Your November New Moon Horoscope Wants You To Fight For Your Feelings

Your November New Moon Horoscope Wants You To Fight For Your Feelings

November 7’s Scorpio new moon invites us into the deep end of intimacy, reminding us that when we strip down without shame, we uncover infinite pleasure.

This Scorpio moon’s magic is supported by the north node’s November 6 shift into Cancer, and the November 8’s epic Jupiter transition, which brings this consciousness-expanding planet up from the Scorpio underground to ride wild across the open Sagittarius plains. Seek out courage—and tenderness—while you enjoy the ride. And, this new moon, remember to fight for your feelings like never before, says The Numinous.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Badassery is built by unlocking the doors.

At work: What hidden motivations have been informing your career moves lately, Scorpio? Trust that this moon wants to smoke out anything stale or tucked away, and that this clarifying process will reconnect you to self-confidence you haven’t felt in a long time. The lift from Sagittarius wants you to travel up and out of the darkest corners underneath your desk, and remember that staking claims to your power tastes most delicious when it is direct. Say what’s hard to say. Ask the tough questions. Loosen and liberate what’s been stuck.

Out of office: How do you take up space, Scorpio? Imagine yourself in nature, whether it’s a jungle, meadow, or desert. What kind of plant or animal have you been behaving like? Where are you on your own personal food chain? Maybe you’re enjoying the view among the flowers as a tiny bug. Or maybe it’s time to grow to the size of the whole damn sky. This moon wants you to plump in all the right ways, remembering your right to inherit the earth.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: There is more to this life than I can ever imagine.

At work: This is a powerful and dreamy moon for you, Wild Pony, and you’re invited to listen in with seriousness to the messages that are buzzing way beneath the surface. What have you been sensing about a colleague or project that you can’t explain rationally, but just know in your gut? This doesn’t have to feel like a paranoiac witch hunt, but really feel into who and what is on your side at work right now. Honing your instincts and following their lead can help you solidify a new kind of trust in yourself that will come in handy as you make tough decisions about your financial future.

Out of office: Get loose, Sag! With Jupiter’s transit into your sign tomorrow, it’s a year long party of wild expansive ahead. And a soul expanding party is every bit as vital to your growth as any other kind of psychological evolution. Where have you lost faith in yourself and the gorgeous experience of living? What used to light you up? This is a powerful moon for starting to connect with all of your secret sources of electricity, and remembering that you’ve only got one life in this bod. Make it epic, Sag.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Breaking it up doesn’t have to lead to break down.

At work: Your relationship to structure is notorious, Capricorn. You are the zodiac’s lineage keeper and world builder, a veritable redwood in the collective forest. Yet this moon wants you to question what parts of your current career building might actually be calling for a little healthy home renovation. Depending on how ready you are for ground-shaking change, you can start as epically or subtly as you please. It might even be your mental approach to the job you’re doing or to a colleague. Undoing is as vital as doing right now, Cappy. Allow cracks and fissures to lead you to the light.

Out of office: Your own personal strangeness is supported by this moon, and you’re invited to let your freak up and out of wherever it’s been hiding. Mix and mingle with new flavors and color palettes. Finally meet up with that new friend and challenge the contours of your social bubble. As an earth-ruled boss babe, you might even start sartorially, with some wardrobe renovations or a new hair color. You are re-envisioning yourself from the ground up. Start with your walk-on-the-wild-side shoes.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: Personal transformations catalyze external change.

At work: This moon is major for you, Aquarius, as it squares your sign and brings out a tasty challenge of integration. Scorpio energy wants you to refine your fierceness, beneath the cool intellectual veneer, and to remember that messy emotional displays (even if only internally facing) can move mountains at work. Where have you been avoiding a necessary fight? What has become bloodless? What projects make you feel half asleep? Turn away from them, and toward the most challenging, vital, transformative work you can find. Anything that’s not full-on technicolor needs to go.

