Make 2018 The Year Of Self-Care With These 15 Luscious Holiday Gifts

Make 2018 The Year Of Self-Care With These 15 Luscious Holiday Gifts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—self-care shouldn’t cost a thing. But sometimes, you want to give a gift that gently whispers, “treat yourself.”

And by “give a gift” we really mean give yourself a gift. Or, you know, you could get into the spirit of the holidays and shower skin care, comfort, and relaxation-themed consumer goods on your friends and family.

It’s a free country, but know this: We won’t judge you if you keep the below self-care ritual-friendly treats to your whole damn self. It’s beginning to look a lot like staying indoors and relaxing on New Years Eve, amirite?

Naturopathica Chill Aromatic Alchemy oil$29

UO Faux Fur Mule slide$19 on sale

Egyptian Magic skin cream$39

Glossier Phase 1 skin care set$40

Chakrubs The Original Heart rose quartz$150

Everybody.World Jean Pigozzi “Hungry Snake” pillow$250

Anthropologie Slip Silk sleep mask$45

Permission to Screw Up by Kristen Hadeed$16.78 on Amazon

Cora applicator-free tampons subscriptionPrice varies

Lumira Darsana candle$37 on Par Femme

Sun Potion Reishi supplement$50

Unbound Babes 2-Finger Massager ring$24

Mario Badescu Mask & Mist duo$16.80 on Ulta Beauty

Sakara Manifestation candle$95

Pendleton For The Theatre The End blanket$ 180.00 on Ace Hotel

Words: Jerico MandyburPhotos: Courtesy