Buys Under $40 That’ll Help You Hack Your Morning Routine

Buys Under $40 That’ll Help You Hack Your Morning Routine

If the sound of a blaring alarm first thing in the AM sends you into a grumpy daze, you’re probably not a morning person. Which is totally okay, because 5 a.m. morning routines can’t be for everyone, right? I for one consider it to be a great accomplishment if I make it out the door on time dressed in a semi-coordinated outfit, with makeup that’s fully blended in. Bonus points if I packed lunch.

Fortunately, there are endless gadgets and self-care products to help make your routine go a bit smoother. We rounded up 10 of our go-to’s, from cheeky coffee mugs we look forward to sipping out of, to a super hydrating Bliss moisturizer that gives us a spa moment before we start our day.

See our hacks that’ll have you looking forward to the morning (it could happen!) and ultimately set the tone for a happier, more productive day. With any luck, that alarm won’t be so bad next time.

1) A programmable coffee maker

Set this to brew the night before so your cup o’ joe is waiting for you the moment you get out of bed. It’s small tweaks like this that can be huge time savers — and it doesn’t hurt to get caffeinated ASAP.

2) An overnight facial

The key to waking up with great skin actually starts the night before. Give yourself a head start by swiping on Bliss’ spa-powered That’s Incredipeel pad with 10%glycolic acid over a clean, dry face to achieve skin that looks smoother and brighter by sunrise. Best of all, Bliss skincare brings spa-quality products to an Ulta or Target near you, without the hefty price tag.

3) An aromatherapy diffuser

Once your diffuser is loaded with your favorite essential oil, turn it on by your bedside table for a restful night’s sleep. In the morning, you can fill it back up with water and have it prepped for nighttime.

4) A dream journal

Admittedly it sounds a bit cheesy, but taking five minutes when you first wake up to reach for a journal instead of your phone will instantly put you in a clearer headspace. Use this time to jot down a bizarre dream to decipher later, goals for the day ahead, or something you did in the past week that made you feel good. Focus on the positives and avoid writing to-do lists that may make you feel overwhelmed.

5) A waterproof speaker for the shower

Chase away any sluggishness with an in-shower speaker to blast your favorite tunes or podcast. It’ll make mundane tasks like shaving go by much quicker.

6) A gentle cleanser

Keep your cleanser close by in the shower so you can speed up your self-care routine. Bliss’ Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser is a universal cleanser that can also be used as a makeup remover. When used wet, it gently removes impurities, but you can also use it on dry skin with a cotton pad to remove makeup any time of day. It leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling smooth.

7) A cheeky coffee mug

Surround yourself with bright products that’ll make you smile in the morning. This one is a fave, but any pattern or color that suits your style will make your cup of coffee that more enjoyable.

8) A foam roller

If you can’t squeeze in a full workout in the morning, try some stretching to get you loosened up for the day. Bust out a foam roller to relieve any stiffness or soreness you may have gotten from sleeping in an awkward position or from a workout earlier in the week.

9) A fragrant candle

A calming, refreshing scent can really awaken the senses in the morning and provide a necessary moment of zen before work or school craziness ensues. Light it while picking out your outfit or doing your makeup, just don’t forget to blow it out before you leave.

10) A luxurious-feeling moisturizer

Whether you prefer to go bare-faced or have a 20-step makeup routine, a solid moisturizer is a non-negotiable. This one from Bliss called Drench & Quench Cream-To-Water Hydrator has a lightweight formula that offers immediate and lasting hydration all day.There’s no greasy or heavy feeling, and skin is left feeling soft, refreshed, and makeup-ready—should your beauty routine call for any.