34 Thoughtful Gifts for Every Woman in Your Life

34 Thoughtful Gifts for Every Woman in Your Life

According to everyone here at Girlboss, gift giving is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect gift for a woman in your life who means so much to you, and finding the perfect item that’s not only beautiful, but has thought and meaning behind it. The women in our lives deserve the world—but since we can’t quite give them that… yet (some of us are still working on world domination), we give them what we can during the holidays: a gift that they will love and cherish for years to come. 

This guide is a curated shopping list of 34 gifts for the types of women in your life. Whether their one true love is skincare, home goods, fashion or cooking, we truly believe this gift guide is your one-stop shop for the season of giving. Spoil a friend this year, and maybe along the way, purchase something for yourself… we won’t tell. 

Much love, Team Girlboss. 

The Woman In Your Life Who: Is Obsessed with #FashionTok

Kiku Croissant Bag, A Bronze Age, $205, abronzedage.com
Kiku Croissant Bag, A Bronze Age, $205, abronzedage.com

The One-of-a-Kind Croissant Bag

The color of the year might just be magenta, but A Bronze Age's one-of-a-kind Kiku Croissant Bag comes in a range of notice-me hues that will have everyone in your life asking, “Where did you get that bag?” The answer? A woman-founded, Vancouver-based brand (no surprise when the pieces are this good) that pairs local manufacturing with multi-season pieces to get excited about.

Black Luxe Paneled Unitard, Girlfriend Collective, $98, girlfriend.com
Black Luxe Paneled Unitard, Girlfriend Collective, $98, girlfriend.com

The Super-Sustainable Unitard

Bringing your pilates-girl, Tracy-Anderson-method-aesthetic to life, this unitard by Girlfriend Collective is universally flattering on all body types and is a go-to athleisure/workout piece for our team here at Girlboss. We love it because the square-neckline is darling, the fabric is buttery soft and the medium compression makes us feel super supported doing absolutely anything. PS: Did we mention that sustainability is one of Girlfriend’s number one priorities? It’s designed with fabric derived from plastic water bottles.

Party Pajama Set with Double Feathers in Blue, Sleeper, $370, the-sleeper.com
Party Pajama Set with Double Feathers in Blue, Sleeper, $390, the-sleeper.com 

The Princess and the Pea-Inspired PJ Set 

These pajamas are in the costume set for Emily in Paris? Say less. The Party Pajamas by Sleeper have broken the internet as the coolest, most comfortable It-girl pajamas on the market. With mother-of-pearl buttons and detachable feather cuffs, this set will quickly make you fall in love with the idea of sleepwear as streetstyle. Optional pairings include a glass of bubbly, your fave sheet mask and cheeky IG selfies.

Oma the Label The Obi Hoops, Girlboss Goods, $89, girlboss.com
The Obi Hoops, Oma the Label, $89, omathelabel.com

The Perfect Holiday Party Hoops

Already a celebrity fave, these hoops are unlike anything we’ve seen before. The cubic zirconia that surround the hoop give it a glamorous yet modern look. Another bonus? They’re made from surgical steel, so they won’t irritate sensitive ears. We can almost guarantee that even if your mom or BFF owns a dozen pairs of hoops, they  don’t have anything like these in their collection. And it’s time to change that, no?

Forever Blazer Black, Djerf Avenue, $179, djerfavenue.com
Forever Blazer Black, Djerf Avenue, $179, djerfavenue.com 

The Blazer That You’ll Have Forever

All hail Queen Matilda Djerf. The Forever Blazer is truly the only black blazer you will need to put together any look. It’s designed to hang in your closet for years to come, and with an oversized yet tailored structure, it’s truly a timeless piece. We love it because the size range goes from XXXS-XXXL and pairs well with anything from jeans, to dress pants, a mini skirt or your favorite little black dress. 

Align Your Soul Ring, By Charlotte, $132, bycharlotte.com
Align Your Soul Ring, By Charlotte, $132, bycharlotte.com

The Ring with Meaning

It’s no secret that gold jewelry is all the rage right now. It looks fabulous on so many skin tones, and when you find that unique yet universally gorgeous piece to add to your collection, you feel put together and authentically yourself. This Align Your Soul Ring is the perfect dressed-up version of a classic gold band. It’s meant to evoke feelings of true alignment, allowing your most vibrant self to come to life when wearing it. Set with seven crystal encrusted lotus flowers, it’s a show-stopper that’s on our wishlist this year.

