The Best Work-Friendly Outerwear That’ll Keep You Warm While Looking Cool

The Best Work-Friendly Outerwear That’ll Keep You Warm While Looking Cool

Call us fall fanatics, but now that the temperature has finally dipped below 70 in (most) parts of the country, there’s one thing on our minds: Cute jackets can we wear during autumn. Specifically, cute jackets can we wear to work.Cue our hunt for professional outwear options for working women everywhere. Because: sweater weather.

As always, when dressing for work, take your professional workwear cues from your boss and the company’s top execs. Is the code tradish or very casual? The sweet spot for you as a employee is usually somewhere that’s not too far removed from what the boss deems appropriate. The good news is that, unlike the summer months, fall and winter are the season to play with layers.

And unless you’re showing up in a blanket, with Lenny Kravitz’s scarf, or looking like you’re wearing your entire wardrobe at once—you’ll be fine. Here are seven of our favorite professional outerwear blazers and jackets for work.

Choose a shade of blue that’s anything but basic

This Aritizia Stedman Demy Blazer in navy blue might have two buttons, but it’s best worn open. The boxy cut and minimalist design place the emphasis on the color.

Opt for a camel coat that’s long and sleek

The long, curved panels on this camel wool coat by Aritzia add a soft touch. The knee-length cut makes it ideal for when it’s really, really cold.

Play with interesting collars

This grey Aritizia coat is jam-packed with interesting details, from the cocoon-shape to the multiple buttons to the pop-up collar.

Travel back in time with colorful corduroy blazers

Want something a bit more fashion-forward? Don’t neglect corduroy blazers like this one by Mango. The pink shade makes gives it that added on-trend vibe mixed with ’60s.

Embrace classic prints like houndstooth

Turn an otherwise edgy statement jacket into perfect professional wear with a houndstooth print. It’s a pattern that, like leopard, is considered a classic and totally fine in workplaces. This one from Mango can easily be worn opened or closed.

Upgrade to a relaxed blazer fit

This Kordal Studio Keaton blazer has subtle updates on an otherwise classic jacket staple. The relaxed, boxy fit, deeper camel color, and wide pockets add some visual interest.

Take on the Western trend—with a twist

If the Western trend seems a bit too much for you, consider a subtler approach. This Lykke Wullf relaxed “ranch” jacket is hardly what you’d expect from old Westerns, thanks to the deep shade of burgundy. Consider it the perfect transition jacket that will take you from the office to happy hour.