January’s New Moon Is All About Stepping Up And Claiming What’s Yours

January’s New Moon Is All About Stepping Up And Claiming What’s Yours

January 5’s Capricorn new moon solar eclipse wants you to know there’s nothing to prove and every reason to grab hold of  what’s already yours.

This moon is filled to the brim with both majesty and mojo, as a pack of Capricorn planets remind us to make like a cactus plant, filling up from the inside out, and remembering our deep wellsprings of self-sufficiency and self-sovereignty. Sometimes written off as “cold” or “corporate,” Capricorn energy is saturated with luxurious heat and world-building prowess; prepared to build it brick by brick—and to stand firmly in the knowledge that we already possess every precious resource we need.

With Mars now in fire-starter Aries, and Venus finishing her ride through the Scorpionic jungle, this is the cosmic energy of survival. It’s a moment to feel into your “essence” in all senses of the word, according to The Numinous.

Ask yourself: What is essential right now? If you distilled your own life force to its most concentrated form, what would it look like? What part of you can never be taken?

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Barriers and boundaries are made to be melted.

At work: You’re a veritable queen of containment, Capricorn, and understand the creative force behind structure and form much more deeply than the rest of us. Take all that knowledge and use it to break out and break free. What if you could believe that you are always, absolutely, prepared? Treat your office like a true kingdom, and declare your right to walk its halls with a straight back and a ready chin, trusting that it’s all, already, in your possession. Stand proud. Speak out. And know that the castle you’ve already created is always ready to shelter you.

Out of office: While you sometimes shy away from the medicine of “play,” this is a moon to find the sheer delight in your sense of self-sufficiency. Whether it’s celebrating with an emboldened solo hike, or reveling in the intricacies of a complex DIY home project, you’re invited to rediscover the soft-core sweetness inside of your hardcore prowess.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: There are many roads to Nirvana.

At work: Once upon a time, your sign was co-ruled by Saturn, joining you to Capricorn energy through a fascinating mythology of status quo versus revolution. Where do you find this polarity cycling through your work life right now? Are you calcifying into stuckness, convinced that there’s only one way towards your goal? Or are you railing against perceived limitations, ready to stage a full-scale overthrow against structure? What if, instead, you could deviate from this linear back and forth that may be limiting you, and choose a career zigzag instead? Your goals may be coming to meet you in shape shift-y forms that you never planned for.

Out of office: Turn it upside down and inside out, Aquarius. Things are not what they seem during this new moon, and if you welcome that strangeness with open eyes and heart, this can be an energy for reimagining your very existence from the ground up. Let yourself revel in the in-between. Delight in the unknowability of it all. When something becomes finite, it eventually stops growing and blooming and providing sustenance. There power in what’s not yet fully formed, Aquarius.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Owning my legacy liberates my light.

At work: The contained structures of Capricorn energy can sometimes leave you feeling chilly, sweet Pisces. But this new moon wants you to harness gravity to reground your magic. What are you creating through your career on a soul level? If you left the planet today, what would you want this legacy to look like? It’s a moon for feeling into the depth and rootedness of these questions, and using them as a reminder that you matter. What you make with your hands. How you show up with your body and your voice.

Out of office: Let it all feel terribly important, Pisces. Every glance and step and turn of your head to meet what’s meeting you. Ground into your body and let your feet feel the solid, inarguable support of the actual earth. This moon wants you to house your untamable spirit in the safety of a physical form. Feed the invisible realm with everything that’s visible. Feast on every scent and color and sound that crosses your path. This land is your land, Pisces. Let everything that seems to be outside of you sustain you on the inside.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: My prowess is a package that only needs opening.

At work: As your ruler, Mars, transits through your sign, you’re asked to revisit all that you’ve learned about push and pull, willpower, and compromise. Trust that these polarity points can run on autopilot at work right now, and that you’ll know exactly when to break a sweat when to chill instead. In fact, what if you didn’t see these two things as distinctive from one another? What if pushing could feel delightful and inevitable when the moment calls for it. And resting could feel exactly the same?

