clearly.

Change, progress, growth are presents brought to us by the moon, the ultimate ruler of feminine power. This supermoon trilogy serves to make radical earthly dynamics fairer.

So when you gaze upon the next supermoon, remember the celestial entities and their role in harnessing justice here on Earth. As the old saying goes, “as above, so below.”