Your Sign’s March New Moon Mantra Could Help You Connect To Your Dream Life

Your Sign’s March New Moon Mantra Could Help You Connect To Your Dream Life

But before you break out the tissue boxes and queue up the Hallmark films, remember that March 20’s Spring Equinox and transition to Aries firepower is just around the corner. What does this all mean? It’s an invitation to look at where we can release it all and begin again, at the starting line of our own dream life.

Where are you ready to trust fall? What would it mean to move to the end of the diving board and then leap into the air? The return to innocence is hard won. But on the other side of all this emotional experience is the sweet sensation of coming clean and scooping ourselves out to rediscover our passion and purpose. Come on in, ’cause the water is fine.

Aries & Aries Rising

New Moon Mantra:These dreams are real when I close my eyes.

At work:Third eye activation, Aries! You’re being asked to tap into a decision-making power that operates far beyond the rational. Leave your logical mind at the office door and stop making “sense” in any traditional way. Listen in to the softer whisper of your soul when figuring out your next power move.

Out of office:Soft lighting and satin sheets are the key to your world right now, Aries. And as you prepare for the sun’s entry into your sign next week, just rest on your laurels a bit and curl up for a nap. Your power is firing from a source that’s far beneath the surface right now and to truly tap in you’ve actually got to power down and listen. Take your hands off the wheel and simply drift on.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra:Turning towards the light lets me discover my soul goals.

At work:With this moon activating your zone of futurism and sky-rocketing dreams, the energy is electric for you right now. It may be bringing up fears about keeping pace with all the change. Know that your key to centering lies in focus and right alignment. Slough off any projects that aren’t completely locked in with your vision of yourself a year from now. This doesn’t need to be rigid or force you to figure out your whole “five year plan.” Just start where you are, with what you know.

Out of office:Get wondrously weird this month, Taurus. Leave the well-worn paths and the tried and true behind. Breathe some new life into those habitual groves. You can start as small as a new lipstick shade or as massive as a radical move or break for freedom. Trust that your body knows the proper pace. Open a window on your existence, both literally and metaphorically.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra:Putting my heart on top guides me back to shore.

At work:This moon glides into your zone of power moves and boardroom maturity. It’s truly a moment to seize your place at the board table and settle on in. Yet with the moon in touchy-feely Pisces, this is about putting your love beams first, Gemstone. Trust that you can become the kind of fierce leader you long to become without sacrificing one ounce of your empathy. Lead the team to freedom by seeing the glow inside of each one of your coworkers and treating them as allies.

Out of office:What would it mean to be “emotionally self-sufficient” Gemini? This is a moon phase for exploring how you can become the caretaker and protector of your own inner life, without anyone having to validate your experience or lick your wounds. You don’t have to harden or shut down to others’ help. Just know that in cuddling up to yourself first and foremost, you build the kind of shimmery resilience that leads you towards deep healing and forgiveness. Let yourself be a wilderness survivor inside your own emotions.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra:My wildest moments lead me to my truth.

At Work:With the moon activating your zone of beliefs and truth speaking, this is a bold moment to come clean in the office about anything you’ve been suppressing. But don’t let this scare ya, little shellfish. These truths that are ready to surface have already been affecting the work environment, so bringing them fully into the light can be a healing for all. What’s your message, Cancer? Figure out the way you want to feel behind the desk and then step up to the podium.

Out of office:Unsaddle your ride and let your fantasy life take over. Whether you’re able to book a true vacay or just a stay-cay, trick out your space with tropical vibes and let yourself be transported. Anything that smells of the open road is your ticket right now, even if this is just a trip into an untapped part of your consciousness.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: Running with my shadows lets me glow in the dark.

At work:It’s a deep diving moon in your zone of secrets and obsessions, Leo, and it’s a magic moment for cleaning out your work closet and freshening up your desk. What’s been gnawing at you that you’re ready to bring into the light? Is there a work relationship that’s been giving off little airs of unworkability and can you experience some freedom by facing this person directly, no matter the nerves? Your capacity to harness the range of your professional power is major right now, but it rests in your ability to first face up to the outmoded.

Out of office:Sidle up to the beast in you, sweet Leo, and invite it to cuddle and rumble. This is an animalistic moon for you and it’s a brilliant opportunity to see what kinds of treats your beast wants to snack on. Whether it’s a pole class or simply some faux fur, you’re being asked to play with your more primal urges and see them as vital parts of your force in the world.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra:The power of my partnerships rests in my ability to loosen the controls.

At work:This moon cycle activates your zone of relating and mirroring, and it’s a perfect moment to check in with your boundary patrol. Where have you been overextending yourself on a project but not taking the appropriate credit? And where could you ask for help instead of going it alone? The axis of willpower and compromise is a complex one, Virgo, but right now you’re up for the challenge of discovering just the right mix of effort and allowing, self and other.