The Woman In Your Life Who: Is the Hostess with the Mostess


Versailles Playing Cards, Jonathan Adler, $35, jonathanadler.com
Versailles Playing Cards, Jonathan Adler, $35, jonathanadler.com 

The Designer Playing Cards

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest host of them all?” The one with the best games of course! There’s something so nostalgic about card games played with friends and family, and any seasoned hostess would understand the value of a handy-dandy card deck. This Versailles Playing Cards set kicks your boring Bicycle Rider Back card deck’s butt out of the equation and looks stunning on any coffee table.

More Mandy’s: More Recipes We Love, Barnes and Noble, $35, barnesandnoble.com
More Mandy’s: More Recipes We Love, Barnes and Noble, $35, barnesandnoble.com

The Cookbook You Can’t Live Without

Smoked Meat Salad, Dude Ranch Salad (with Dorito Crusted Chicken—obviously) and the Christmas Stuffing Salad are just a few examples of the revolutionary recipes found in the More Mandy’s cookbook. We love this cookbook because it’s written by two incredible women restaurateurs who are reshaping how we think of salad. Out with the old and overdone balsamic vinaigrette and vegetable combination, and in with the salad recipes that you will actually want to have. Inviting new flavors and ingredients that will make your taste buds sing, your hostess with the mostess will thank you for this stunning coffee table cookbook that she will actually use. 

Citrine Green Luisa Calice, Obakki, $143 (set of 2), obakki.com
Citrine Green Luisa Calice, Obakki, $143 (set of 2), obakki.com

The Extra-Special Wine Glasses 

There are wine glasses, and then there are these sculptural, statement-making beauties. Artisan-made by R+D Lab in Italy, these goblets are crafted using traditional mouth blowing techniques with Swiss borosilicate glass. This glass type sets the standard for longevity and durability. And although they aren’t dishwasher safe, they’re made to last a lifetime. That skin-contact pinot gris will taste extra good.

Salt Trio, Jennifer Fisher, approx. $30, jenniferfisherjewelry.com
Salt Trio, Jennifer Fisher, approx. $30, jenniferfisherjewelry.com 

The Salts That Every Hostess Didn’t Know They Needed

We all have that friend who loves to cook, and might be the one exploring the spices and seasonings aisle at every grocery store. If this friend comes to mind, you could agree that table salt and the once very cool pink himalayan salt just won’t do it for her anymore. The Salt Trio by Jennifer Fisher has a Universal Salt, Curry Salt and Spicy Salt that can go on literally everything and is the perfect gift for your Cordon Bleu-ready bestie. We love the Universal Salt on eggs and meats, and the Curry Salt is so savory on any vegetable or a rice dish. Not to mention that the Spicy Salt is a great garnish for pretty much anything you can think of. Who knew something as simple as salt could be the gift of the year?

Always Pan, Our Place, $115, fromourplace.com
Always Pan, Our Place, $115, fromourplace.com

The 8-in-1 Kitchen Favorite

There's a reason why the Always Pan is a cult-favorite amongst professional chefs and influencers, and why everyone and their mother can't stop talking about it... The Always Pan has replaced every single pan in our kitchen cabinets this year here at Girlboss and we’ve always got our eyes out for Our Place’s new color releases. This pan is non-stick, non-toxic and the most perfect, aesthetically pleasing piece of cookware to join your meal prep family. From morning fried eggs and avocado toast, to evening lemon and shrimp linguine, this pan works magic and truly does it all. It's also the perfect size—not too big, not too small and fits into any cabinet.

Alissa Bell Lilac Stationery, Girlboss Goods, $36, girlboss.com
Lilac Stationery, Alissa Bell, $36, alissabell.com

The Chicest Stationery in the Game

There is just something so thoughtful about giving (or receiving) a hand-written card. This set from stationery pro Alissa Bell has the most unique asymmetrical flap and calming lilac hue—the color of fancy soap and even fancier macarons. Plus, it’s completely blank inside, so you can use it for thank yous, thinking of yous and I love yous.

Spirits Collection Chocolate Truffles, Delysia Chocolatier, $29, deysia.com
Spirits Collection Chocolate Truffles, Delysia Chocolatier, $29, delysia.com

The Mouthwatering Chocolate Truffles

There is nothing that says, “Thank you so much for wining and dining me at your house and letting me pet your dog the whole time” than a box of chocolates. These sweets are extra special because they’re made by a woman chocolatier, Nicole Patel, and every morsel of deliciousness is infused with flavorful, aged liqueur (some with scotch, some with bourbon and some with rum). We won’t judge you if you decide to keep these for yourself.

