What Does 2018 Have In Store For Your Zodiac Sign? Glad You Asked

What Does 2018 Have In Store For Your Zodiac Sign? Glad You Asked

Welcome to your 2018 Girlboss astrology forecast. Our cosmic astro journey for the year ahead will be equal parts sweat and sweetness.

This year’s zodiac rulers are Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus, a squad that’s all about sensation, worthiness, deservedness, and learning our hell “yes” and our hard “no.”

With Saturn in Capricorn all year, we’ve got the boardroom badassery needed to rule. Coupled with Jupiter in Scorpio, our emotional endurance is at an all time high. With shake-it-up Uranus touching into earth goddess Taurus from May through November, we’ll be asked to find new ways to stand on our own two feet.

And as touchy-feely Chiron dips into Aries from April through September, it’s time to burn off any past pain around showing up full-throttle, and take full ownership over our lives.

The mantra to remember? “She works hard for her money so you’d better treat her right.” And to paraphrase Queen Missy, you are always, absolutely, worth it. In 2018, and this Girlboss astrology forecast says it’s time to work it. Let The Numinous explore your year ahead.

Aries & Aries Rising

2018 Mantra: “A solid foundation is what helps me grow.”

Work & Money: With Saturn in the most ambitious part of your chart all year, 2018 is the year you embark on a sure-footed climb to world-domination. Your general MO is to speed ahead and burn out fast. This is your chance to reap the rewards of taking it slow and steady.

Love & Sex:With Mercury going retro in your own sign March 22 through April 15, your birthday month could bring an old flame out of the woodwork—a pattern that repeats all year, with Mercury back-spinning in your romance zone in July, and house of intimacy in November.

Body & Spirit: Wounded healer Chiron also enters Aries in April, heralding five months of deep and cathartic healing. Use the summer months to dig deep into past hurts, even those of your family lineage, and know you have the opportunity to finally move on.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

2018 Mantra: “The security I crave can be found in freedom too.”

Work & Money:With Uranus stepping into your sign this year, it’s time to refresh your perspective on security. Any area of your work life that’s become rigid is asking for a refresh. Practice taking some higher stakes gambles to remind yourself of your worth.

Love & Sex: It’s a down and dirty year for you in love, Taurus, and you’re being asked to dive into what turns you on. With Jupiter in your opposite sign of Scorpio, it’s time to transform the way you see partnership and notice where you hold back from the darker parts of intimacy.

Body & Spirit:With your planetary ruler, Venus, stationing retro in the fall, body narratives are up for review. Your gateway to spirit is through your beautiful bod, so stock up on grounding crystals and CBD chocolates.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

2018 Mantra: “Because I’m worth it.”

Work & Money: 2018 begins Jan 1 with a beautiful full moon in your money zone, helping you know your worth. Linked to a powerful new moon solar eclipse mid-year, this is your year to break free from any limiting beliefs about your earning potential.

Love & Sex:Venus retrograde in the part of your chart that rules romance in October is an opportunity to review what lights your fire. Attached or single, you may find yourself asking where the fun has gone. Time to get creative with your dates!

Body & Spirit: Expansive Jupiter spends the whole of 2018 in your zone of health and wellbeing, making this the perfect year to investigate ways to feed your mind, body and soul. Replace unhealthy habits with feel-good fun.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

2018 Mantra: “When I commit to taking the lead, I see open roads everywhere.”

Work & Money: With Saturn in your opposite sign of Capricorn this year, it’s time to take charge of your own life. No more waiting for a savior to fix your career. This may sound brutal, but by year’s end you’ll have stepped into your power in an unshakable way.

Love & Sex: Saturn is settling in your partnership zone, making this prime time for really clarifying which relationships you’re willing to work for, and which are ready to go by the wayside. Choose an object of desire who’s truly worthy of all that’s in your heart.

Body & Spirit: With Jupiter in your zone of innocent self-expression, feed body and spirit with everything from finger paints to double-dipped cones. Think juicy fruits and bubble baths to support the badassery you’re bringing to the world.

Leo & Leo Rising

2018 Mantra: “When I look after number one I can show up fully for others.”

Work & Money: With Jupiter putting the emphasis on home, family and your own self-care this year, you may find yourself shying away from long hours at the office. Trust that time in the home zone will actually re-fuel your tanks and give you more energy on the job.

Love & Sex: With two potent eclipses in your partnership zone February and July, the first half of the year could find you re-vamping your closest relationships. Are you getting as much as you give? Try to see the other person/s as a mirror for how you could also show up differently.

Body & Spirit: The January 31 lunar eclipse in your own sign is an opportunity to leave any limiting self-beliefs firmly in the past. What have you learned about yourself the past few years that you can apply to your vision for this shiny new you?