Out of office: You’re being called to smoke out some old stories about your right to rawness, Aquarius, and to turn over the earth on old patterns that have kept you isolated or in perceived exile. What’s that thing about you that you feel is unlovable? What piece of you do you think must be purged? Where are you policing your own personal wilderness when you could be making a communal bonfire, and bringing forward exactly what you feel must be hidden from view? Trust that assessing your most tender needs is the most radical and transformative act you can engage in right now.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Heaven is truly a place on earth.

At work: As you prep for November 15th’s shift of powerhouse Mars into your sign, think of this moon as a sweaty but ultimately satisfying training session. You are building new muscles Pisces, and they start with both firm “nos” and solid “yeses.” One cannot exist without the other, and you’re being asked to pay attention to where a lukewarm “maybe” has been guiding your career moves. Practice being an extremist at work right now. Only sign up for what’s a full body yes, and turn your back firmly on the nos. Staking some claims to the spaces that exist outside of the in-between will make your career dreams that much more vivid and real.

Out of office: Exploratory, experiential learning is key for you on this moon, so lose the library card and journey out into the landscapes that surround you. Soak it all in, Pisces, with your characteristic sponge-like capacities, but also start to feel into how new learnings align with your credo. What is your “why” right now, Pisces? Though it might sound a bit morbid, imagine your tombstone or funeral eulogy. What legacy do you want to leave in your wake? Let that inform what you’re assimilating from the world around you.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: Emotional realness ignites my fierceness.

At work: Once upon a time, before Pluto’s discovery, Aries, you and Scorpio were connected through your dual rulership by the planet Mars. This moon wants you to reforge this bond, and tap into some of Scorpio’s deep diving, behind-the-scenes energies. Rather than simply blowing ahead and blindly conquering obstacles, take a minute or two to meditate on your emotional state and profound soul-shaped needs. What is truly feeding you at work right now? What do you want your days to taste like? If you’ve been running on rabbit food, it’s time to place energy and attention on the projects and pathways that lead to the full feast instead.

Out of office: What’s your relationship to the concept of forgiveness, Aries? Does it make you feel uncomfy or fill you with rage, conjuring images of weak people who can’t stand their ground? You’re asked to consider the fierceness inside of forgiveness right now, exploring your more shadowy bits in service of the whole, and extending this sense of integration to others. It takes enormous strength to do this, Aries, and though it way not feel like the public muscle flexing you’re sometimes accustomed to, there are enormous gifts in these quieter spaces.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: It’s all part of it, and it’s all part of me.

At work: Scorpio is your polar, “opposite” sign, Taurus, and this means that part of your work here on earth is to integrate this end of the polarity. While you root down and bloom open, Scorpio does the work of composting what’s outmoded to bring on your eventual springtime. Take this seasonal metaphor to the office with you on this new moon, and consider the value of some career composting. It may be small or large-scaled, but trust that something must be purged to make professional room. Death is just a clearing, Taurus. A shifting and releasing into a new form. Face the reaper and relish the release.

Out of office: Duality and duets are your medicine on this moon, Taurus. Trust that you can dance the tango in whatever way you please. You may be in need of some relationship collisions, having fun with friction and letting a healthy fight liberate a more authentic union. Or you may be in exploratory mode, traveling out into the world to try on new tastes and seemingly opposing points of view. Whatever way you choose to encounter this doubled energy, make it a curious exploration of “both, and” rather than “either, or.”

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Honing my instincts brings home the bounty.

At work: Think of yourself as a finely-tuned animal during this moon, Gemini. Keep your nose to the ground and your antennae up for new information. In particular, you’re being invited to consider your relationship to self-assessment and critique. How can you refine and sort, developing more clarified and productive work habits without this having to feel like a harsh process of tearing yourself down? Look upon what’s coming across your desk with total clarity, but also with tenderness, and let the reality of things lead to the potential of change.

