14 Office Snacks You Can Munch On To Keep Your Energy Levels Up

14 Office Snacks You Can Munch On To Keep Your Energy Levels Up

It’s that dreaded moment in the middle of the workday when your energy levels are abysmally low. There’s no way, you tell yourself, that lunch was so long ago. (It most definitely was.) You look around the office and realize that the stale chips from last week’s party won’t do.

That’s how, once again, you find yourself here. You’re torn between reaching for that umpteenth cup of coffee or pinching yourself just enough times to stay awake till you get home. Truth be told, you’ve resorted to both. But you might just be in need of a good snack to power you through the midday slump.

Here are some tried-and-true snacks that you can stash at your desk for a quick energy boost:

Fresh fruit

Think about fruits that have a long shelf life, like apples, oranges, and blueberries.


Raw almonds are a great option, but any unseasoned nuts will work. Nuts provide a nice mix of fiber, fats, and some protein.

Nut butter

Unless you’re apt to eat a spoonful of peanut or almond butter, you’ll likely be pairing this with something else. Think about spreading it on celery, crackers, or rice cakes.

Protein bars

Finding the right protein bar comes down to scrutinizing the nutrition label. Make sure it doesn’t have an excessive amount of sugar.


Snacking on Greek yogurt gives you a solid amount of protein and you’ll reap the benefits of probiotics for a healthy digestive system.

Trail mix

There are plenty of trail mix options out there, but be sure to pick one that doesn’t rely too heavily on candied sweets. Look for one (or make your own) that has a combination of granola, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips.

Protein shake

Sometimes all you really need is a dose of protein to power you through. If you don’t have any other office snacks on hand, opt for whey protein in a shaker. You’ll only need to add water!

Baby carrots

Eating something crunchy can do wonders to satisfy a craving and keep you going. The best part? You’ll get your day’s worth of Vitamin A in only a handful of baby carrots.

Brown rice cakes

A single rice cake makes a perfect base for a heftier snack. Spread some nut butter on a rice cake and drizzle on a bit of honey for a filling bite.

Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas contain a good mix of fiber and potassium, making them ideal for keeping hunger at bay. You can easily roast them at home and add your preferred seasoning or buy a store brand.

String cheese

You’ll get a dose of protein and healthy fat. One string cheese is typically 80-100 calories, making it an ideal light snack for when you’re not too hungry.


You can snack on pumpkin or sunflower seeds or mix them in with your favorite yogurt.

Healthy crackers

Look for crackers that have seeds or a good dose of fiber. You can pair them with a spread like a nut butter, hummus, or cheese for a more filling snack.

Low-sodium jerky

Beef jerky and other dried meats have gotten a bad reputation over the years. The good news is there are options today that aren’t high in sodium or packed with excessive additives. Snack on one at the office for some low-carb protein.