Here’s How This Millennial Ayurveda Queen Protects Her Energy

Here’s How This Millennial Ayurveda Queen Protects Her Energy

Today, Sahara Rose is known as the best-selling author of the Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, the number-one book on the subject globally. Her contemporary take on the ancient Indian medicinal practices have helped bring the tradition to a wider audience. Deepak Chopra even wrote the foreword to her guide, calling her, “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift.”

Rose has continued writing and sharing her tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle via her social media accounts and website. Her Highest Self Podcast has also reached the top of the iTunes podcast chart in the religion and spirituality category.

Below, Rose shares with Girlboss her favorite self-care ritual and her favorite products as part of this week’s “Shortlisted.”

Power Mantra
Skincare Essential

I love using serums on my face (dry Vata skin) and Waxelene on my lips.

Can’t Miss Podcast

Happy Place Outfit

A flowy dress I can barely feel on. I love the feeling of being light and free and hate restrictive clothing (haven’t worn jeans since high school).

Currently Reading + Listening

I am listening to Think + Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on Audible. I’ve heard so much about this classic and figured it was time for me to dive in! Shifting my mindset around money and adopting an abundance consciousness has been the most major game changer for me. I used to think you either did what you love or you made money, and I’ve learned that it can (and should) be both!

Finances were always something that frightened me and really understanding that money is merely energy that we can create an infinite amount of has really shifted the way that I work and serve. I’m now able to help more people, while creating passive income, by shifting my money mindset. In fact, the book I am writing now is on entrepreneurship through the lens of the Ayurvedic Doshas!

Productivity Hack

You know, I just get it done. If I see an email, I’ll respond immediately. People probably think I’m weird but I rather just read it once and respond then let it sit in my inbox, while I reread it seven times and still not write a response. I move quick and put my focus to something, which is part of my Pitta (fiery) Prakriti (natural born constitution). I dropped the BS in my Vata (airy) days and now have fully embraced my Pitta-ness.

Most-Opened App

My email. I honestly get excited to look into my email each day because there are so many incredible projects I’m working on. I can get a little obsessive and check my email like 20 times a day, so working on that, but it’s sort of like Christmas morning for me because I’m so excited about my work!

Good Hair Secret Weapon
Flats, Heels or Sneakers?

Flats all day. I cannot do heels (hello, flat feet) and sneakers are hard to take off. I love flats because as soon as I sit down, I can take them off and sit cross-legged. I also like to throw off my shoes when I’m outside so I can practice earthing, which is to walk barefoot on the soil to receive the negative ions and recalibrate your DNA.

Most of us walk in rubber soles and spend very little time in actual contact with the Earth, which makes us ill long-term. Deepak and I are both really passionate about earthing/grounding and it’s a topic more people need to be aware of! I’ll be interviewing him about it on my podcast in a few weeks.

Self-Care Method of Choice

I LOVE super deep tissue, kinda hurts the whole time massages. I don’t want someone to rub oil on me and put me sleep. I want you to do WERK. I like to feel the muscles releasing and walk off that table feeling like a more expansive person. The physical body is a reflection of the mental body, and an open body is an open mind.


Any Osho GIF cracks me up because I think he’s just such an interesting character. He’s a genius and at the same time, totally a human grappling with the ego. I visited his ashram in India and girl, was that a trip!