Your January Full Moon Horoscope Packs A Game-Changing Lunar Eclipse Punch

Your January Full Moon Horoscope Packs A Game-Changing Lunar Eclipse Punch

Did you know that the full moon on January 21 is also a lunar eclipse? Yep, a lunar eclipse in passionate and creative Leo.

As the final installment of the eclipses that have been landing on the Leo-Aquarius axis since August 2016, this game-changing eclipse in Leo serves as a powerful reminder that the way forward means stripping away the pretense and daring to live our lives as authentically and passionately as possible, says astrologer Mecca Woods.

Leo is the superstar of the zodiac and under this eclipse, we’re called to show up and be the superstar within our own lives. We’re called to acknowledge our talents, to stop playing ourselves small or looking for permission from others to shine. At the same time, this eclipse says that each of us are special in our own way and the light we shine need not dull (or be dulled by) the light of others.

Where do you feel called to step up and out on to the stage? In what way can you bring more joy and more passion to your everyday? Where do you need to be more authentic? This eclipse will show you the way.


Get ready to fall in love, Aries! Not just in terms of romance but with life itself, and yes, that includes falling in love with yourself too. Something you’ve been working on creatively could come to completion now, putting you on center stage. At the same time, it may be time to drop something or someone your heart isn’t entirely into. It’s time to be more intentional with your heart and your talents. Release what doesn’t bring joy.


Often the way we were raised shapes who we become but sometimes the messages, traditions, and attitudes that we received from our family isn’t always healthy for us or the person we need to become. This continues to be a theme for you as you’re called to release or break away from the self-limiting programming that you received. What makes sense for others, may no longer make sense for you. A relocation or move could also be possible.


While you fancy yourself as being a forward thinker, it seems that you may still be holding on to perceptions or old ways of thinking that are keeping you stuck. If there was ever a time to change your mind, this is it. On a different note, it’s time to bring your words and ideas to the spotlight and you could be presented with a prestigious opportunity to do so. Don’t let imposter syndrome get in your way.


Your finances are about to undergo a serious change, though the possibility for the change being for the better is strong. The key to your success lies in your ability to be more demanding about your compensation and that means recognizing how much you actually have to offer. At the same time, this moment is also about pushing through your fears around failure and going after what you want. Make sure you have the right people behind you.


There’s no denying the truth, Leo, you’re a superstar. But to keep your star power going strong, you may need to drop some dead weight when it comes to your relationships and do what you can to improve your well-being. Remember, the only kind of validation or approval that you need right now is your own. You’re due for a glow-up. Just make sure that you’re not setting such a high standard for yourself that it’s impossible to reach.


As someone that loves to stay busy and pitch in where you can, you’re reminded that there’s only but so much of you to go around. As such, you may be pushed to drop a few projects or tasks, in favor for more rest, relaxation, and play time. It’s time for you to focus on your emotional and spiritual well-being. Look to ways you can strengthen your connection to the divine. Know that tears can also be healing.


You’re about to get very popular, Libra. And as a result, you can expect some pretty amazing opportunities to come your way. It looks like the people in your circle are more than happy to sing your praises and connect you with folks that can help you with growing your resume. Just remember that you deserve to be where you are. In terms of your friendships, it may be time to say goodbye to an unhealthy or unbalanced relationship.


Your career is about to take off in a major way, Scorpio, so get ready to boss up. However, know that your secret to getting to the top will be based on your ability to own and celebrate your gifts despite anyone else’s approval. You could find yourself receiving a promotion or job offer for a position that puts you in a leadership role. Don’t second guess yourself. You are where you are for a reason–to shine.


It’s all about adventure and opportunity now, as the cosmos works to restore your faith in yourself and possibilities that lay before you. Though in order for you to move forward, you’ll need to let go of some outdated beliefs first, as they’re currently holding you back. In other words, Sagittarius, it’s time for you to grow. A trip abroad, finishing a degree, or getting published could bring you the growth you need. Take a leap of faith.


You might find yourself feeling a bit tender around this eclipse as the cosmos pushes you to heal some old wounds, especially around the theme of scarcity. There’s more than enough to go around, Capricorn, so why focus so hard on what you don’t have? Trust that what you don’t have is coming, but make sure you’re practicing gratitude for what you do have. Comparing yourself to others won’t bring you joy. Reclaim your power. You are loved.


A significant relationship enters the spotlight as some Aquarians could decide to tie the knot or make a romance official. For others, this eclipse could bring you a make it or break it kind of moment, especially if the relationship hasn’t been as fulfilling or mutually beneficial. This also goes for a professional relationship too. Teamwork requires that both people put in the necessary effort. Don’t be afraid to let go if you’re not getting what you need.


In what ways can you better manage your schedule and your health? You can expect your attention to be focused on answering this question. Overall, it’s time for you to level-up and the only way to do so is to make sure you’re staying on top of the work and responsibilities you need to handle. This also includes giving your body the rest, fuel, and exercise it needs to keep you going. Bring your A-game to win.