15 Iconic Feminist Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online Today

15 Iconic Feminist Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online Today

There are plenty of alternatives to the standard fare, if you’re willing to get a little creative.

Halloween looms, friends, and while we’re not here to judge you if you want to be a sexy Patrick from Sponge Bob, or a sexy corn on the cob, or even sexy Ken Bone, we did put together a list of pop culture alternatives (sexy and otherwise) to think about, as you start putting your costume together.

Below, we broke down outfits of some of our favorite, most iconic, feminist women (fictional and otherwise) and where you can emulate their look.

Best of all? Many of the pieces can be repurposed for your post-Halloween life.

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The most gorgeous pig to ever bless this earth

Miranda is always thought of as the brainy one, probably because she understood the miracle of comfort that is overalls

Because it’s LADIES NIGHT

Werkin’ 9 to 5

Channel your inner 12-year-old hitwoman a la Natalie Portman in Léon the Professional

Be Cher, but extra

Bonus: You get to eat the most cake

Lady knew how to mix and match some prints #science

The foxiest. Period

Anything Rose McGowan, basically, but this ‘Jawbreaker’ inspo is a great investment for your non-Halloween wardrobe, tbqh

The one and only Flaming Feminist Litigator

Coast to coast, LA to Key Largo, you’ll be the smoothest operator in the room

Extra points if you go for Tank Girl’s haircut

Because it wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t make as many references to ‘The Craft’ as possible

Couldn’t leave the creepiest Queen off the list, either *snap snap*