Your July Horoscope Is Here—And The Stars Are Not Playing Around

Your July Horoscope Is Here—And The Stars Are Not Playing Around

From July 7through 31,Mercury will retrograde through Leo and Cancer. This is a meaningful time for heartfelt contemplation, but not so much for stable plan-making. To further the theme of introspection and make things more pressing, we’re in Eclipse Season! On July 2we have a powerful Solar Eclipse in Cancer, and on July 16,a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Expect emotions to run high, and to be ready to look deeply at your life to make sure that it reflects the contents of your heart, lovers.

Let’s just say, the stars are NOT playing around this month. Find out exactly what July 2019 has in store for you.

Get ready, Moonchild! On July 2there will be a Solar Eclipse in your sign, and then on July 16there will be a Lunar Eclipse in your relationship house. Expect to feel really intensely all month, and to have deeply emotional content emerge between yourself and others. You may feel overwhelmed, but don’t go into damage control mode; you can’t control how others feel or respond to you, but you can control how you behave. Honor your relationship to yourself and others by standing in your truth, unconditionally, this month.

As annoying as it can be, you’ve got to let others catch up with you. You’re going through a huge growth spurt this month, as a powerful Solar Eclipse falls in your 12thhouse on July 2, and there’s a New Moon in your sign on the 31. Stop looking at external markers of change and dig deep, Leo. Align yourself with what you truly want instead of what you think will look good on paper, or can come through quickly. Release your timeline and tend to your roots, my love.

Your homework this month: Prioritize your wisest instincts, not your strongest ones. The eclipses will kick up a great deal of emotional energy in everyone, which is likely to kick up a great deal of anxiety in you. Strive to sit with your feels (yes, all of them), before you attach a narrative to them. Your most compelling feelings are rarely what they seem to be on the surface. Be interested in patterns, suspicious of your defenses, and loving in your exploration.

Improve your relationships by showing up more fully within them, Libra. July’s eclipses are likely to hit you pretty hard, and that’s a really good thing. You’re ready to step out of some old habits and to start honoring your truth. Stop saying yes when you very clearly mean no. When you don’t know what you want it’s okay to say just that, too. The point is to validate and honor where you’re at, so that your life makes more sense for you.

You’re likely to find yourself feeling really intensely this month, and if you’re not careful, downright compulsive. It’ll be easy to fall into a stress hole, so commit to actually using the tools in your self-care kit, Scorpio. Honor your instincts; if you feel like you need time alone, take it! If your trust feels compromised, investigate more fully. Just don’t unwittingly isolate yourself and push others away. Find ways of telling your loved ones where you’re at, my love.

Don’t be so attached to how you want things to look that you aren’t present for how they actually are. Your growth is likely to speed up this month and it’s likely to feel like a lot. Strive to be as openhearted as you are open-minded, Sagittarius. This Eclipse Season, it’s time to pair your curiosity about the world with a willingness to explore the messy bits of your own tender heart. Remember: gratitude is an anxiety buster; find things to be grateful for wherever you can.

You may not like what others are (or aren’t) doing, but it’s really not your business, my beloved busy body. Strive to make your priority keeping your side of the road clean, living in accordance with your beliefs and values, and generally not playing in the mud if you don’t want to get dirty. What you consent to participating in, and how, is your only line to tow. Healthy boundaries start with you; don’t expect others to manage your needs for you, my love.

When a person’s boundaries come from an ego-driven place, they come off as defensive. Whether your ego is hurting or overgrown, this month it’s important that you look at how it’s functioning when you assert your needs to others, Aquarius. It’s important that you hold some very real space for everyone’s learning curve, as well as the ways that people are different. Strive to collaborate without a fixed agenda, even if that kicks up some complicated feels.

Take your time so that you can honor what’s true for you–instead of hiding or bending yourself into a pretzel for others. The only way to truly fail in life is to not try, to not learn, and to uphold your fears without question. Embrace your uncertainties, your imperfections, and your missteps, this month. You don’t need to be perfect in order for you to be worthy. Embrace the healing power of love, and let it motivate your attitudes and actions, Pisces.

The past is a valuable teacher, but it isn’t a predictive tool. Strive to learn from what you’ve gone through without turning old disappointments into self-fulfilling prophesies, my love. You’re ready to make real change in your life, but you need to be present in order to pull it off. Believe in your ability to create the life you want, not in spite of what you’ve been through, but because you’ve learned from it.

It’s time for follow through, Taurus. You’ve done so much hard work to figure out what you need, now is not the time to circle back around on your choices. You may want to experiment, or you may be ready to make it official, but either way distractions will only hurt your feels and slow your progress. You have a lot going on, so pace yourself by prioritizing what you need, what you’ve given your word to, and the things that come from the realest part of your heart, this month.

