#WhatIfWednesday Is The Kick In The Butt Convo You HAVE To Try With Us

#WhatIfWednesday Is The Kick In The Butt Convo You HAVE To Try With Us

There’s only one thing standing between you and everything you want to accomplish: Doing it. Sure, sure—easier said than done. We get it. And you have big moves planned—we get that, too. But when you take a step back and look at the “big thing” you want to accomplish, you start to realize they’re just a culmination of a bunch of little things.

And the nice thing about little things is that all you need to do, is do them. And the nice thing about doing things, is that you can start right now.

Now, as in tomorrow, which is a Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Because Hump Day’s gotten a bad rap, ranking low for both happiness and productivity; we’re equidistant from the weekend that was, and equidistant from the weekend that will be, and apparently, people love wallowing in that existential crisis.

But what if you could transform that midweek case of the blahs into the best day of the week? How much could you accomplish if you turned Wednesdays into your go-to day of boundary-pushing and expertise-building?

In partnership with Pinterest, we’ll be setting you up to do just that, with a brand new weekly campaign called #whatifwednesday. It’s our way of getting you to try new things, every single week. We’ll be trying them too.

Using Pinterest, we’ll be encouraging you (each Wednesday, obvi) to start reenergizing your life, by doing something super small and achievable—but culminating in big results.

So, dear reader: What if you did that thing you said you would?

Let’s find out together. Here’s how it’s going to work. Consider it your supersized Girlboss Moment conversation between us, you and everyone else. Each #whatifwednesday on Girlboss Radio, Sophia Amoruso will be giving you a question. A challenge, if you will. A new thing to try that’ll boost your productivity, your confidence, your inspiration and creativity—even your willingness to take risks and be vulnerable.

Listeners and readers will hit up Girlboss’ #whatifwednesday Pinterest board for challenge ideas, then get out there and try said thing. It could be as simple as meal prepping for the week, or trying a new morning routine. Either way, the goal is to take all those juicy calls to action we share and transform it into action.

Your job? Do the damn thing, of course. And then this part’s crucial: Use hashtag #whatifwednesday, #mypinterest and #girlbossradio on your Instagram posts (or tag us on Insta Stories) to show us your try! We’ll be sharing ours too, of course. It’s gonna be fun.

Each week on the podcast, we’ll read out our favourite #whatifwednesday hashtag users, so get ready to hear Sophia and Jerico give you a shout out Girlboss Radio. And of course, we’ll share some faves on social media, too. Not only that, but every single week, three people will win a signed copy of the new Girlboss Workbook by Sophia Amoruso. But wait, there’s more! Two special people will WIN free tickets to the next Girlboss Rally, bb!

Tune in to Girlboss Radio each Wednesday starting October 18, to catch every #whatifwednesday challenge.

Here’s the question we’re rolling out first: What if you tried something new today to boost your productivity for the week?

It can be something as simple as laying out tomorrow’s power outfit, tonight, so you can breeze confidently out the door tomorrow AM. Using the hashtag #whatifwednesday, share a quick ~power outfit~ look you’ve found on Pinterest and tried out IRL.

Then post on Instagram, and don’t forget to hashtag #girlbossradio too, so we can find your outfit and maybe even share it online!

Let’s create a loud conversation that inspires us all to get doing and live our best lives. Keep your ears and eyes peeled. It’s gonna be big.

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