5 Online Communities Where Women Are Having The Best Conversations

5 Online Communities Where Women Are Having The Best Conversations

Women and nonbinary people were leaning on each other for support long before the internet came along and introduced us to chat forums, email newsletters, and Facebook groups. It just so happens that with the proliferation of such tools, the flow of communication between women and NB folks became exponentially faster and more efficient. These days, online communities for marginalized groups are flourishing.

Chances are that you already belong to a few different groups on Facebook, based on your neighborhood, school, or hobbies. And while Google’s search function remains a crucial tool for anyone looking for advice on the internet, there’s something special about being able to ask, and potentially befriend, a person whose lived experiences give them wisdom that Wikipedia just doesn’t have.

For women and nonbinary people hoping to find community with others across the globe, online groups are a crucial gateway for seeking advice on all sorts of life matters. In case you’re looking to expand your online network, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite communities, forums, and threads that bring together women willing to help other women.


We couldn’t start without name-dropping our ~BRAND NEW~ Girlboss professional network. Join thousands of women who are just as ambitious as you are, to get real in the comments section about work, money, and life. Whether you’re looking for a new co-founder, mentor, or a friend to support you along the way, Girlboss is just the place to connect. We have weekly digital firesides with our Founding Members, like Elaine Welteroth, Jen Rubio, and Aimee Song, provide you with exclusive work resources, and create a space that takes the nerves out of private messaging someone you admire. We’re all here with the same purpose, after all: To see each other win.

Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid is a private online network with members across the globe. The group is focused on helping women share resources and job opportunities—and just generally helping women talk frankly about money. Members gain access to a Slack group, a newsletter, and information on how to navigate your career trajectory.

Study Hall

Study Hall is a women-friendly organization that provides resources for freelancers and others working in media and media-related fields. Study Hall has a newsletter that readers can sign up for and help support financially (there’s a tiered system). In addition to the newsletter, there’s an online support network available to subscribers that grants people access to editor databases, late-paying lists, a listserv, and chat rooms—including one for female-identified members.

Reddit’s The Girl Survival Guide

Consider this your go-to subreddit to ask for tips on all of life’s little quandries. According to the subreddit’s welcome page, users are encouraged to view discussions and threads as a “survival guide of ‘life pro-tips.’” If you’ve ever wanted to ask about a particular beauty product or learn some clothing hacks or just get some advice on how to deal with really bad cramps, there’s a community of redditors ready with advice.

Reddit’s Two X Chromosomes

Two X Chromosomes, one of the more popular subreddits on the platform, is dedicated to “thoughtful, meaningful content” from a women’s perspectives. Posts on the subreddit range from specific questions about relationships woes to advice on birth control options to what it’s like to discover a bra that, finally, truly fits.