The Woman In Your Life Who: Is a Beauty and Wellness Enthusiast

Olive Mud Mask, Wonder Valley, $68, welcometowondervalley.com
Olive Mud Mask, Wonder Valley, $68, welcometowondervalley.com

The Heavenly Mud Mask

Rare olive pulp and mineral clays are combined to create this divine skin-clearing mud mask. Using Wonder Valley’s own natural olive oil, this mask is great for any skin type and extracts impurities and toxins trapped deep into the skin. We love that it’s unscented and has a superb silky mud texture that actually works. It’s a miracle that this mud mask is not only detoxifying but adds hydration to give you the most revived complexion after using it. 

Gold Lust Collection, Oribe, $115, oribe.com
Gold Lust Collection, Oribe, $115, oribe.com

The Hair of Your Dreams Set

Transform dry and damaged hair into luscious locks with this Gold Lust Collection from Oribe. There’s a reason why it has consistent five-star reviews and is a constant repurchase for those who are looking to rejuvenate their hair. We love this set because it has everything you need from shampoo and conditioner to their famous Nourishing Hair Oil—all for an amazing price if you’re looking to dive into the world of luxury hair care. For that friend who would go viral on #ShowerTok, this is the perfect set to add to their collection of boujee hair products.

Glow Power Primer, Radford, $45, radfordbeauty.com
Glow Power Primer, Radford, $45, radfordbeauty.com

The Glass-Skin Glowy Primer

Packed with powerful ingredients like light-reflecting particles and antioxidants, the Glow Power Primer by Radford is the perfect base for any makeup routine, or as a dewy finale to be worn on its own after applying your morning skincare. We love that it’s vegan, has no artificial fragrances and is a universally flattering shade that fits all skin tones. It’s a must-have for all of your skin goals this season. 

De-Puffing Ice Roller, Midnight Paloma, $38, midnightpaloma.com
De-Puffing Ice Roller, Midnight Paloma, $38, midnightpaloma.com 

The Snatching Face Roller

Gua shas, gold bars, dermarollers, oh my! Skin tools are not only effective but so fun to use and the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the woman in your life who loves skincare. This Depuffing Ice Roller brings down any swelling from your face and snatches your cheekbones and jawline like no other. It helps calm inflammation in the face and increases circulation which is paramount for great skin. Its handle is also super comfortable to hold, and all you have to do is pop it in the freezer for 10+ minutes to de-puff your tension away.

The Renewal Collection, RéVive, $250, reviveskincare.com
The Renewal Collection, RéVive, $250, reviveskincare.com

The Protective and Hydrating Face Set 

Luxury meets results when you discover the wonders that this Rénewal Collection set by RéVive can do for your skin. For the woman in your life who is no stranger to high-quality, clinically proven skincare, this Renewal Day Cream and Eye Cream duo delivers hydrated, revitalized skin that is protected against sun damage from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Your skin looks visibility tighter and has a glow that radiates from the inside out. Its firming properties are unmatched and the products are so addicting that you’ll forget what skincare truly was without them. 

Worthwhile Paper Moon Study: Your Simple Moon Phase Reflection Journal, Girlboss Goods, $28, girlboss.com

Moon Study: Your Simple Moon Phase Reflection Journal, Worthwhile Paper, $28, worthwhilepaper.com

The Lunar-Guided Journal

Sure, you could gift another gratitude journal, but what about one that’s based on the cycles of the moon? This guided journal celebrates the intrinsic link between creativity and nature, and prompts you to observe how the moon phases might affect your process. Inside, there’s a moon phase guide with common associations, a section to track your patterns according to each moon phase and plenty of journal pages for reflecting. You won’t look up at the night sky the same way again. P.S. Worthwhile Paper plants a tree for each order.

Cleansing Bundle, Alder New York, $75, aldernewyork.com
Cleansing Bundle, Alder New York, $75, aldernewyork.com

The No-Fluff Skincare Set 

Ok, yes, there’s actually some fluff (the good kind!) in this set—courtesy of the cleansing brush that helps the accompanying cleansing bar work that much harder. Alder is a queer- and woman-owned skincare brand that puts emphasis on effective ingredients and looks oh-so-luxe. The brush features an ergonomic handle and super-dense nylon bristles that feel next-level soft. It also nestles into its own stand (so it will look beautiful left out on your vanity). As for the soap? It uses one percent glycolic acid and nourishing sea kelp for gentle exfoliation and a clean that won’t leave your skin feeling stripped. 

