Your March Full Moon Horoscope Wants You To Closely Examine Your Relationships

Your March Full Moon Horoscope Wants You To Closely Examine Your Relationships

Just as Aries season kicks off on March 20, we get a full moon in Libra on the same day. While Aries is a sign that asks us to focus on the self, Libra (Aries’ opposite sign) asks us to focus on our relationships and connections to others. And under this full moon, we may not only be pushed to end or draw boundaries in relationships that are imbalanced or one-sided, but we may also be pushed to seek out relationships that are more nurturing, balanced, and accepting of who we are.

Since this full moon also opposes wounded Chiron in Aries, we’re also called to stick up for those that may be unable to stick up for themselves, says Girlboss’ full moon astrologer, Mecca Woods. Expect the Libra full moon to highlight the importance of community and bring you closer to those who matter most.


Partnerships and relationships are in the spotlight now, which could help you seal the deal on a business relationship or take a romantic one to the next level. However, if teamwork or reciprocity has been an issue, expect it to come to a head under this full moon, giving you the opportunity to make changes as needed to let go of the connection entirely. Hint: It’s okay to compromise sometimes—though it shouldn’t be at the expense of your well-being.


You’re no stranger to hard work and under this full moon, you could be majorly rewarded for the grit you’ve put in. However, if you’ve been clocking too many hours, this moon will also show you where (and how) you need to develop more of a balance between your work life and your private life. Otherwise, your well-being could be affected. Don’t wait until things are out of control to make necessary lifestyle changes. Make the effort now.


With love and romance in the hotseat this month, you and a recent fling could decide to make things more official. Coupled up Geminis could receive pregnancy news, and those who are single may find a new companion to join their solo life. Love isn’t the only thing on the agenda though, as your creative talents get some attention, too. Still, much of your success will depend on how true you are to yourself and your passions.


With home and family at the forefront for you now, it’s possible that you could be moving or making significant changes to your living space. For some Cancers, this could mean making the choice to move in with their partner or someone they love. On a more emotional level, this moon could also push you to delve inward and challenge old family dynamics, especially if those dynamics have zapped your spirit for too long. It’s okay to nurture yourself.


It’s time for you to be more mindful of the conversations you’re having, the people you’re giving your attention to, and the information you’re absorbing on a regular basis. In other words, what are you feeding your mind? Your mental diet could use some improvement and part of this work will involve letting go of old ways of thinking that may be holding you back. Keep an eye on your connections, as you could manifest an opportunity through someone you know.


Money and self-worth are the focus for you, Virgo. Be ready to seize the financial or job-related opportunity that’s coming your way. It’s also possible that a job could be coming to an end, specifically if it’s been something that’s left you unfulfilled, unappreciated, or underpaid. Now’s the time for you to recognize your worth and be more demanding when it comes to getting what you deserve so you can get your fair share.


Your self-image is due for a change, as this moon encourages you to be more loving of yourself and to embrace the things that make you stand out. As part of this journey in self-love, you might be called to break an unhealthy habit or resolve to take better care of yourself. You could also be pushed to break free of old attitudes and self-criticism that has held you back. It is then that you’ll receive some well-deserved recognition.


This moon could be a tumultuous and emotional one but it serves a greater purpose: To help you tune into what you need to release. Expect this moon to highlight the ways that you’ve been neglecting your spiritual and emotional well-being so that you can make the changes you need to get back on track. If there’s something in your life that’s coming to an end now, let it. You’re making room for something better to arrive.


You’ll be reminded that no Sagittarius is an island thanks to this month’s energy around friendships and community. In order to get further than you’ve ever been, you’ll need to call on the help and support of others. But it’s a two-way street, so consider the ways you can be of service to those around you. And if there’s a friendship that’s no longer working for you, it may be time to release it.


Get ready for a big change or development in your professional life as this moon could help you score a major achievement. But don’t fall into the trap of being too concerned with getting validation from others. While you should still celebrate and acknowledge your wins, know that the only person worth impressing is yourself. What is it that you value most about yourself?


Wake up to the world of possibility around you, especially if you’ve had a pessimistic outlook in the past. Expect to reflect on some of life’s biggest questions, as it’s time to start letting go of the old and outdated beliefs that have historically held you back. Meanwhile, something you’ve been envisioning could finally manifest—but you’ve got to believe it’s possible.


It’s time for you to reevaluate your relationship with abundance and security. Know that you weren’t simply meant to survive, but to thrive, too. In matters of the heart, you could be moved to end a relationship that’s been entirely too draining. Overall, look to this moon to help you reclaim your power.