Your August Horoscope Is All About Slowing Down

Your August Horoscope Is All About Slowing Down

Now that the Eclipses have passed and Mercury Retrograde is over, you may find that you have a bit of an emotional hangover, and that might mean that you’re feeling tired, shell-shocked, or just plain ready to move on. Allow for your process to unfold this month. You don’t need to be in such a rush to get to the other side of this that you miss out on where you’re at. Make plans this month, and if need be, clear up any mixed messages or conflicts that got stirred up in July.

There is so much that demands your attention, but you only have so much time and energy. When your actions don’t reflect your priorities, it doesn’t matter how successful you are–you’re not going to feel great about yourself. Strive to reorganize your thinking so that your actions are more impactful this month. If you can get your ambitions, self-care, and your obligations in some kind of proportion to each other, you’ll be well on your way, Leo.

It’s time to cultivate greater discretion with your thoughts, Virgo. What you allow yourself to mentally indulge in shapes your inner world, which is of course the foundation from which all of your actions spring. When you align your intentions with your integrity, and then pair that with determination, you’re unstoppable. There’s so much in front of you, but there are also things that you need to leave behind in order to forge ahead. Stop picking at scabs and allow your wounds to heal this month

You’re used to responding to stress (the good kind andthe hard kind) in certain ways that you’ve outgrown, Libra. This month it’s time for doing the difficult work of implementing changes and making new choices in the presence of old and unpleasant emotions. Confront fear with love and any mistakes you make with grace. You’re ready to change your life from the inside-out, but it isn’t always going to be pretty.

Your resentments hurt you more than they impact anyone else. When you obsess on painful situations and dynamics, or people that you’re not at peace with, you’re basically calling to your heartache, inviting it in deeper. You need to put some things down, and walk away from others altogether, but you can’t do that when you keep returning to the scene of the crime. The best revenge is success, but if you’re truly successful, you don’t need revenge at all.

It’s time to step into stillness, Sagittarius. If your life is busy and you’re unable to take a break, prioritize getting really present for the moments in between, this month. The truth about the whole be here now thing, is that now is often uncomfortable, confusing, or plain upsetting. You don’t need to feel good all the time, or to have all the answers. You just need to let life reveal itself to you as slowly as it needs to.

Even though the eclipses have passed, you’re still kind of in it, Capricorn. It’s essential that you pay attention to your relationships, especially if other life stresses have made you self-involved or checked-out with your loved ones lately. Don’t expect others to know that you love them or that you’re thinking about them by osmosis. Reach out and tell them. And when they speak, make sure you’re really listening to what they have to say. Love is the balm for much of what ails you, my dear.

If doing the right thing was easy, everyone would do it! The problems that you’re having are not exactly new; they’re just finally coming to the surface. It’s time to act for the joy of the action, Aquarius. Whether that means prioritizing what you believe in or what you’re happiest doing, is your choice to make. What’s most important is that you are confident about your own motives. Accept your truth and keep on trying, my love.

Life is all about the little things. Remember to celebrate your wins as passionately as you mourn your losses; to eat the cake and enjoy every bite and also to finally do that sugar cleanse. In other words, to grow and contract, and change, and hurt, and heal, and repeat. You are not just the sum of your achievements, you are an organism that needs light and air and water to thrive. Don’t forget who you are, Pisces.

You may not have enough information yet, but that doesn’t mean that things are bad. It’s time to improve your relationship to uncertainty this month. Expect events to kick up some new feelings about some old situations. And, naturally, it might be awkward. There are some unresolved issues holding you back; strive to be interested in them, instead of trying to push past them. Your emotions are not obstacles and your past can’t be ignored. Work with what you’ve got, my love.

Instead of looking for a way to feel, do, or be better, seek a way to be more kind and brave – especially in the face of your most critical impulses. August is your time to cultivate a bigger heart. Channeling patience and compassion into your problems sounds great, but it’s vulnerable. Prioritize your relationship with yourself, Taurus, and allow healthy boundaries and sustainable choices to emerge from your deepened self-knowledge, this month.

August is the time to challenge some of your most deep assumptions and ingrained habits. As you grow, you will inevitably outgrow certain truths and practices. It’s time to do more than talk about what comes next–you need to embody the shifts that will get you there. Take well-considered risks and even invite strategic losses into your life. Just don’t allow the uncertainty and instability of change stop you from being the person you want to be, Twin Star.

There is a great vulnerability in patience, but there’s power in it, too. It’s fine to trust that you’ve worked hard to create an opening in your life, and that good things will flow into it. Don’t let impatience inspire you to give up on your dreams, or to back away from your passions. It’s time to have a little faith, Moonchild. You’ve put the wheels in motion and now you’ve got to believe that, given time, you’ll get exactly where you’re supposed to go.