Out of office: Do you fear the oppressive capabilities and perceived limitations of sensible, practical thinking, seeing it as a threat to your fire that doesn’t want to be contained? Or does it soothe your endless need to effort? Whatever your relationship to the pragmatic, this earth element wants to hold you and romance you right now. Treat this moon like a signature crystal-growing kit that’s just for you. Hard edges and hard lines are simply rock candy treasures that are meant to be licked.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Remaining in process yields pure gold.

At work: There’s nothing you need to strive for right now, sweet Taurus. In fact, swap striving from your career vocab and put an entirely different word in its place. Maybe it’s “unfolding.” This term implies development, but as an act of co-creation with all that is, building your trust that you are not the only one who has to decide. This co-creation can lead to liberation, Taurus—as opening your palms to the process reminds you that you simply have to show up for work each day, and let yourself be sanded and buffed by your experiences. Your stones are getting tumbled and polished. Let it be smooth.

Out of office: Play with the concept of smallness during this new moon. Not in the sense of putting out your light or shrinking in the face of what needs your fortitude. But in the sense that you are a participant in the complex whole. You are a tiny star. A little crystal on a beach of sand. And this position doesn’t make you any less vital. In fact, it makes you more so. You are integral to the whole, Taurus. Find your place and settle in.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Savoring the waves of emotion teaches me how to swim.

At work: This moon’s pacing is on an entirely different scale than your butterfly nervous system is used to, Gemstone. It’s the distinction between a New York minute, and the glacial speed of eons and epochs and plate tectonics. You are entering into a mastery with the latter during this moon, and anything you’re pushing forward at work that’s causing too much of a buzz and hum inside of you, is being asked to come to a halt. Embrace stillness. Slip into the skin of slowness. No scrambling. No frantic tweaking of projects or approaches. This is the opposite of pulling an all-nighter Gemini. Be in it for the long haul.

Out of office: Drop into the channel that runs beneath the ground. This moon wants you to slow the mind and dig under the impulse to endlessly distract. There is something you’re being asked to attend to. Come in for a landing and dip into your emotional bedrock. Start by noticing when your world above the neck feels like little electrical blips pulling you away from a more profound emo pull. Where are you binge-watching your experience, instead of just staying with, and abiding in, the stillness? There are treasures far below the surface of your distracted awareness. Sit on the river’s edge and look for tiny splashes.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Every cell in my body is built for magic.

At work: With the north node of your destiny now firmly in your sign, and coming on the heels of 2018’s final full moon in your sign, there’s really no more playing it small, Little Mermaid. You are a siren and a full force to be reckoned with. Professionally, this means putting an end to the endless machinations of your anxious mind about how you will be received, or how others will feel in response to you plumping up and taking the driver’s seat. Put on your horse blinders right now, Cancer, and head for the open road, knowing there’s no one you have to pledge allegiance to or give over your authority to, except your own damn self.

Out of office:Luxuriate in your aliveness during this moon. Let it be simple. Maybe it’s a return to a practice or process that you vividly remember from an earlier part of your life. This is about libido in the widest sense of that word; not just sexuality, but your very right to exist, to claim pleasure, and to create from your internal channel. You don’t need to respond to the world as it is right now. You are shaping its contours through your own desire.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: Birthing the rainbow takes creative care.

At work: Where are you on your path right now, Leo? This earthy moon wants you to check in with gravity, and come up against the question of destiny, brokering a deal between doing what you “must,” and shining the love beams of your signature flair. You can have it all, Leo. Both the strength and support of a career that pays the bills, and the wild, unbroken spirit of fantasy. But first you’ve got to reckon with what’s right here, right now, and how well it’s serving your whole.

Out of office: What if you truly believed that you were deeply held by this life, Leo? That there was nothing you needed to do to earn your keep, and that there was no system of punishment or reward in this existence, only the benevolence of a Universe that wants you to grow and pulsate and move towards more life? This doesn’t mean that things need to feel “easy.” In fact, this is way beyond the concept of ease and difficulty. You’re one of the most generous heartbeats the zodiac has to offer. Use this beating heart to remind yourself that all of life is something to embrace.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: There’s no shame in the game where I call the shots.