Out of office:While you’re an expert manager, sweet Virgo, this moon marks an opportunity to unlock your file cabinets and let some of your paperwork drift to the heavens above. This doesn’t mean completely dissolving the structures you’ve carefully crafted. It’s simply a chance to dance a little with the winds of change. This is especially true for you in partnerships of all kinds. Let it be a ballroom dance where the leader is chosen intuitively, moment by moment.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra:When I honor the dazzling details, they add up to the whole.

At work:As the new moon dances into your zone of small altars and body care, it’s prime time to perfect your systems and really get the “bones” of your operation settled into a rhythm that supports you moment by moment. Don’t be afraid to dive into the nitty gritty on a project or to start too small. Really honing in on the trees is going to support your expansion into a glorious rainforest that runs by itself.

Out of office:When’s the last time you truly noticed that you have a body? As an intellectual and social air sign, and the only babe on the block ruled by an inanimate object for a symbol, you can sometimes forget you’re made of flesh and blood. On this moon, deck out your bod in whatever finery makes you feel settled and grounded, and ask your organs some deep questions. All the divination and big reveals you need right now are actually already stored inside your cells.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra:Getting silly creates serious change.

At work:Break out the sidewalk chalk, Scorpio, and get crafty. This moon cycle is all about recovering your inner glow, and in the workplace it’s time to lighten the mood with the ability to laugh at yourself. Where have you become so tight that you can’t seem to rediscover the juiciness of creative force? It’s time to re-lubricate yourself professionally so to speak. How could a dose of silliness help open you up to where you’re really ready to learn and grow, without fear of critique?

Out of office:Chase the ice cream truck as often as you can this cycle and see where it leads you. Cultivate an extreme beginner’s mind in all that you do, Scorpio, and trust that this doesn’t mean you’re “immature” or can’t build on all the incredible experience and toughness that you’ve accrued over the course of your lifetime. Be so incredibly tough that you can break on through to tenderness that’s got nothing to prove.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra:Every last feeling can become my guru.

At work:For someone who’s often given over to endless seeking on the open road, this is a moon cycle to bring it all back home and build on the rock-solid foundation and past experience you’ve already accrued. What if you didn’t need to sign up for the next professional development course or ask around in order to launch a brand new project from scratch? This is a moment to activate all of your hard-earned skills without any searching at all. You’ve got so many tricks up your sleeve already, Sag. Use them.

Out of office:With the new moon in your zone of deep down feels and rolling in the sheets, you’re getting an emotional education right now. Let yourself skinny dip into these waters with your characteristic sense of curiosity and adventurous zeal. Treat your inner landscape like a foreign land and open your passport for eager stamping. You’re learning about territories far more exotic than can be found in any guidebook. Commit to speaking your own language.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra:Leaning in from every angle helps me leap into flight.

At work:With the moon activating your zone of perception and communication, it’s a multi-faceted moment at work to become a Renaissance boss. Sample new skills. Solicit diverse opinions. And don’t even worry about how it all adds up at the moment. Just trust in the exhilarating sensation of not knowing, while gathering perspectives that lead you down all possible pathways. The “solution” is not nearly as compelling as the problem right now. Free your mind and let the rest follow.

Out of the office:Dive into something you’re most assuredly not an expert in, Cappy, and let the expansive feeling of not needing to be competent liberate you. Fall down and pick yourself back up, knowing that you can do so with your characteristic style and grace. You might even develop a sense of humor about it and discover your humanness within this process.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra:My true colors build my rock-solid foundation.

At work:With this moon igniting your arena of worthiness and value in all its forms, this is a cycle to probe your money narratives and see what really lies behind your comfort with earning potential. Money is simply energy. You’re being asked to relax into the concept that no one and nothing holds the “key” to your success in this area. Your ability to let it flow easily towards you lies in righting your relationship to your own value and learning not to apologize about taking what’s yours. So act like you own it already, Aquarius.

Out of office:It’s a touchable, scratch-and-sniff moon for you and your invitation is to model yourself after one of those bombastic Italian actresses from the ’50s. Spill over. Tear tomatoes from the vine. Laugh too loudly, cavort through fountains, and ask for seconds and thirds. In fact, don’t even ask. Fully inhabit your beautiful bod and give it exactly what it’s craving. Craving is the key to your magnetic powers.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra:I am ready to make the unseen visible.

At work:For someone who often operates far behind the scenes, this moon is for peeking your head out of the office supply closet and letting your professional goals be known. But don’t worry about being too aspirational or rigid about your plans. Just start with who you are, where you are, and dive into a personal performance review that connects you with where your true strengths lie. What feels like butter in the office? Let it be easy and sweet and know that the easy things are evidence of your flow state. Invite more of those rivers in.

Out of office:Let this moon be your homecoming celebration, Pisces. You’ve been hard at work managing boundaries and learning to distinguish between escapism and necessary retreat, and for now, you can just sit back and look upon your kingdom. Book a spa day, kick your slippers and fins off, and revel in a hard-earned return home to your underwater castle.

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