August 2018 Horoscopes

AriesMarch 21 to April 19

This month is likely to kick up some major fears, but not for nothing! You’re ready to confront them and to grow beyond self-imposed limitations. When you take your worries at face value, you can too easily end up operating off of misunderstandings or projections. Don’t be in such a rush to “fix” things that you don’t first investigate what’s actually happening. If you can be interested in your reactions, you will both learn about yourself and see your situation more clearly. Be brave, Aries.

TaurusApril 20 to May 20

The truth is true whether you admit it or not, Taurus. You may have to deal with the downside of your own choices and actions throughout eclipse season. While you might feel quite innocent in your relationships, if you’ve not been honest about the tough stuff, you’re not really giving others a chance to show up when you need them or the opportunity to take care of themselves around your boundaries. Strive to be honest, even when it may cost you something you don’t wanna pay this month.

GeminiMay 21 to June 21

Now is the time for you to get your life together, Twin Star. Confront your inhibitions and your ambiguities so that you can finally move on from the stuck place you’ve been. Finding the truth or a sense of balance doesn’t mean you’ll discover a perfect answer or feel “good vibes only.” It means that you can trust yourself, even as your moods and conditions ebb and flow. Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you; honor your goals and your vision with flexibility this month.

CancerJune 22 to July 22

There’s no way of knowing how things will turn out, and honestly, even if you could know, it wouldn’t save you from having to follow through with the process. This month is all about doing the work. Confront your fears, stand up and advocate for yourself and for what you believe in, and stay emotionally present for it all. It’s time to do what needs to be done, even if you’re not sure what will happen next, Moonchild.

LeoJuly 23 to Aug 22

As if you haven’t been going through enough this eclipse season, we have a powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 11th. It’s meant to spark a fire within you that inspires you to follow through with some much needed changes. Strive to actively create what you want in your life or in the world around you, but remember that feels are not the same as action. Get up and make things happen, lovely Leo.

VirgoAug 23 to Sept 22

Focus on your relationships this month, Virgo. The Moon will be full in your relationship house on the 26th, and your ruling planet is retrograde until the 18th. Between these two events, you’re being nudged (read: pushed) to confront the truth of what exists between you and others. Approach your relationships with honesty and patience as you determine if you need to try harder (and in what ways) or if you simply need to let go. You don’t need to make things perfect, but it is time to really try, my love.

LibraSept 23 to Oct 22

Action is the antidote to what’s been making you feel down, Libra. It’s time to push ahead and break out free. Seek things you can do every day, no matter how small, that will build up your confidence or chip away at the mountain of tasks that you’ve been too intimidated to tackle. If you’ve been overwhelmed or underwater, the eclipse on the 11th should give you the boost you need to get up and get things moving in the right direction, sweet one.

ScorpioOct 23 to Nov 21

What you want to do with your life is a matter of huge importance. This month, expect to be confronted by some anxieties that have been kicking around inside of you. The best thing you can do is explore them instead of running from them. Fear can kick you to the ground or lift you to your feet. The key is to choose what gives you life, instead of evade what makes you scared, Scorpio.

SagittariusNov 22 to Dec 21

Finding yourself is not a one-time thing; the process of becoming requires flexibility, adjustment, and repeat. Growth inevitably leads to change, while change doesn’t necessarily beget growth. Don’t allow the upsets to lead you to retreat, ‘Tarius. It’s important that you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater this month. Don’t approach changes or upsets in a defensive or shut down way. It’s time to honor your truth by prioritizing it over the status quo.

CapricornDec 22 to Jan 19

This is your life, and you need to do what’s right by your own standards. You don’t need to pattern yourself after others. Instead of worrying so much about what anyone else is or isn’t doing, look within to figure out what’s right for you. Act in ways that reflect your priorities, and know that what other people think is valuable information but not gospel. It’s time to live for yourself, on your own terms, Cappy mon Capitan.

AquariusJan 20 to Feb 18

The solar eclipse in your relationship house on the 11th is going to be intense for you, Aquarius. It’s important that you accept that your resentments hurt no one but you. This month is all about the choices you make and the impact that they have on both your inner and outer world. Embrace your relationships as a reflection of past choices. You may need to change your mind or change your actions, but you for sure don’t need to assign blame, my love.

PiscesFeb 19 to Mar 20

In order to create real change in your life, you don’t singularly need to pursue actions; you need a shift in perspective, Pisces. This isn’t the time for idealism; its time for making changes that stick. The full moon in your sign on the 26th will offer you opportunities for transformation, or it will force them on you. While you don’t get to choose what life will bring, you can choose how you’re willing to respond. Embrace your own growth and potential this month.

Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally-respected astrologer and psychic medium based in San Francisco.

Words: Jessica LanyadooArt: Gabbie Bautista