Your Full Moon Horoscope For July Comes With A Side Of Lunar Eclipse Realness

Your Full Moon Horoscope For July Comes With A Side Of Lunar Eclipse Realness

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16 packs quite a punch as it’s also a Lunar Eclipse. As eclipses trigger game-changing moments, we can expect this eclipse to push us towards ending or completing a major chapter in our lives, especially as this eclipse joins forces with the transformative and purging power of Pluto. Since this Lunar Eclipse will be in the ambitious and no-nonsense Capricorn, we can also expect for the changes taking place to be associated with themes such as career and achievement, financial goals and security, and the traditions and rules that we hold dear. For many of us, we’re called to redefine what success means and to redefine our values, while others may be called to let go of anything or anyone hampering their success.


If you’ve been giving too much of your time and energy to a relationship that hasn’t been reciprocal, you could find yourself ready to cut your losses now. The same goes for any relationship where you feel stifled or limited. If you’ve been struggling with the fear of being alone, this eclipse will push you to confront that head-on.  On the other hand, if you’ve been involved in a promising and supportive relationship, this eclipse could push you to deepen your bond, either romantically or professionally. No matter which direction you choose to go, a heart-to-to heart conversation may be needed.


Your health and well-being come into focus now and if you’ve been having a hard time with changing an unhealthy habit or have just not been feeling your best, look to this eclipse to give you the motivation, as well as the reality check, you need to turn things around. On a similar note, if you’ve been overly fixated on achieving a specific goal with your fitness or your work, this eclipse will also remind you that: A.) nobody’s perfect…and that’s OK!, and B.) to go easy on yourself. Focus and determination are needed but don’t go hurting yourself.


A romantic relationship takes center stage under this eclipse, which could push you to make a connection deeper or to release it altogether. Though giving yourself permission to be your authentic self will be the determining factor for either decision, because when you take up room to be your true self, you give the other person space to be their true self as well, for better or worse. Overall, the honesty that you can foster at this moment can pave the way for a soulful connection now or in the future. Meanwhile, it’s time to go full throttle with your creativity.


Home and family are the priority for you now, as you could find yourself looking to make a big move or relocate. In terms of a family relationships or dynamics, this eclipse could bring some buried things to the surface, which could be upsetting to say the least. Although this could be an emotional time, what comes up now could pave the way for you to heal yourself (or the relationship) and release the emotional garbage that’s been festering. On the same token, this eclipse calls for you to be more proactive about caring for your emotional health and getting the nourishment you need.


As one of the most perceptive signs of the zodiac, very little gets past you. Though under this eclipse, you’re asked to reconsider what gets your attention as having tunnel vision or a limited way of thinking could rob you of the possibilities or the freedom that you seek. On the flip side, you could reap some big rewards or recognition for something you’ve been training for or working on, especially if it has to do with communications, education, or media. On a personal note, it could be time to clear the air with someone. Be the change you want to see.


As the zodiac sign associated with growth and abundance, it’s not hard for you to get offers and opportunities galore. However, at this eclipse, you’re being called to be choosier about what you want. Not everything (or everyone) is meant for you, Sagittarius and that’s OK. For now, it’s best to be one hundred percent sure about what you want, rather than settling for any old thing that comes along. In terms of your money and finances, this eclipse can help you with breaking old patterns rooted in insecurity and lack without letting what you have (or don’t) define you.


The spotlight is on you and this is your moment, Capricorn. What you do with it, however, will depend on how true you are to yourself and whether you can recognize how much power you actually have. Part of this work may require releasing any distorted images that you’ve built for yourself either in trying to please other people or seeking outside validation. At the same time, when it comes to your physical health and wellbeing, expect this eclipse to push you to work on ways you can improve your health and build your strength, from the inside out. Empower yourself.


This eclipse could be an emotional one for you as you’re pushed to release all of the psychic garbage that you’ve been collecting. That includes anything that’s been weighing on you emotionally or energetically, as well as things that you’ve been trying to avoid. This is the part where you’re called to be more in tune with what you feel, the part where you’re called to get the support that you need. Though undergoing a transformation is never easy, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Start your path towards healing by finally tending to your imperfect pieces.


Get yourself camera-ready because lots of people are about to know your face. Thanks to the name you’ve been making for yourself in your career, word is traveling fast about you and your talents. As such, you could be offered opportunities as both a reward and a testament for the hard work that you’ve been putting in. Overall, it’s time for you to be recognized as a leader amongst your peers. On a slightly different note, in terms of your friendships, you could find some falling away now as you become more aligned with who you are and your purpose.


The hard work you’ve been putting in pays off this month as you could find yourself on the receiving end of a promotion or a position of prestige. On the flip side, if you’ve been feeling stuck where you are, you could get the breakthrough you need to get moving again and find your true path, though how it unfolds could be unsettling at first. Still, no matter what your goals are, recognize how much power you wield and what you can do with it. At the same time, remember that goals and achievements aren’t all there is to life.


You might find yourself craving more out of life now and this eclipse will show you all the things you’re preventing yourself from getting, specifically when it comes to the things that you believe in. As such, you can expect this eclipse to push you beyond your own borders, to help you with challenging what you used to believe in favor of a new outlook. This means you could possibly quit something you’ve been studying, find the courage you need to take a risk on something new, or pull the plug on anything that doesn’t bring meaning to your life.


Consider this eclipse as an opportunity to release. It’s an opportunity to release your attachment to specific relationships, situations, and financial ties that you thought you needed, but don’t really. Doing this will require you to face some fears that you have around your own power and worthiness. It’s time for you to step more fully into who you are, embracing those parts of yourself that could use some extra love, the parts you were made to feel weren’t good enough. And yes, releasing attachment means releasing attachment to outcomes too. Sometimes not getting what you want can be a good thing.