Should I Quit? Decision Chart
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Should I Quit? Decision Chart

Have you heard of a little something called the Great Resignation? Of course, you have. How could you not? Everyone is quitting right now (ugh, including your work BFF), and if you’re asking yourself, “Should I quit too?” we’re here to help. To be fully honest with you, the short answer is probably yes. You are reading this decision chart, after all. But if you’re still on the fence about resigning or looking for a sign from the universe that it’s time to put in your 2 weeks? Look no further.

Are you learning?

  1. I’m constantly being challenged and know I can learn more.
  2. I’ve hit a wall and feel like I’m not growing.
    • BONUS: Have you had a conversation with your boss about this?
      1. No, but I probably should get on that.
      2. Yes and it didn’t go very well. They just gave me more work to do.

Are you earning?

  1. I’m satisfied with my salary for now.
  2. I know I’m not being compensated fairly.
    • BONUS: Have you had a conversation with your boss about this?
      1. No, but I probably should get on that.
      2. Yes and they weren’t able to give me the raise I was hoping for.
        1. What was the reason? Was it because there wasn’t enough budget? You’ve only been at the company for 6 months? If it’s the latter, it takes time to prove yourself. Check back in with your boss in another 6 months, and bring statistics and hard facts to the table about why you deserve a raise. Leave the emotional reasons out of it.

Do you feel fulfilled by your work?

  1. I feel like I’m making a difference.
  2. I feel drained and uninspired almost every day.

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Does your workplace have healthy boundaries?

  1. Yes! My boss is very adamant about taking lunch breaks and not working on the weekends.
  2. I can’t even count the number of “urgent” texts I’ve gotten from my boss at 11 p.m.

How is the workplace culture?

  1. It’s great! I *actually* get along with my boss and they make an effort to prioritize my needs.
  2. The kombucha fridge and ping pong tables don’t make up for the toxic “boys’ club” environment.

When you picture your dream job, are you on the right track?

  1. I think so. I’d love to be higher up in the company.
  2. I feel like I’ve side-stepped a bit, but I know I can get there if I take a risk.

Is there anything that makes you want to stay?

  1. My amazing co-workers! They’ve kept me sane through everything.
  2. $$$ and that’s about it, tbh.

Have you thought about quitting before?

  1. Not until about 5 seconds ago when my work BFF just resigned.
  2. Yes, literally all the time. I’m just terrified to take that next step.

Mostly 1’s: Fight the quitting FOMO.

As hard as it is to imagine a workday without your work BFF (and those spicy gossip sessions), it’s maybe not a good enough reason to quit. Figure out what’s making you unhappy and see how you can change it. If it’s your salary or your job title, make sure to bring it up to your boss—at least give them the chance to advocate for you before you make the decision to walk away.

Mostly 2’s: It’s time to quit.

We obviously can’t make the decision for you, but all of the signs are pointing to “most likely.” Don’t forget: You deserve to work at a place that respects your boundaries and values your creativity, insight, and time. You deserve to love what you do and feel like you’re making a difference. But we know how scary it can be to take that leap, so we created this do’s and don’ts of quitting guide to help you out. Repeat after us: You’ve got this!

Half 1’s and half 2’s: You could go either way.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Great! Not even a quiz about whether or not I should quit my job has helped me make a decision.” We know that can be frustrating, but the reality is, you’re on the fence—and that’s ok. There are parts about your job that you love and others that you could definitely live without. So, it’s totally up to you. At the end of the day, you’re the only one that can decide what’s right for you. Can you suffer through the not-so-stellar parts so you can keep learning from your amazing colleagues, or is that not enough to make you stay? Whatever you choose, we are cheering you on.

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