What New Year’s Resolution Should Your Zodiac Sign Set? Glad You Asked.

What New Year’s Resolution Should Your Zodiac Sign Set? Glad You Asked.

They say less than 8 percent of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions, and we wager even more set ones that are too impractical or illogical to ever hope to live up to.

Resolutions need not be super serious though. Why not look to the stars (yes, we’re talking about zodiac signs again), to think about what we should achieve in 2019? Astrologer, Lisa Stardust, is here to help us ring in the new year with a new set of intentions and (positive) objectives. Get amongst it!


Find Balance.

2019 calls upon you to find a better work-life balance. With the eclipses shaking up the personal sector of your chart this year, you will need to spend more time tending to private affairs.

Learning to say no to to professional projects may be challenging at times, as you may feel guilt and remorse for missed opportunities. However, this break from the office is much needed to rejuvenate your spirit and lifestyle.


Switch Up Your Routine.

Known to resist change, 2019 cosmically calls for you to add different activities to your life. However, you do not have to jump right in.

You can steadily update your life by implementing minor change once a month into your repertoire, by taking mini adventures over the weekend, trying a new neighborhood coffee shop, taking a new class, or mix up the friends you hang with on the weekends. Not only will this open your heart to new adventures, but, also fulfill your cosmic destiny this year.


Avoid Debt.

This year offers you the chance to change your money habits, particularly your relationship with your credit cards. As karmic Saturn, Pluto, and the south node of destiny walk through the house of O.P.M. (other people’s money) you have the opportunity to clear up your debt.

One way to stay on budget, would be to only use cash for one week every month, to avoid maxing out your credit cards.


More You Time.

2019 brings a cluster of planets to your house of partnerships, which may make you feel immersed in other peoples drama.

Rather than stay in the midst of relationship drama, free yourself from the challenging agony by focusing on your needs. Don’t neglect yourself, respect yourself! In fact, fall in love with yourself in 2019.


Trust Your Intuition.

Your psychic abilities are strong in 2019, as the north node of destiny awakens the voice within, pushing you to lean into your intuition. If gossip, a situation, or a relationship doesn’t feel right, chances are there may be something amiss. Trust your gut.


Reconnect With Friends.

Karmically, you’re not ready to release friendships. Instead, you wish to work on relationships that may have dwindled in 2018, opting to give them a second chance in 2019.

As Neptune activates the partnership sector of your chart and the north node of destiny moves through your house of friendships, 2019 gives you the opportunity to heal past issues with your peers, and kiss and make up.


Embrace J.O.M.O.

Known as the social butterfly of the zodiac, you are a true scenester. However, 2019 may leave you wanting to spend more time at home, as limiting Saturn and dreamy Neptune motivate you to spend more time in your pajamas than in your tiara.

Make J.O.M.O. your New Year’s resolution in 2019! Avoid the parties and spend time at home, embrace the joy of missing out with a bubble bath, Netflix, and close friends.


Post More Selfies.

2019 may have you feeling more glamorous than ever, due to the gentle astrological aspects to your sun from Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. With your self-esteem at a high, it’s time to embrace your confidence and step into the limelight.

While you normally shy away from sharing pics on Instagram, this is your year to break the internet by showing the world your beautiful self. Say cheese!


Save Your Pennies For A Rainy Day.

Jupiter aligns with your Sun, bringing optimism to your daily vibe. Meanwhile, restrictive Saturn wanders through the financial sector of your chart, causing a monetary draught.

These two juxtaposing energies may add confusion and uncertainty to your day-to-day spending, as your buoyant desire wants to play a high stakes game to double up on finances. Instead of gambling away your money, try saving your pennies for a more lucrative investment. The fiscal return may be bigger than expected.


Be Gentle On Yourself.

This coming year may be a little tough on your ego, sweet sea-goat. With austere Saturn, transformational Pluto, and the south node of destiny aligning with your sun, you may feel unseen and under appreciated by others. 2019 will force you to take a step back and reevaluate your relationships, more importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

Focus on your needs first in 2019. Be kind, gentle, and compassionate to yourself by giving yourself some much needed TLC.


Walk More Steps A Day.

2019 serves as your wake up call, away from your perpetual daydream and into a more structured lifestyle. Lean into the action sphere of your chart and away from the house of undoing.

This means peppering up your daily exercises, which may be challenging, as you want to laze about in bed. Instead of hitting the gym hard, try incorporating additional “steps” around the office, or, at home to keep your energy high.


Celebrate Small Wins.

Your planetary ruler fires up the professional sector of your chart, making 2019 the year others recognize your successes. Don’t swim away from public praise and acclaim! Indulge your efforts, no matter how big or small, by rewarding yourself.

This will not only boost your confidence, it will push you towards success. No matter how big or small the win, treat yourself in 2019.