At work: This moon injects your life with a megawatt sense of personal authority, Virgo. But first, you’ve got to reckon with some little ghosties that still seem to be whispering about the “not yet readys” and the “not enoughs.” Rather than silencing or slaying them, the key to flexing your work muscles is not to shame them at all. Let them whisper and shout about your inadequacies and ineptitudes. Let them tantrum. And tell them that they, too, are not a problem. In fact, there are no professional problems to solve. And when you crack yourself open to this way of being, you will find that you’re actually the one calling the shots.

Out of office:Beneath the surface of any shame narratives, your heart beats, Virgo. Your humanness. Your blood and breath and bones that are built just like the rest of us. You don’t need to be more than human. You don’t need to show up to sop up the rest of our mess. You get to have your own wild range of experiences, and this moon is here to remind you that though you are ruled by higher mind Mercury, you are still an earth babe. Get rootsy and rustic, Virgo.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: My entire life is a judgement free zone.

At work: Throw out your gold stars and performance reports, Libra. This moon wants you to scrap your current systems of assessment, and open up to a whole new scale. What narratives have you inherited about what “work” is supposed to feel like? How are these storylines keeping you trapped on a hamster wheel or status quo goals that bear now signs of personal inquiry? This moon asks you to answer to an entirely different way of functioning that may look strange to your colleagues and friends at first. Commit to this period of potential professional exile in order to birth a way of being that is built from your own authority.

Out of office: While Capricorn energy can sometimes feel harsh, this moon’s survivalist flair actually invites you to look around you and notice that everything that meets your gaze is trying for the same things you are. Your worst enemy also wants love and comfort. Every blade of grass is reaching for the light. Remembering that literally every fiber of the earth’s being is pulsing with aliveness is your entry point into your own healing. Let this sense of survivalism soften you, Libra, and remind you of the interconnectivity of this human experience.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: I do not want what I haven’t got.

At work: You’re in a deep mastery with desire during this lifetime, Scorpio, and this moon’s magic comes through to remind you that there is absolutely nothing you have to “want for” at this moment. Instead, you’re asked to look into your professional backpack and find all of the treasures you already have. These are soul-level skills that you were simply born with, and they don’t need any more cultivation or training. What’s on your emotional resume, Scorpio? Trust that your very quality of feeling makes you fit for the job.

Out of office: As one of the fiercest feeling signs in the zodiac, what to do with all these emotion oceans is a perpetual question in your consciousness. This moon invites you into a land beyond “making things happen,” where you can use these fluctuations as gateways into your own imagination, and as instinctive badges of honor that prove it’s good to be alive in the first place. You can trace your way into the purity of the feeling—beneath the urges to action it in the world or have someone else answer to it. Throw a private party for your emotions and let your ability to ride your internal cycles of intensity remind you of what a warrior you are.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Grounding my glow makes my flame eternal.

At work: You’re mixing earth and fire during this moon, Sag, and are invited to see all this Capricorn “dirt” as a chance to create solid chocolate security, rather than a threat to your wildness. Where can you pause and channel your fierce urge to overthrow the work empire, into making sustainable changes from the ground up? Professional maturity is the seat of your magic right now, and this growing up doesn’t have to feel like a harsh comedown. Look around you at everything you’ve built with your own hands. Honor the achievements that have taken time and space and tirelessness. You are built to shine brightly and to shine on, Sag. Take it step-by-step, and let your feet delight in contact with the hard-packed earth.

Out of office: This is a moon for “returning” in all senses of the word, Sag, and you’re asked to remember parts of yourself that you may have left by the wayside in the frenzy to expand more and more. Just like the core of the earth contains a proprietary blend of hot metals, you too have this seed inside of you that everything else orbits around. What are you made of, Sag? Treat this question with curiosity and sincerity, asking deeply into your “why” and awaiting the echoing return of the answer with open arms.

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