Your Full Moon Horoscope For August Is Focusing On Mercury Retrograde Recovery

Your Full Moon Horoscope For August Is Focusing On Mercury Retrograde Recovery

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs on August 15, which is the same day Mercury leaves its post-retrograde degrees, clearing up energies from June 20 (when Mercury entered the pre-retrograde zone) and July 7 (when Mercury started its retrograde journey). We’ll be given clarity on all matters that seemed messy during the retrograde, as well as insight into moving forward with our vision under this eye-opening luminary. The only caveat is that we all might feel a bit jealous of others, due to Venus and Mars’s stand-off with the Moon. Now is the time to assert our will and stand up for ourselves—no matter the cost.


Negotiations for a contract are now in motion, bringing a new and transformative opportunity into your life. Under no circumstances, however, should you get caught up in the excitement and overlook the small details. That’s where big mistakes can be made. Ask a lawyer to look over the documents before signing anything, because you deserve to be fairly compensated for your services. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your new opportunity has gone sour, or that they’re trying to take advantage, you just was to make sure you and your new work partners are on the same page.


Some colleagues are making an exodus and quitting your company, leaving you stuck with sorting through all the loose ends. While you normally have no problem working overtime, you’re upset because you are doing the work of all your coworkers to meet deadlines. Before you begin their work load, ask for an increase in salary to compensate for your efforts and time. You’re not doing this out of the goodness of your heart, you’re stepping up as a team member and need to be paid accordingly!


A project you’ve been working on for quite some time is now coming to an end, making you thirsty and desirous for a new professional endeavor. It may take a hot minute to find the right collaboration, which could cause your anxieties to rise. Don’t get too upset! The perfect alliance is just around the corner and will present itself when the time is right. One door closes, another one opens.


Work has been super intense these past few weeks, which is why this luminary gives you cosmic permission to take a “personal day” off from work. You need to rejuvenate your creative energy and let your body rest. There’s no better way to do that than to give yourself an extra day to decompress, chill, and do absolutely nothing. Your artistic ideas will start to flow after a day of self-care.


Were you accidentally CC’d on an email about you? Or did a colleague disclose confidential deets? Well, it’s time to head down to HR or to your boss’s office and discuss the issue with a third party. Rather than confront your office mates, utilize the tools available for you at work. You’ll not only receive an apology from your colleague, but you’ll also be well-respected for standing up for yourself.


You’re feeling yourself ATM. That means you have the drive and motivation to ask your boss for a big raise (which you so deserve). Let management know how amazing you are by explaining your professional goals, proven stellar performance, and specialized skill set. When they see all the hard work and long hours you’ve dedicated to the job, they will gladly approve your request.


The professional spotlight is shining on you! This is your time to start a creative project and embrace new career opportunities. Just be sure you’re receiving your financial worth and not just jumping at the ~shiniest~ title or project—after all, “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills. Do your research, know your worth, and don’t be afraid to fight for it. You’re more than deserving.


Although you love your job, your stress levels rise every now and again. That’s what happens when you have a lot of responsibility! This Full Moon calls for you to zen out at work. Take a few minutes during your lunch break and listen to a meditation app or got for a walk, in order to calm your frustrations at the office. Not only will your overall vibe change, but your attention span will improve during meetings and conference calls. It’s a win-win.


Your networking skills have been less than stellar recently, mostly due to other obligations. This Full Moon serves as a reminder to up your socializing game a bit. Whether you connect on social media or at Happy Hour, remember that it’s important to make connections of all kinds. Try to mentally prepare and psych yourself up for the level of self-promotion it takes to build professional relationships, but also don’t take it too seriously. Who knows, you might actually find genuine friendship when exchanging business cards with someone.


You’re in desperate need of some downtime—forcing you to skip out on extracurricular work activities. But don’t sweat it! You’ve put in long hours at the office and need a moment to recuperate from all the late night inbox clearing. Rather than going for after work drinks with colleagues, go home and rest. You’ve earned the right to chill at home after a hard day’s work.


It’s time to commit to a new financial plan. This luminary is the optimal time to take control of your finances. Or, reach out to an advisor for some golden advice. Evolving past your previous spending habits and paying off debt is now at the top of your to-do list—which isn’t easy, but really commit to it! Whether you need to download a money-saving app like Digit or reevaluate the same old budgeting techniques you’ve been using since you can remember, it’s time to step up your financial game so you can tick some of your goals off that list of yours.


It’s time for your professional review at work, which should go swimmingly well. The only real room for improvement is when it comes todelegating more work to others. You’re a team player, but you shouldn’t take on too much—especially when you don’t have to. Spread the work out amongst your team to alleviate your workload and unnecessary pressures. Trust them, they’re capable.