Your February Full Moon Horoscope Wants You To Reject Perfectionism For Good

Your February Full Moon Horoscope Wants You To Reject Perfectionism For Good

February 19 brings us a pretty potent full moon in Virgo and since Virgo is the zodiac sign associated with health, routines, and productivity; we can look to this full moon to help us with releasing unhealthy habits, overpacked or counterproductive schedules—or just about anything else that may be hindering us from living at our fullest potential (like perfectionism).

At the same time, this moon encourages us to let go of unhealthy illusions and cynicism, while remaining open to the possibility of the future, says Girlboss’ full moon astrologer, Mecca Woods. As such, a shift in our perspectives may be needed. You ready?


Your health and well-being come to the forefront now as you’re pushed to pay more attention to how you feel on the inside and out. This could be a good time to commit to breaking an unhealthy habit or start a detox of sorts. Detoxing could be something as simple as cleaning out your work desk or increasing your water intake. At the same time, look to ways that you can start listening to your body more and release the need to constantly push yourself to your limit.


When it comes to the way that you date and mate, it may be time for you to examine and change some of your current habits, especially if you’re looking for a love connection that’s in alignment with who you are. Taking on this assignment might require that you get more comfortable with yourself, as authenticity and confidence are your love charms now. On a separate note, you and your creative talents might be thrust into the spotlight. Soak it up.


This full moon could open up the emotional flood gates for you as it activates your home and family zone. If you and someone close to you haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately or you’ve been holding something you’ve feeling about them close to your chest, this moon could provide you the chance to address the issue and move on. This of course, could pave the way towards healing. In terms of your living space, this is the perfect time to clean and organize your home.


It’s time to release the past or let go of an old way of thinking, as it could be holding you back from living your life the way you want to live it. Too, you could have a revelation or an “a-ha” moment around this moon that pushes you to see something or someone in a new light. Pay close attention to the facts but be careful of being overly critical or pessimistic. If you have news to share with others or want more eyes on something you’re doing, now’s the time to spread the word.


Your finances take center stage now as a financial stream could come to an end, or you could be offered a financial opportunity. If it’s the former, try not to fret as something better is around the corner (also, this might not be the final word). If it’s the latter, get the full details about what you’re signing on for, so there are no surprises later. Though overall, this is the time to pay extra attention to your cash (banking passwords may need an update too!) Honor your worth as well.


This full moon is all about you and as such, it may be time for you to let an old version of yourself go. If you’ve been feeling the itch to switch up your look or your beauty routine, this is an excellent time to do so. Though it’s not just about changing what’s on the outside. You’ve got to focus on what’s happening within too. And if you’ve been overly self-critical or judgmental towards yourself, it’s time to let that old, distorted view of yourself go too. Look to ways you can pour more love into you.


You might be feeling a bit sluggish or even a bit tender around this full moon with your zone of rest and healing being activated. Take it as a sign from the cosmos that you need to slow down and tend to your emotional and spiritual well-being. In what ways can you be more protective of your psychic energy? Not everyone needs to have access to you, strangers and friends alike.  How can you release the “psychic trash” you’ve accumulated? Therapy, journaling, or a spiritual practice can help.


A friendship could be highlighted for you now, especially if the friendship hasn’t been as balanced or reciprocal as it should be. While you’re loyal to the people you love, sometimes you have to be a little more loyal to yourself, even if it feels a bit strange or uncomfortable to do so. This also goes for a group or network of folks that you find yourself no longer identifying with. It might be time for you to break free and find yourself a tribe that better matches the person you’re becoming.


You’ve been putting in a quite a lot of work lately, Sag, and you could see some major payoff this week as a result. Don’t be surprised if you receive some sort of public accolade for your work or if you receive a dream job opportunity. Just make sure that you don’t cave to imposter syndrome. Celebrate your wins. On a slightly different note, it might be time to let an opportunity or a job go. Being successful means knowing what you can handle and what you can’t.


It’s time for you to take a risk or challenge something you once believed, as fear could be keeping you from experiencing the world in a much fuller way. Where can you stand to be a little more hopeful or optimistic about what’s to come? In what ways do you need to let go of control and go with the flow? Expect the answers to arrive under this moon as it’s time for you to write a new narrative. Overall, look to ways that you can better honor and live your truth; including speaking it.


You might be pushed to go deep; deep into your darkest places to face something that you’ve been avoiding or fearful of. Though know that when it comes to facing your fears, you take back your power too. Perhaps this means admitting that an intimate relationship is unhealthy for you or that you need to be more conservative with your finances. Either way, it’s time to break some of those old, subconscious patterns that have been tripping you up. Rebirth is the mantra now.


When it comes to your relationships, are they as mutually beneficial as they should be? You might be moved to have a heart-to-heart with your partner or someone close to you as a means of improving the connection between you. Keep in mind that room for improvement goes both ways and the person you’re connecting with should be willing to do their share. If not, you might find yourself ready to say bye-bye. Though on the flip side, this could deepen your bond.