This App Helps Cut The Awkwardness Out Of The “Have You Been Tested?” Convo

This App Helps Cut The Awkwardness Out Of The “Have You Been Tested?” Convo

I think we can all agree that with mutual consent and enjoyment sex can be great. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections, however, are not so great.

The facts are alarming. STD rates are growing in the US. There are about 1.59 million cases of chlamydia, and 468,514 cases of gonorrhea. And if that doesn’t surprise you, then maybe knowing that 50 percent of Americans will contract some kind of STD in their lifetime will.

We know: Bringing up the topic can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s important to get all the information before committing to something you might have for the rest of your life, right?

Enter SAFE, the new app that keeps you and your sexual health in check. Think of it as technology (and the universe) reminding you to be cautious and prepared when it comes to STDs. By using this app together with condoms and that squishy organ we call a brain, we can possibly end the spread of STDs and cut the shame out of discussing our sexual history.

SAFE makes it easy for you and your partner to stay up-to-date with your last test date, and it meets HIPAA requirements for privacy and security—so you can be assured that all your information is private.

In a hurry to find a testing facility? No problem. SAFE shows you nearby facilities and if that’s not possible, you can schedule an in-home testing! You literally don’t even have to move to get tested.

And about the money breakdown. If you have insurance, you’ll only be responsible for the co-pay. No insurance? All good. SAFE offers a complete six-test panel for $99.