You can’t know what’s going to happen next, no matter how hard you try. While it’s good to ask for help when you need it, not everyone’s advice–even the smartest, and most accomplished people’s advice–is the right feedback for you. This month, the truth you need to honor and the history you need to make sure you’re not repeating, is your own. The answers you seek are inside of you, Twin Star–you just have to be patient and dedicated enough to find them.

July 2018 Horoscopes

AriesMarch 20 to April 19

With eclipse season at hand, everyone is feelingextraand that can make for some complicated and emotional encounters. This is a great time to cultivate emotional maturity, especially because if you don’t, your relationships are likely to get dramatic. Show up for life’s challenges with the ferocity of love as your guide, even when that takes you on a more complicated or labor intensive path. Now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone, dear Aries.

TaurusApril 20 to May 20

If you repeatedly think about what you don’t have, it’s like you’re praying for it. Instead of reinforcing what you lack, try focusing on what you’re actively doing to bring some much needed expansion into your life. It’s a solid time to work on bringing your career to a place that gives you more meaning and satisfaction. A good first step in doing this is to be grateful for what you already have, Taurus.

GeminiMay 21 to June 21

Your heart is pulling you in multiple directions, but it’s time to pick a lane. How well you know yourself is essential to your ability to not only chose the right actions, but to pace yourself appropriately through them. You may need to give something up early this month, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Prioritize the things that you can make the most headway in for now, Twin Star.

CancerJune 22 to July 22

The solar eclipse in your sign on July 12is going to be extra intense for you—and carry with it extra potential for growth and healing. The trick is to not look away from painful or scary truths, Moonchild. If you’re willing to be forthright you can avoid a lot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings this month. Even though Mercury goes retrograde on July 25, err on the side of direct communication and strive to be honest instead of guarded, kind instead of defensive.

LeoJuly 23 to Aug 22

Inner peace isn’t a state of constant chill; it’s more about being able to take things in stride. As Mars is retrograding through your relationship house and the lunar eclipse will happen there on July 27as well, this month is likely to kick up some trying interpersonal dynamics. Being the boss of your own life doesn’t mean that you get what you want, or that people fall in line with who you want them to be; it just means that you take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, my love.

VirgoAug 23 to Sept 22

The July eclipses are going to kick up some messy feels within you and your relationships, and your best move is to not rush in and try to tidy them up. Allow space for you to be in your feels without acting on them or making sense of them while they’re still raw. Sometimes things need to be unresolved for a while, and as uncomfortable as that is, it’s also pretty human. Allow space for introspection instead of answers. It’s time to seek your truth, Virgo.

LibraSept 23 to Oct 22

In order to have the quality of relationships that you yearn for, you need to have clarity about what you can and can’t take on in a healthy way, and then to communicate that to others. It’s OK to choose what you’re willing to participate in and when you get involved. This month is going to kick up all kinds of feels and with that come some complicated relationship dynamics; when in doubt, chose to be authentic instead of accommodating.

ScorpioOct 23 to Nov 21

It’s eclipse season, which means it’s time to get real. You’ve been holding it together to deal with some tough stuff over the past few months, and now the things that have fallen to the wayside are calling out for attention. Try to not lament what you don’t have, or where you aren’t, Scorpio. Now is when you are meant to confront whatis, and to make deep changes to yourself and the world around you. You don’t need anything to happen right away; plan for your big-picture wellness this month.

SagittariusNov 22 to Dec 21

It’s time to take stock of what you’re doing to make sure that it matches your highest priorities. Looking for “the answer” doesn’t always work—sometimes you only need to clarify the question, and then the path forward reveals itself. If you’ve gotten caught up in stress, obligation, or other distractions to what you value, you’re likely to be feeling really off this month. Confront the truth, whatever it is, so that you can get free and do what you’re meant to do, Sagittarius

CapricornDec 22 to Jan 19

It’s eclipse season and time for you to tend to your relationships, Cappy. You don’t need to fight, explain, or defend yourself; all you need to do is clarify what you’re willing to participate in with others. What your willing to do says everything about you, and it’s your responsibility to give more thought to that, then what anyone else is doing. Don’t try to control anything but your own behavior, or to prove yourself to anyone but your own sweet self.

AquariusJan 20 to Feb 18

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on July 27means that you’re going through deeply personal changes that are meant to shake you up, dear Aquarius. Instead of holding onto your expectations or your plans, take a time out and look around; the world around you is changing. The people you know are changing. It’s time for you to change too, and not in a random reactive way, but in ways that reflect who you want to be. You’re ready for this; just do the work, my love.

PiscesFeb 19 to March 20

The challenges of this month are not meant to be punishing, even if it feels that way at times. Use your past as your teacher, and your desires for the future as compass, Pisces. You’re ready to make some serious moves, but it’ll require you to be clear about where you want to go, and to do the work necessary to get there. It’s a fertile time for you to create the life you want to live, one step forward at a time.

This story was originally published on June 29, 2018. It has been updated (and will continue to be updated) to include new tips, advice, and guidance, to ensure we are always giving you the best, most valuable resources.