Our Editorial Director Has Some Career Advice For You

Our Editorial Director Has Some Career Advice For You

If you’re among the group of smartypants currently subscribed to our newsletter, you might’ve noticed a new little gem that popped into your inbox last Tuesday. You also might’ve noticed that it was super funny, smart and warm.

That’s because the first installment ofGirlboss Diarywas written by our new Editorial Director, Jerico Mandybur, who arrived stateside about a month ago riding a tailwind of pop-culture expertise, intersectional feminism and all the cool-girl witchy vibes one could ever ask for.

Prior to suiting up with Team Girlboss (and by suiting up, we mean rocking awesome vintage nightgowns on the reg), Jerico worked as the editor in Mashable’s Australia offices and at various fashion/culture as well as news and current affairs platforms. In the month she’s been with us, she’s already infused Girlboss with sly humor and poignant observation, and we can’t wait for you all to see her expertise and creativity working their magic moving forward.

Deena Drewis: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Jerico Mandybur: I went back and forth between wanting to be a hairdresser or an archeologist. In high school, I trialled being an apprentice in a salon and hated it. Hair germs!

Long story short, what did you do to get to where you are today?

I narrowly got into university where I studied journalism for two years before swapping to an honors degree in gender studies and art history. Then I worked in a couple of vintage/costume stores and contemplated studying fashion,  before ultimately going back to school to do post grad journalism.

I began writing for one of the university’s news publications (and submitting to other websites on the side) and at the same time, I interned two days a week for a teen magazine, then a fashion/music magazine. Both lasted for a bit under a year and gave me a portfolio of writing. Then a website hired me as a writer, and I moved up from there.

What exactly do you do every day, anyway?
I work on anything related to building an editorial footprint for Girlboss, from defining our tone of voice and brand identity, to overseeing the content schedule for the site and social, to assigning stories, managing editors and accepting pitches from freelancers.

I also curate content from our media partners and make sure we have amazing content growth strategies in place so our work reaches the people who are the most hungry for it. And I write stuff!

What’s the worst career advice you ever got?
“Do what you’re best at.” Just because you’re really good at something doesn’t mean it’s the thing you should do. I think people should do what they love. Then, they’ll naturally grow and excel because they’re doing something that makes them happy. That’s success.

What’s the best career advice you never got?

Just “work hard and be nice to people.” Develop empathy and display integrity in everything you do, and the people around you will rise to meet you there.

Cats or dogs

Umm, both!

Starsign / Myers Briggs type

Scorpio, obviously. INFJ.

What three books changed your life?

I’m choosing six! Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid; Guy Debord, The Society of The Spectacle; Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism; Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights; Edward Said, Orientalism; Poppy Z Brite, Courtney Love: The Real Story.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever reported on?

When I was at university, I did a story on the practices of abattoirs in rural Australia. Not weird, so much as horrifying. Most things I covered as the Australia Editor at Mashable were brilliantly weird. So many snake and spider stories.

What does “girlboss” mean to you?

Any woman or femme who’s forging their own path—who wants to live their best life, and make their own decisions about what success and happiness means to them.