Out of office: Look into the microscope outside of the office, and find complete delight in all of the tiny moving parts of your life. Slow it down. Get languid and luscious in the bath. Stare at one tree outside of your window for a whole hour. Pay attention, Gemini, before you flit off to the next flower or seek to sample the newest flavor. You’re being invited to savor your life, Gemstone, and this may very well necessitate a change of speed. There is no winning or losing, no falling behind or getting ahead. Be right where you are and prepare to be dazzled.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Showing my truest colors is the only way to shine.

At work: With the North Node now in your sign, this new moon kicks off a nearly two-year cycle of potent changes in your psyche and self-expression, Cancer. Part of this mission is about exposure. Letting your vulnerability and your softness lead the way and inspire others to let down their guard. And this involves some healthy crawling up and out of that shell. Where have you been tucking in rather than stepping out at work? Imagine your professional moves like the space between high school and college. Where is it time to risk being on your own, making new friends, experimenting with new coursework? Move out of your parent’s basement and into the dorm, Little Mermaid.

Out of office: As a moon-ruled boss babe, you’re inherently “looney,” though sometimes this gets forgotten in caricatures of you as the zodiac’s cookie baker and homemaker. You’re wild, Cancer. Don’t forget this. You have some of the strangest, most delightful visions of any of us, and represent the astrological “midnight hour.” Reconnect with your own personal midnight. Go on walkabout. Smear some paint around. Howl. As you practice more and more exposure, trust that you can also save private internal spaces for yourself without anyone even knowing they exist.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: Leaning into my lovability starts with some solo romance.

At work: You have a complex relationship with adoration, Glitter Kitten, both longing to be longed for, and ultimately being invited to let your only accolades come from the internal channel. Consider how you could be your own, personal source of support at work right now. Your own champion and coach and shoulder to cry on. It’s not that you can’t find strength in colleagues. You’re just coming into deeper communion with your emotional self-sufficiency, and this starts at home. Treat yourself with majesty to rediscover your personal brand of professional magic.

Out of office: Tuck in, sparkly one, and consider your root systems right now. What exists at the base of your life’s metaphorical spine? What sources of sustenance are stored in your tree trunk? It’s a moon for assessing your preparations for a storm. Not that there’s any disasters or struggles forecast, but this is a moment for considering how you ground and restore, and where burnout is asking you to find some sweet, lubricated balms for your spirit. Lotion up, Leo.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Sheer curiosity creates possibility.

At work: This Scorpio moon wants you to shine your headlamps, dear Virgo. But not in the merciless way you’re sometimes accustomed to. Instead, let yourself simply ask questions and gather information without wondering how it’s all going to add up. Take on a new project. Learn a new skill. And treat it like a deliriously pleasurable dance class where you can just find freedom in letting your body shake it without having to perfect the moves. Scorpio energy asks you to embrace all of your humanity, and this starts with committing to the career credo that there are truly no mistakes.

Out of office: Get curious about all walks of life right now, Virgo, and about sampling different approaches to your existence like you would vintage frocks. What are the stories that lie beneath the facade of each person you meet? Socialize. Circulate. And let this process of being a kind of street-level reporter aerate your own life. Open the windows on stuck stories. Find a new way in and out of your building, and your emotions while you’re at it. Treat your life like a honeycomb habitat and visit every last sweet cell.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Considering my boundaries leads to boundless pleasure.

At work: This new moon wants to remind you of your worth, Libra. And this extends way beyond your paycheck. Consider how you’re being appreciated right now. Who’s loving up on the particular magic that only you can bring to your job? How does your work environment actually feel in your blood and bones? What perks and side sources of support could you ask for, in addition to a straightforward raise? As Venus preps to station direct in your sign, you’re in a mastery with pleasure in all its forms. You deserve to feel good. Choose self-worth over struggle.

Out of office: Imagine that you’re an Old Hollywood actress, in her dressing room or boudoir post show. There may be flowers, chocolates, and callers at the door, but the art of receiving is both about opening and being in charge of this aperture. Who and what is worthy of unlocking the doors for? What feels natural and nourishing to take in? Your penchant for people pleasing can sometimes lead to hidden resentments. Experiment with drawing some lines and policing some boundaries so you can get closer to the beating heart of your deepest desires.