The Woman In Your Life Who: Should Work at Architectural Digest

Slowdown Studio Kimbie Oasis Throw, Maison Simons, $260, simons.com
Slowdown Studio Kimbie Oasis Throw, Maison Simons, $260, simons.com

The Not-So-Basic Throw Blanket

Our pilled, wine-stained throw from Target just got a much-needed upgrade. This sumptuous multi-textured blanket—featuring a piece from Uruguayan artist Maite Garcià—is too beautiful to be bunched up in the corner of your couch. Instead, hang it on your wall for maximum visibility, or delicately drape it over the end of your bed to add a little bit of spice to an all-white comforter.

Inside, At Home with Great Designers, Barnes & Noble, $55, barnesandnoble.com
Inside, At Home with Great Designers, Barnes & Noble, $55, barnesandnoble.com

The Design Lover’s Coffee Table Book

We may or may not have added this book to our gift guide purely because of the chic cover… but we promise that the inside is just as special. You’ll get a sneak peek into the breathtaking homes of the world’s top interior designers like Brigette Romanek, Roman and Williams, Sheila Bridges, Darryl Carter, Sig Bergamin and Joseph Diran. From boujee bungalows to covetable coastal retreats, Inside, At Home with Great Designers provides endless design inspiration. Your Pinterest board could never…

Zuahaza Monserrate Basket Tray, Millie, approx. $55, millie.ca
Zuahaza Monserrate Basket Tray, Millie, approx. $55, millie.ca

The Handmade Catchall

This woven basket tray—made out of natural fique from Colombia by an artisan cooperative in the town of Guacamayas—is almost too beautiful to use. Whether it’s holding your keys and a pile of unopened mail in your entryway or displaying fresh fruit from the farmer’s market on your kitchen counter, this catchall provides the perfect pop of color to any space. We’ll take two!

2 Champagne Coupes, Maison Balzac, $119, us.maisonbalzac.com
2 Champagne Coupes, Maison Balzac, $119, us.maisonbalzac.com

The Glassware That Doubles as Art

We can’t decide if these hand-blown champagne coupes belong in a museum or on our bar cart. Maybe both? Imagine how gorgeous a little bit of bubbly would look fizzing away in these artful pink glasses with jeweled amber bubbles. It’s also available with multicolored glass bubbles and white glass bubbles for whatever matches your Instagram aesthetic best. Salut!

Anissa Kermiche Popotelée Ceramic Pot, Net-A-Porter, $135 each, net-a-porter.com
Anissa Kermiche Popotelée Ceramic Pot, Net-A-Porter, $135 each, net-a-porter.com

The Cheeky Ceramic Pot

Why not spice up a vignette with this soft and delicate ceramic pot from Anissa Kermiche? “It feels relevant for a conversation that we're having right now about women, feminism and our bodies,” she said on the website. The speckled rustic touch contrasts beautifully with the gentle curves of the body, making it a breathtaking holder for sprigs of dried flowers.

Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt, Parachute, starting at $259, parachutehome.com
Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt, Parachute, starting at $259, parachutehome.com

The Cloud-Like Bedding

Imagine falling into bed after a long day of back-to-back Zoom meetings and wrapping yourself up in this textured cotton quilt that is the bedding equivalent of a warm hug from a snuggly animal? Made from 100 percent organic cotton and stuffed with an insulating polyester fill, you’ll be snug as a bug all winter long. Do you think our boss will notice if we wear this wrapped around our shoulders on our next 1:1? What? It’s really that comfortable.

Serving Platter, Fable, $85, fable.com
Serving Platter, Fable, $85, fable.com

The Dinner Party Essential 

What can’t you serve on this elegant, oblong platter? A whole grilled fish, a medley of crudités, a Yule Log? Endless options, really. The smoky midnight blue hue will add a subtle pop against the rest of your serverware. The matching teeny serving bowls make things extra fun: use them for the extras (ground peppercorns, cheese shavings, fresh herbs), dips or other dinner party surprises. 

