This Producer Works With The Biggest Names In Music—Here’s What Keeps Her Creative

This Producer Works With The Biggest Names In Music—Here’s What Keeps Her Creative

Laura Escudé—AKA Alluxe—is the electronic brains behind some of the biggest musical acts in the world. The tireless producer and musician dishes on what keeps her creative brain ticking in this week’s Shortlisted.

Behind every great music artist, there is a great producer. And behind every great music producer is (probably) Alluxe. As one of the foremost Ableton experts in the world (meaning she’s aces with the production software that’s ubiquitous in electronic music), she’s programmed and designed shows for Kanye West, Jay-Z, Miguel, Logic, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Herbie Hancock, Cat Power, Bon Iver, Drake and The Weeknd. To name just a few.

She also happens to be a killer violinist and solo artist in her own right, opening up for Miguel’s Wildheart tour in 2015. And in case you were starting to think such a plush resume could convince her that she can cool it on the hustle a little, she recently founded a company called Electronic Creatives—a collective of electronic producers specifically trained to meet the production demands of pop and hip-hop’s biggest names.

To say that Escudé has made a name for herself in an industry dominated by men is something of an understatement—she has few peers that can rock a controller like she does, and the demand for her talents puts her on the road more days than not.

Below, Escudé dives into how she manages to find head space for herself and stay inspired amongst all that noise.

Power Mantra


I don’t know anyone who isn’t trying to change themselves. I can get caught up in feeling like I have to do more, do better, that it’s not OK to be where I am. When I remind myself to accept where I am and that things are unfolding the way they should be, and I get rid of the ‘trying so hard,’ I just feel so much better.

Skin Care Essential

I love my skin feeling clean, so I love this toner. It’s like a facial in a bottle. It both exfoliates and cleanses the skin, and is good for oily skin types like mine.

Can’t Miss Podcast

I started listening to The Life Coach School earlier this year and I got hooked. Brooke Castillo is an incredible inspiration the way she breaks down how to deal with thoughts and processes. She gives away so many tools to deal with life in a way that’s tangible and makes sense. If you put in the work, this stuff is really helpful!

Happy Place Outfit

American Apparel Madeline Jumpsuit. I put this on when I don’t know what to wear, and it always looks good! You can dress it up or down. Plus, it’s so comfortable.

Currently reading

Push Turn Move (which I’m also featured in!), which gives the history of interface design in electronic music. Music nerds will love this one; it has amazing interviews and photos of some of the most trailblazing individuals in the music world.

Currently listening to:

Miguel’s War and Leisure. I deejayed in Miguel’s band and opened up for him in 2015 through 2016, and got to be friends with him as well. He’s an amazing artist who goes against the grain, but still creates accessible, meaningful music. I’m loving his new album.

Most Opened App

Instagram. I love seeing what everyone is up to. A lot of times I work alone, so opening up Instagram keeps me connected by seeing what everyone else is doing. And it keeps me inspired to be more creative with my art, because there are so many amazing people on there.

Productivity Hack

When I need to get things done and I don’t want to ‘accidentally’ pop over to Facebook, I turn on the Freedom app. This blocks all internet for however long I wish, so it allows me to really focus in on the task at hand.

Good Hair Secret Weapon

Ouai Soft Hairspray. I love my hair smelling good. I fell in love with this hairspray because it’s super minimal, but it keeps my hair in place and looks shiny and clean.

Flats, Sneakers, Or Heels?

I wear a lot of sneakers; I’m a bit of a sneaker head! I have several pairs of Y-3’s. They are both comfortable and stylish, and I wear them almost every day.

Self-Care Method Of Choice

Kundalini Yoga. I love the way this practice makes me feel afterwards. It incorporates chanting and movement along with the meditation, which mixes really well with my natural chemistry. I am leading my first ever live performance meets self care retreat Transmute Retreat, which starts next week in Florida and we will have kundalini workshops there alongside live performance intensives. I can’t wait!