14 New Career Advice Books That’ll Help Light A Fire Under Your Ass

14 New Career Advice Books That’ll Help Light A Fire Under Your Ass

It’s obvious, but true: No matter where you are in life, you can always benefit from the sage advice of others who’ve been there. And, no matter what stage you are in your career, you can still benefit from the hard-learned lessons of other professionals. You these lessons are all around you, really.

Anything from a TED Talk on boosting your productivity, to a podcast on creating your dream career will do the trick. Little, however, compares to the humble self-help book. .

The self-help genre is wide and always growing. Try looking up any self-help books and you’ll no doubt be led down a rabbit role of sub-categories with everything from books on personal relationships to books on mental health. When it comes to career advice books though, you can find yourself even further down the sub-category list.

Are you looking for the best books on being an effective leader? Are you looking for advice on how to deal with mean girl coworkers? Books about boundaries? What about books on just figuring out how to get a job?

We’ve rounded up some of the best new career advice books to come out in 2018, so far. The following 14 books span the gamut of topics. Scroll through for the latest in career advice. And, if you’re looking for the latest self-help (in general) releases this year, we’ve got you covered here.