The Woman In Your Life Who: Is an Eco-Friendly Aficionado

Sprigbox Herb Growing Kits, Anthropologie, $54, anthropologie.com
Sprigbox Herb Growing Kits, Anthropologie, $54, anthropologie.com

The Fool-Proof Herb Growing Kits

Raise your hand if you’ve tried to have an herb garden on your balcony but in the span of a week, every last sprig of rosemary, thyme, basil and parsley wilted away into a crisp 🙋‍♀️. Been there! Well, these herb growing kits from Sprigbox are especially designed for those of us who are severely lacking green thumbs. All you need to do is add water and place each box in direct sunlight (like on your windowsill!). In no time, you’ll have fresh mint, basil and cilantro for your cocktails, homemade margarita pizzas and crispy fish tacos.

Oasis by Aika Takahata, Goodfit Puzzles, $32, goodfit.us
Oasis by Aika Takahata, Goodfit Puzzles, $32, goodfit.us

The Puzzle You’ll Want to Frame

Sure, we might not be stuck at home anymore, but that doesn’t mean our puzzle obsession has just gone away. This playful 1,000-piece puzzle features a tranquil painting—aptly named Oasis—from artist Aika Takahata. The leopard swimsuit-clad women lounging by a glittering blue pool puts us in a vacation state of mind—even when it’s below freezing outside. All of Goodfit’s puzzles are made from recycled cardboard and 10 percent of the proceeds go towards Human Rights Now, an NGO based in Tokyo, Japan.

Cabin Fever, Mala Candles, $28, malathebrand.com
Cabin Fever, Mala Candles, $28, malathebrand.com

The Candle That Brings the Outdoors In

By lighting this coconut-soy wax candle, you’ll immediately be transported from your downtown apartment to a cozy cabin surrounded by fragrant pine trees. The notes of lemon, cypress, evergreen, golden amber and moss smell like fresh forest air, and the wood wick sounds exactly like the quiet crackle of a fire. All of Mala’s candles are cruelty-free, phthalate- and paraben-free and 100 percent vegan. Plus, the wax itself is biodegradable and doesn’t create harmful, black soot like those paraffin wax candles. And the best part? A tree is planted with every purchase.

Eco-Friendly Hair Towel, Kitsch, $23 each, mykitsch.com
Eco-Friendly Hair Towel, Kitsch, $23 each, mykitsch.com

The Must-Have Microfiber Hair Towel

Not only is this gift super practical, but it also won’t make our burning dumpster fire of a planet any worse. Why? Because it’s fully biodegradable and made without chemicals. If you’re still wrapping your wet hair up in a heavy cotton towel or waiting forever for it to air dry, let us put you on to this microfiber hair towel. It cuts drying time in half, helps tame frizz and reduces breakage—plus it’s gentle enough for all hair types. 

Ezcaray Matisse Scarf, Goodee, $100, goodeeworld.com
Ezcaray Matisse Scarf, Goodee, $100, goodeeworld.com

The Luxe Wool Scarf

You know that colorful Acne Studios scarf everyone on the internet is obsessed with? Well, this isn’t an exact dupe but it gives off a similar vibe. We love the hand-dyed blocks of color that slightly bleed into each other and the softer-than-your-fave-throw-blanket mohair and wool fabric. Like all of Mantas Ezcaray’s products, this scarf is crafted by local Spanish artisans—they wash, brush, dye and weave high-quality wool fibers into heirloom-quality pieces.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, The Ethical Silk Co, $80, theethicalsilkco.com
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, The Ethical Silk Co, $80, theethicalsilkco.com

The Dreamiest Pillowcase

Not all silk is created equal. And if this silk looks and feels different than what you’re used to, that’s by design. Because this brand allows silkworms to break free of their cocoons (instead of being boiled alive, as in regular silk production—yikes!), the thread structure changes, and has slightly more texture than your standard satiny silk. Think of it as the softest version of linen you’ve ever felt, with a subtle sheen. Silk is the ideal pillowcase fabric because it won’t snag your hair or pull moisture out of your skin like cotton. Plus, this one isn’t dyed or bleached for an au naturale look and feel. 

Green Room Body Sunny Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Girlboss Goods, $46, girlboss.com
Sunny Shampoo & Conditioner Set, Green Room Body, starting at $44, greenroombody.com

The Earth-Conscious Bars for Sensitive Scalps

Perfect for sensitive skin (scalp-included!), this set is ideal for wash days without all the inflammation and irritation. Made with tea tree oil, citronella, white kaolin clay and turmeric, these easy-to-use bars are equivalent to two to three 16 oz. bottles of any other liquid formula. And our favorite part? The vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable packaging is sure to be a shining light (just look at that gorgeous yellow!) in your loved one’s bathroom decor.

Curated and written by Kelly McCabe, Liz Guber and Victoria Christie

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