How Each Sign Can Make The Most Of The Powerful Capricorn Full Moon

How Each Sign Can Make The Most Of The Powerful Capricorn Full Moon

A full moon is an planetary opposition, when the earth is stationed right between the sun and moon, which causes the moon to be illuminated with light from the sun, bouncing off the earth and reflects on the moon.

Full moons are a time of cosmic reflection, as emotions are heightened and murky situations are brought into the light. We can see things clearly, cut through the drama, and understand people and things we may not have necessarily seen clearly before, due to the moon’s bright light.

“We can see things clearly, cut through the drama, and understand people and things we may not have necessarily seen clearly before, due to the moon’s bright light.”

The upcoming full moon is working with the earth element, as it is in Capricorn, and the watery sun in Cancer. This full moon aspects teacher planet Saturn, who is retrograde, which will give us all the opportunity to change and evolve through lessons from the past by using authority and knowledge.

“Great awakener” planet Uranus is also in the mix, encouraging shake ups and transformation in how we view our core self, while Chiron, the “wounded healer,” opens past wounds so that we can learn to heal parts of our soul we haven’t worked on yet.

“The time is coming to believe in yourself and take a mighty leap of faith.”

Uranus is pushing us to change while Saturn asks us if we have truly done the work around learning our lessons. While we may feel stuck in a rut due to Saturn’s harsh energy, it’s time to commit ourselves to change without hesitation. The vibrant energy of the fixed star Kaus Borealis, which is a star representing justice and strength, lights the way through our challenges.

As we see all obstacles in the light during this full moon, it’s vital that we stand in our personal truth, as we learn from and break free from the past. The time is coming to believe in yourself and take a mighty leap of faith.

How the full moon will affect each sun sign:Aries

The Capricorn full moon serves as your coming out of hibernation party. While work has consumed you for the past few months, separating you from the rest of the world, it’s finally time to get your groove on.

Go for a much-needed night out with your fellow rams or even make your reappearance on social media after ghosting your Facebook updates and Instagram feed for what feels like forever. Your reemergence back on the scene will be met with lots of love from admirers. You’re always missed dearly when you go, but you do you, babe.


Taking a leap of faith is hard for most of us, but even harder for you, sweet bull, as you rely on practical and reasonable methods to sort through issues to a logical resolution. Your beliefs about the value of reason are now being tested: Do you take a leap of faith and trust gossip you have heard or do you confront the source, which may cause complications to your lifestyle as you like to keep things simple and low key.

The conflict on how to proceed may cause inner tensions, which will lead you to re-evaluate the importance or relevance this serves in your life and the purpose of these people. Throwing caution to the wind and proceeding carefully, you are letting go slowly of people and drama which don’t serve your higher self anymore.


Karmic debts are coming into focus for you, Gemini. You may feel that others owe you or people may be knocking on your door for either financial, emotional, or just being leaned on for support.

Listen to your wise twin, try to give what you can to help others. You have the power and insight to transform the way you handle other people, giving and receiving to others, and how you responsibly care and support others.


Frustrations with others are coming to a head now, as you may feel annoyed with friends, lovers, and colleagues. You definitely feel as though others are testing your patience by ignoring your emotional needs, after all you are a sensitive being who is always there for others in a pinch and in search of a genuine connection.

Breadcrumbing from people you care for may have given your tender heart mixed signals, but now you’re ready to take a stand and confront these people with the cold truth they deserve. You deserve to be treated with respect and lavished with attention. Standing up for yourself during the full moon, using your claws to pinch those who have irked you, will make you feel more confident and able to self assured.


As the office clown, you’re the one who makes all the funny quips in business meetings. However, recently you may feel thrown from your tower, as an overzealous coworker may have usurped your role—which may have ruffled your feathers. Don’t get jealous. Try to make nice with your coworker and perhaps you can play office pranks together.

You may even become friends as you both seem to have the same interests and sense of humor. Regardless, it’s time to let go of the competitive spirit and competing interests and merge together to create something bigger than both of you—there’s room for two rulers of the jungle in your office.


Lovely Virgo, you do enjoy creating with your hands, which this allows you to feel close to earth and grounded. Recently, you have taken your artsy vibe to the next level through several DIY creative projects. It’s time to keep the juices flowing, as you go through one project to the next, consider now if you want to sell your art on Etsy to create some extra cash flow or put your energies into a new creative endeavor.

It’s time to keep your options open now, before your big break, but don’t slow down. This balance between open-minded exploration and devotion will make you feel seen and bring in the bucks during the full moon.


You’ve been a busy bee, leaving yourself in need of some good old fashioned TLC. Disconnecting for a while from the world—Instagram posts and texting included—under the full moon, and nurturing yourself in the most creature comforting ways will help you recharge and rebalance, again.

You have astro permission to binge watch shows on Netflix, eat all the pizza, and drink wine in your sweats, turning off your brain to external worries. This revelry (and gluttony!) will give you just enough oomph to power through the rest of the work week.


A warrior by nature, even you dear Scorpio need time away from arguments and time for R&R. Your stress level may be high right now, as you are experiencing burnout from the demands of others. While you may want to hide under a rock and not respond to all the non-stop texts and emails, it’s time to limit your phone usage and give your eyes and fingers a break from the endless typing on a phone screen.

Your friends won’t forget about you if you turn your phone off for a day and enjoy life’s pleasures sans technology. This choice may serve wisely as you may be dodging a roommate or close friend who has been acting strangely.


It’s been an emotional roller coaster the past few weeks, hasn’t it worldly Sag? You’re known for hedging your bets on the house, but it’s time you placed the biggest bet of all: on yourself. What would happen if you turned inward and treated yourself to a nice evening out, a pedicure, or a beautiful latte more regularly instead of throwing yourself into social outings?

Whatever you decide to do, try to spend time doing nice things for yourself. Care for and honor yourself. Use the lunar energy to treat yo’self.


Giving…and…giving…and…giving—and never receiving attention, affections, or admiration may have recently left you feeling down in the dumps, underappreciated, and taken advantage of. A visionary and kind soul by nature, you hold high standards for those you surround yourself with.

While you may feel duped into caring for others, it’s time to disconnect from the energetic vampirism and shift the focus back onto you. Use your inner strength to walk away from these people and take time to rediscover and pay tribute to yourself.


As the heavenly cup-bearer, you take on many roles of servitude and helping others. However, recently your personal cup may be empty, depleted as you have given life and time to others, without helping yourself first. Being of assistance to others has drained your body and spirit over time.

Rather than running away, as you often do due to your independent nature, the full moon serves as a wake up call from the universe to set boundaries so that others no longer take advantage of your kindness and generosity. Set limits, acknowledge your feelings, and be direct with others, while being self aware and making your needs a priority. Practice your new-found self care in baby steps, as this may be hard to dive head first in.


Your friends may not approve of your new crush, making you feel judged by your crew. Remember, you don’t need them or their judgy comments to validate your feelings. If you are digging your new crush, new passion project, new haircut, then go for it!

Appearances may be deceptive, and you don’t need superficial comments from your friends to ruin the possibility of a new flame this summer or confusing your emotions. Don’t cancel your date, go out, have fun.