10 Things To Keep In Your “Emergency” Bag At Work

10 Things To Keep In Your “Emergency” Bag At Work

At work, there are two potential levels of emergency one needs to be prepared for: The actual emergency and the everyday emergency.

In preparation for an actualemergency, you’ll want to assemble a pro to-go bag, stuffed with necessities like meds, food, water, and something warm to wear. In preparation for an everyday“emergency,” you’ll also want to assemble a pro to-go bag, except this one will hold supplies for more quotidian issues, like when your cubiclemate has a cold or your phone dies.

While these issues may not be life-threatening, you’ll still be happy you’ve prepared to face them.

Keep the following in your work bag or desk; they’ll help you tackle whatever everyday emergency comes your way.


Whether it’s a never-ending meeting-induced headache or a bad case of cramps, being in pain at work is the wost. Keep some ibuprofen, Tylenol, Motrin, or Excedrin migraine on hand so you can get back in the flow faster.

Phone charger

Despite barely being used all day, your phone somehow manages to get to 11 percent by 3pm. Keep a phone charger and/or a power pack in your bag so that your phone doesn’t clock out before you do.


Grab the echinacea and vitamin C the moment you notice your coworker looking a little green. You can’t control your environment, but you can build up your immune system to protect yourself.


You know that guy at the coffee shop or on the bus watching a video at full volume? Since you’re a considerate person, you already know not to be that guy. But in case your office has a resident that guy, or a shout-talker, or a person who takes phone calls in the middle of your open-plan office, bring your headphones. They’ll save your sanity and your attitude.


Even if your heels are awesome, there’ll come a time when you’ll want to have your feet back on the ground. Keep a pair of flats on hand so you can go for a post-work stroll or give your pinched toes a break. Oprah’s into these Tieks flats, which fold down to the size of a wallet.

Notebook and pen

A notebook and pen will save you if your tech dies mid-meeting or if you want to record something you can’t chance losing track of on your computer.

Grocery bag

A thin, reusable bag can help you save money (if your city charges for single-use grocery bags) and save the environment. We’re partial to these Baggu totes, which are cute and cost $10. Toss anything from workout clothes to leftovers inside.

Period products

Hopefully you work in an office that provides pads and tampons for its employees. Even so, keep a few in your bag because odds are the day they run out will be the day you get your period while wearing white pants.


Having at least $20 in cash on hand will help you avoid the disappointment of getting to the front of the taco truck line and discovering they don’t take cards.

Voodoo doll of your enemy

They know what they did.