Virgo & Virgo Rising

2018 Mantra: “Taking aim clearly helps me hit the mark.”

Work & Money: With taskmaster Saturn settling into your zone of creativity, it’s time to get crystal clear on what really brings you joy. This is your year for connecting deeply to a passion project and bringing your internal dream life into alignment with your outer world.

Love & Sex: It’s time to begin diving into what commitment means to you. You’re a “mutable” sign who’s dedicated to learning and adapting, but 2018 is ripe for policing some relationship boundaries with grace and grit.

Body & Spirit: As Jupiter hangs in your house of possibilities, it’s time to polish your skill set by taking classes and workshops. Allow plenty of time for weekend getaways and wandering new neighborhoods.

Libra & Libra Rising

2018 Mantra: “My own self-worth attracts relationships that feed my soul.”

Work & Money:Woohoo! Lucky Jupiter is transiting your sector of self-worth and earning potential through November 8, making this a year to really cash in. It’s the perfect time to ask for a raise or consider raising your rates, and truly trusting that you’re worth it.

Love & Sex:Venus retrograde in your own sign towards the end of the year could find you reconsidering how you show up in relationships—while dating experiences throughout the year will have helped refine this.

Body & Spirit:Asteroid Chiron, who helps us unpick patterns from past wounding, transits your relationship sector April-September, aiding with some healing in this area. Look at how family dramas have played out in your life for clues to where to begin.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

2018 Mantra: “Trusting in both the light and the dark feels like solid gold.”

Work & Money: With Saturn making a sweet aspect to your Sun, and Jupiter in your sign, this is truly your year for expanding in unprecedented ways. The only challenge? Trusting there’s enough to go around and that you deserve what’s yours.

Love & Sex:Trusting in the juicy stuff is your theme this year, and in partnership it’s about sinking your teeth into the good bits without fear. With Uranus entering your opposite sign of Taurus from May to November, it’s prime time to revise old narratives.

Body & Spirit: With all of this soul-shaking expansion, support your body and soul with softness and suppleness. As January-February, and July-August’s Eclipses make challenging angles to your sign, step into some collective healing on a transformational retreat.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

2018 Mantra: “Getting real is the way to heal.”

Work & Money: 2018 is here to teach you how to do business, and truly make the hard work you put in pay out the rewards you’ve earned. This may mean getting back to basics and building a solid foundation—not the sexiest work, but this is the year to get it done.

Love & Sex: Chiron dipping into your romance sector from April through September is here to help heal any lingering love hang-ups. The summer could reveal some painful truths, but facing them will open the door to an abundance of self-love.

Body & Spirit: Forgiveness is a theme for you in 2018, as benevolent Jupiter transits your house of compassion and empathy. This is the year to look at any judgement issues, and commit to live and let live.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

2018 Mantra: “Learning to value my pleasure expands my power.”

Work & Money:With Saturn in your own sign this year, it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments. Release your “shoulds” at work, know your boundaries, and let the jewels you’ve mined just come rolling in.

Love & Sex: As Mars stations retro and tracks back through your sign from late June through August, it’s an opportunity to practice a hands-off approach to partnerships. Where can you let a lover take the lead? Explore what happens when you decide to simply enjoy whatever arises.

Body & Spirit: As tender warrior Chiron slips into your zone of emotional exploration, it’s time to let yourself come a little undone. Allow for plenty of private time and anything you think is too “weak,” go towards that place and let it help you redefine your concept of strength.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

2018 Mantra: “I am ready to reinvent myself from the inside out.”

Work & Money: With a pair of powerful eclipses in your own sign February and July, 2018 is the year for a top-down reinvention of yourself and the work you do in the world. What are you truly here to give, Aquarius? And what do you need emotionally to be able to deliver your gifts?

Love & Sex: Mars retrograde in your sign mid-summer could reignite a past passion, bringing with it an opportunity to revisit what you want in a lover. So much in your world has shifted, how is this reflected in the ways you want to be wooed?

Body & Spirit: Saturn in the part of your chart ruling the subconscious could bring some major teachings via dreams and other transcendent experiences. This could be a good year to dive deep into the unseen realms.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

2018 Mantra: “Mental clarity liberates me from suffering.”

Work & Money: 2018 brings a bit of a reality check for Pisces this year. But rather than a rude awakening, this is a moment to start building your dreams on solid ground and getting the support you need. Don’t be shy about sharing the vision that’s in your heart.

Love & Sex:As Jupiter dances through your house of adventurous expansion, it’s a love on the run kind of year. While other areas of your life are asking for a reality check, feed your appetite for wildness through partnerships that break all the boundaries.

Body & Spirit: This is also a key moment for releasing some of your past pain, which means noticing when you are suffering over your suffering. In 2018, only you can control your ability to keep your head above water.

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