What To Wear To Work When It’s Too Fking Hot In The Summer

What To Wear To Work When It’s Too Fking Hot In The Summer

Being stuck in a stuffy conference room for hours on end is an unpleasant work experience many of us have suffered through. As summer arrives, this scenario becomes downright miserable—and picking out work clothes for summer becomes all the more important. Throwing some key pieces and styling tricks into your seasonal work wardrobe will help you avoid suffocating your limbs and enhance your general well-being.

Ultimately, anything loose-fitting is your friend. When it comes to work clothes for summer, the idea is to limit the amount of fabric that clings to your body and, when it must, to choose lightweight, breathable fabrics. Cotton undergarments can be your first step, especially if you’re concerned about sweat. From there, shirt dresses, midi skirts, or culottes fit the bill; if your office allows, straight or wide-leg denim will also allow a little air in.

For tops, don’t be afraid of long sleeves, so long as they aren’t too clingy. Voluminous sleeves and unique shirting details are not only trendy but practical this time of year, as is linen in any shape or form. And we are aware that we just used trendy and practical in the same sentence, but fashion changes! Don’t question it.

Speaking of don’ts, no matter how hot it is outside, do not forget a sweater, even if you’re only popping into offices or coffee shops for parts of the day. The AC will either be highly unregulated, or regulated permanently to unnecessarily low temperatures. It is still unclear if this aspect of office culture will ever change.

For your convenience, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite, practical, and fashionable work clothes for summer that will keep you cool as a cucumber all season long. While comfort comes first in the heat, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your choices either, in the spirit of the season.

Work Clothes For Summer

Tops & Dresses

Classic shirting and breezy blouses are your best bet in the summer heat. Mix in a few pieces with interesting silhouettes and prints.


If you’re partial to pants, loosen things up a little with a wide-leg or jogger-style trouser. Otherwise, a pretty midi skirt can be the perfect option for professional summerwear.


Summer is the perfect time to add a little pizzazz to your outfit with a quirky pair of shoes. Whether “fun” for your office means you’re only getting as wild as a snake-print pump or that rainbow, metallic, and anything fringed goes, you’ve got options.