These 5 Workshops Will Take Your Side Hustle Game To Another Level

These 5 Workshops Will Take Your Side Hustle Game To Another Level

So, you’ve got an idea. Not just any idea, but one of those keeps-you-up-at-night ideas that you’re pretty sure could change the entire trajectory of your life. Not just yours but other people’s, too. We see you. But there’s just one (or two, or four thousand) questions standing in the way, the first of which is a big one: Where do you begin?

We’ve got you. In partnership with Chromebook, we’re kicking off the StartUp Studio — a series of workshops in which some of the brightest, most innovative leaders across a range of industries will be sharing their expertise in an accessible, inclusive setting. They’ll give you the all the tools and information you need to bring your wildest entrepreneurial and creative dreams to life.

Here’s a taste of what we’ll be tackling:

Brand-Building 101

What does traditional brand marketing look like when you can tap influencers, build a social following, and activate ambassadors without ever going through traditional channels? How do you make your brand truly unforgettable and unmissable? Learn how to build a distinctive brand that people remember—and that inspires your audience’s undying loyalty.

Navigating the Wild World of Venture

Until you’re in the thick of it, venture capital is one of those things that can seem infinitely complicated. And hey, even when you’re in it, it can still feel that way. What does it mean to raise VC funding in order to get your business off the ground? What kinds of businesses should get this kind of funding? And if you need it, how do you set up meetings, score the right introductions, and blow it out of the water with the meetings that you doget? Our experts will show you.

What Good Internal Communication Looks Like

You’ve got a team now? Incredible. But it’s a whole lot of responsibility, too. How do you avoid ending up with an excessive meeting culture? Or an email-obsessed culture that adds more work to everyone’s plates? How do you build the kind of business where everyone can communicate clearly and respectfully, and share information through processes that make sense? Learn the best practices every founder needs to know to build an infrastructure that works for you, not against you.

Productivity, Flexibility, And The Future

We’re rapidly moving into a world where flexibility is non-negotiable, and productivity on your own terms is what businesses are starting to value above all else. Why do we need flexibility at work? How do we become better as a result? And how do you create the kind of startup that builds flexibility and productivity into its core values from day one?

Getting Your Finances In Order

This might not be the most glamorous part of building a business, but it’s kinda sorta mandatory. Smart financial planning is the key to building a company that can become profitable and scale. This is where great strategy starts, and where you figure out what you can spend and how you should price what you sell—and track that money as it comes in.

So, how do you get access to these incredible panels? Well, StartUp Studio powered by Chromebook will make its debut at the Girlboss Rally in New York City on November 11. Alas, those spots are already filled (seriously, you Rally attendees don’t mess around!) But don’t worry, because your ticket comes with digital access to every panel, workshop and talk.

In fact, all Rally ticket holders should have just received access to our Digital Rally tickets via TinyPass, which will enable you to find all the videos from our last Girlboss Rally. And then, right after Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll get access to every single panel and keynote — including the Startup Studio, powered by Chromebook.

Everyone else, fret not: You can absolutely snag a digital ticket of your own and soak up all that same knowledge from the comfort of your couch.

Beyond that, stay tuned, because we’ll be rolling out a bunch of additional curriculum and conversation as part of StartUp Studio, and it’s about to be just the thing you need to get that big idea of yours off the ground.