How I Used Tarot Cards as a Tool to Navigate My Now-Successful Career
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How I Used Tarot Cards as a Tool to Navigate My Now-Successful Career

“Can Tarot cards really predict the future?”

As a professional Tarot reader, I get this question so often. Initially, I would get into lengthy discussions with potential clients about whether the future was set in stone or not. Now, I let the cards answer for me.

My journey into the occultic world of Tarot began in 2014. My friends in college thought a Tarot deck would make a meaningful birthday gift, and they were mostly right—except that I didn’t know how to read a single card.

I spent the next few years playing with the cards and learning the symbols, the signs and the synchronicities. I did a few readings with my friends just for fun. Eventually, in 2019, I decided to train under Joey Wargachuk, a renowned Tarot teacher in Toronto, Canada. He helped me fine-tune my intuitive skills and build confidence in myself. Today, I am a certified Tarot Master and the founder of Svetarot.

In 2021, my world came to a screeching halt when my then-boss informed me of an abrupt transition. A then-full-time employee, I was now required to work part-time as a freelancer. I was hired as a copywriter, and I was heavily dependent on my salary—half of that amount went into rent for my expensive apartment in downtown Toronto. This unexpected move meant a major salary cut, and I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford my current lifestyle with only 20 hours of work per month.

Unsure of how to proceed with this sudden turn of events, I decided to seek guidance from Tarot. I pulled out the cards and held them in my hands. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and relaxed my mind. I asked my question and began shuffling the cards.

Once the cards were shuffled, I cut the deck into two sets and placed the left pile over the right. I then pulled out 10 cards in the traditional Celtic Cross layout.

🔮 Tarot Tips for Beginners: Not sure what a Celtic Cross layout is? Learn more.

One by one, I arranged the cards in the pattern. The two cards crossed in the center represent the central theme at the time of a reading. The card on the left represents the past, the right shows the future, the bottom one represents unconscious feelings and the top one shows conscious mind activity. Together, these six cards present a snapshot of all the energies involved. The four cards on the right lend guidance on life lessons and future directions.

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The question: Why did my company suddenly reduce my hours? How do I sustain myself financially?

With the Wheel of Fortune card coming up, I knew destiny was at play. The Judgment card added perspective by pointing towards a rebirth. It did feel like one. I had been working at this company for almost a year, and I knew the reasons for their high turnover rate.

I was stunned to see the cards that came out regarding my money concerns. The King of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and 9 of Pentacles all showed that I already had enough material resources to be on standby mode. Meanwhile, the Star card, symbolic of hope and faith, was apt for my dreary situation. I pulled another card to clarify my question, and Ace of Pentacles fell out, signifying a new career opportunity coming my way in the future. 

Seeing these cards gave me the much-needed solace and security I needed. I realized I’m not in deep water as I originally thought.

Exactly two weeks after this auspicious reading, a company based in British Columbia reached out with a positive response to my application. We scheduled the interview, and I was super excited for the quick manifestation. My last Tarot reading predicted a new job opportunity, a rebirth and money flowing in. Would this be my new dream job?

There was one immediate drawback, though. The company required the candidate to work from the office. This meant I would have to pack up my stuff and move to a new province. Plus, the salary range mentioned in the job posting was lower than my previous full-time position. I wondered if the move was worth it.

I pulled out ten Tarot cards to see what energies they’re picking up.

The question: Am I meant to take up this new job? Is it a wise decision to move?

The Seven of Swords coming out pointed that I was victimizing myself and sulking in misery. There was no doubt about that—I was aware that I was harboring negative feelings toward my bosses at my now-freelance job. Would these emotions follow me to my next job?

The 10 of Wands conveyed that I need not make life more difficult than it is, and moving across the country would definitely be a challenge. The Lovers card advised resisting temptation with rational decision-making and prioritizing ethical values. The Queen of Swords echoed a similar sentiment of thinking practically as opposed to thinking emotionally.

The cards did not paint a happy scenario about this job or my move, but I decided to proceed with the first-round interview anyway. As fate would have it, HR and I did not hit it off, and I never heard back regarding a second interview round.

🔮 Tarot Tips for Beginners: Don’t reject any messages the Tarot has for you. Trust the story the cards are showing you.

Another two weeks passed by quickly. I was getting restless. My freelance contract continued with one hour of work every other day, but it wasn’t that big a challenge and I longed for mental stimulation. I turned to my old Tarot deck again for guidance.

The question: Am I on the right path? Will I be getting a job soon? 

I was surprised to see the cards that came up. The 8 of Pentacles showed me that I needed to keep working to see steadfast results. The 2 of Wands optimistically told me to consider the world as my oyster. The Moon card forewarned a future shrouded in darkness—I needed to prevent myself from floundering around in confusion. And the Star card reappeared, reminding me to not lose hope and stick to my faith.

🔮 Tarot Tips for Beginners: Notice if a card frequently comes up in your readings. Study its deeper meaning to see what message it has for you.

The Ace of Swords confirmed that a new intellectual challenge or an opportunity for growth was on its way. The Knight of Swords complemented that card by predicting the arrival of some news. Meanwhile, the Four of Swords suggested I patiently wait and see what’s revealed once the mysterious energy of the Moon card dissipated.

Sure enough, I soon received both good and bad news. A recruiter called and asked me if I was available immediately to take on a short-term copywriting assignment. On the other hand, my freelance company decided to let me go completely. I accepted it as destined to happen and shifted my focus to this new work project.

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The question: What do the next few weeks hold in store for my career?

I was astonished to see the 10 of Cups, the card of emotional fulfillment, come up with the 8 of Wands, the card of completion and endings. This gestured to a new reality on the horizon, confirmed by the Magician, known for his ability to manifest the impossible. The Strength card showed me that I have gained inner strength, but the 10 of Swords proved I got exhausted and drained in the process.

The Queen of Pentacles reminded me not to worry about money and to focus on abundance. The Temperance card beckoned to a time of deep restoration and balance. The 7 of Cups in the future position portrayed options that will create confusion and illusion. I didn’t immediately understand what the card was implying, but I did in due time as future events unfolded.

A few days later, I received fantastic news from two new companies, both of which wanted to offer me a freelance position for remote work. Much to my surprise, I heard from another recruiter looking for a freelancer to join a short-term WFH project. I was amazed at how the Universe was conspiring in my favor by sending me clients in need of a freelance writer. I decided to register my freelance writing work as a sole proprietorship, and I was now a business owner.

🔮 Tarot Tips for Beginners: The future changes as you change. If you decide to be an improved version of yourself tomorrow, the cards will depict that.

It’s been a few months since I started freelancing full-time with multiple clients. I am now financially more stable and secure than I was in June last year, as I now have multiple streams of income coming into my bank account.

In all honesty, I owe this success to my Tarot cards that guide me at the right time to make decisions that positively impact my future career. By acknowledging the cards’ forewarnings, I am able to steer my career in the right direction.

Would I be where I am now without the help of my Tarot cards? Maybe. But I’d definitely not have the complete knowledge of what was really going on with other parties involved. Tarot gives us information that reveals what everyone's thinking and feeling. This helps us take the right steps to manifest our dreams and desires.

I’m grateful for my Tarot deck that sharpened my intuition. If I could build a successful career by relying on the cards’ wisdom, so can you.

🔮 Tarot Tips for Beginners: Take the first step. Open the communication channel between your mind and your heart so you take actions that are aligned with your highest calling.

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