Jobs Online RN That Don’t Require A Degree

Jobs Online RN That Don’t Require A Degree

Having a degree is the traditional first step to starting a career, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to achieve your career goals. While it’s true that almost half of employed millennial women have a bachelor’s degree, there are those who choose not to pursue a degree for a variety of reasons.

The rising cost of tuition, the fact that women have more student loan debt, or not scoring the best grades, are all valid reasons for putting off obtaining a degree. And while there is evidence that obtaining higher education leads to larger earnings, following a traditional trajectory does not guarantee success.

Think of all the power women you look up to who didn’t get their college degrees: Ellen. Oprah. Anna Wintour. Ahem, Sophia Amoruso. You get the idea.

Ahead, nine jobs that require a strong work ethic in lieu of a degree.

Administrative Design Assistant, Soho House & Co

The swanky private members’ clubs for creatives is looking for an administrative assistant to be the design department’s gatekeeper. Here you’ll be responsible for running the fast-paced design office and handling the day-to-day tasks of SoHo house design team.

While you don’t need a degree for this London-based gig you will require supreme organizational skills. The best part are the perks. SoHo offers learning and professional development courses, so you can continue to pursue your professional interests.

Associate Project Manager, Scorpion

The project manager keeps the projects organized and this job requires you to keep the project managers organized. Organizational skills are probably a plus here. In addition to having administrative skills, experience in a digital marketing environment is a plus for this Los Angeles-based role.

Trust and Safety Content Writer, Airbnb

If you don’t have a degree but you do have at least six years of experience in marketing, PR or a writing background, this opportunity to join Airbnb’s content strategy team may be a fit. This role is somewhat of a translator as you’ll have to write workflow documentation and put policy into easy terms for accurate communications. Also, it’s a new team so be prepared to learn as you go in this Portland-based role.

Office Assistant, Crushing Tigers

As if the name of this company wasn’t enticing enough. You won’t really be crushing tigers in this office assistant role, but you will be helping in all departments of this construction business from social media, to marketing, to accounting, and everything in between. At least two years of experience with clerical duties and an understanding of basic accounting is needed for this Austin-based role.

Produce Order Writer, Whole Foods Market

With a minimum of one year retail experience and the ability to do some light labor, you can join the team at Whole Foods as a produce order writer. Here you’ll gain an understanding of inventory, reporting, and the proper procedure for merchandising all-natural food products. The national chain of grocery stores is hiring at its Omaha, Nebraska location.

Kellogg Sales Representative, Kellogg Company

If you grew up on Frosted Flakes and still enjoy Pop Tarts (guilty) you are a perfect candidate for a sales position with the company behind your favorite breakfast brands. You do get bonus points if you have a bachelor’s degree but it’s not necessary. Only a high school diploma or GED, and great communication skills are required for this Greenville, South Carolina-based role.

Shipping Assistant, Pike Nurseries

This garden center is looking for someone to help select the best quality plants for landscaping. The goal is to take the guesswork out of gardening, so if you have a bit of a green thumb, at least one-year of experience and are forklift certified, you should consider this Ringgold, Georgia-based role.

Recruiter/HR Assistant, Olive & Cocoa

This is a seasonal role specifically for the holidays as you’ll help this gift crate and floral design company find help for the busy holiday season. Fluency in English and Spanish is preferred but not required, however, you will need at least one year of experience in recruiting or staffing for this Salt Lake City, Utah-based role.