Here’s What You—Yes, You—Have on Your Holiday Wishlist

Here’s What You—Yes, You—Have on Your Holiday Wishlist

We always knew our Girlboss audience had immaculate taste, but this gift guide—entirely curated by you—is all the proof we need. We asked you what’s on your holiday wish list this year (over on Girlboss Daily, our must-read morning newsletter—which, if you’re not already subscribed… where have you been?), and the results are in. From a Dyson Airwrap dupe to the hottest slippers on the market, here’s everything you want under the tree.

The Hotel-Style Bathrobe

Super-Plush Robe, Brooklinen, $79,

If you close your eyes and slip into this plush Turkish cotton robe right after you step out of the shower, you’ll practically feel like you’re at the Four Seasons—not in your cramped, messy condo. They’re inspired by Brooklinen’s best-selling towels which are made from the same fabric, so you’ll feel like you’re cocooned in the softest, warmest and most luxurious wearable blanket. We promise not to tell your boss if you decide to wear it on your next Zoom call.

The Stackable Hoop Earrings

Donatella Huggies White, Smoothie London, approx. $26,

This is ear candy and we have a major sweet tooth. Smoothie London’s crystal huggies—complete with the daintiest little dagger—provide the perfect amount of sparkle for the daytime. Wear them alone for a subtle sheen or pair them with a few cuffs and studs for a look-at-me ear stack that’s worthy of your Pinterest board. Oh, and did we mention, these earrings are made from 18K-gold plated 925 sterling silver *and* they’re tarnish-proof?

The Tech-Savvy Countertop Composter

Lomi Basic, $499,

Things we love about composting? It reduces waste, improves soil health, conserves water… we could go on. Things we don’t love about composting? The offensive smell (and fruit flies) that come from the bin after a night of cooking salmon, Brussels sprouts and vinegar-y potato salad. This innovative countertop composter turns your organic waste into plant-friendly dirt with just a push of a button. You can use said dirt for your indoor plants, your garden or your green bin. Talk about an environmental game changer!

The Chicest Puffer for -40°F

The Super (Re)Puff Long, Aritzia, $350,

Just because it’s cold enough to freeze your itty bitty nostril hairs off doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to feel like an absolute snack strutting down the street. Enter: this stylish, 3/4-length puffer jacket that literally everyone and their mom has for a reason. It’s filled with vegan down and constructed with water-repellent recycled nylon. With buttons on the side and sleek, articulated sleeves, you look more NYFW street-style photog bait than Michelin Man.

The Earth-Friendly Yoga Mat

Eco Jute Yoga Mat, Ajna Wellbeing, $50,

Whether you’re doing a vinyasa flow sequence or Daisy Keech’s ab workout, you need a yoga mat that is durable, non-slip and thick enough to protect your precious joints. This 100 percent biodegradable and toxin-free one—made from jute and polymer environmental resin—checks all of the above boxes. Plus, it’s lightweight, easy to roll and comes with a cotton strap for easy transportation from yoga class to the grocery store. Grab one before they sell out!

The Must-Download E-Cookbook

Morning Light: How to Make Your Morning Mindful & 15+ Vegan Breakfast Recipes, Veggiekins by Remy Park, $18,

Don’t get us wrong—we love our regular ol’ toast and eggs but after having it every morning for the past three years, it’s time to switch things up. Food blogger, vegan recipe developer and content creator Remy Park’s e-cookbook is just what we need to get out of a recipe rut. The book is divided into sweet breakfast ideas, savory breakfast ideas and sips—plus, a few chapters about the benefits of having a morning ritual and how to make the most of your morning. BRB, bookmarking the matcha muffins and mouthwatering mushroom toast.

The Dyson Airwrap Dupe

Shark FlexStyle™ Air Styling & Drying System, $260,

The Dyson Airwrap has been at the top of our holiday wishlist since it first hit the market in 2018—but we just couldn't justify the $800 price tag. We thought we’d just have to live with our dated blow dryer and round brush routine (that gives us arm cramps every. damn. time) until we came across this dupe from Shark. Choose from six attachments to get the perfect, just-came-from-the-salon blowout that rivals Matilda Djerf’s. And the fact that it’s bendable at a 90-degree angle might just make it more elite than the Dyson Airwrap. 🤷‍♀️

The Heirloom-Inspired Quilt

Stillwater Floral Quilt in Auburn, Schoolhouse, $249,

As if we needed another excuse to never leave our bed, Schoolhouse, a.k.a. one of the coolest destinations for homewares, comes out with this covetable quilt. The bold color-blocking and symmetry pay homage to traditional applique but the mirrored floral motif brings it into the present day. We can’t get enough of this jacquard woven textile’s cozy weight and lived-in texture, and the fact that it’s made in Portugal from 100 percent cotton.

The Adjustable Office Chair

YouToo Ergonomic Chair, Ergonofis, starting at $526,

Raise your hand if you still work from your kitchen table and wonder why your posture is worse than The Hunchback of Notre-Dame? Do yourself (and your back) a favor and add this ergonomic office chair to your cart. Yes, it’s an investment but let us tell you why it’s worth it: you can adjust the seat slider, back height, chair height and armrests, and it provides just the right amount of support with its U-shaped back and dynamic tilt. You can also choose from a wide range of leather finishes, fabrics and frame colors. A truly priceless gift if you ask us.

The Hailey Bieber-Approved Necklace

Kate Riviere Necklace, Dorsey, starting at $489,

Are we surprised that this white sapphire necklace has sold out over 50 times? Of course not. That’s what happens when Hailey Bieber is photographed wearing something. Take a closer look, and you’ll be surprised to learn that this single-strand tennis stunner is actually made from gemstones grown in a lab. Even the most expert jewelry connoisseurs will do a double take. Available in six lengths and two metals, you can really make this timeless piece your own.

The Slippers That Are Always Sold Out

Tasman Slipper in Burnt Olive, UGG, $100,

All of the It girls on our Pinterest go to Trader Joe’s in them… and we are feeling the FOMO. The Tasman Slippers from UGG are arguably *the* shoe of the season. With its durable sole, soft suede exterior and plush sheepskin and wool lining, you can wear these beauties shuffling around the house or running errands. Pair with boyfriend jeans and a knit sweater for the ultimate effortless winter uniform. And if you can get your hands on a pair, please send us the link.

The Essential Vinyl in Your Collection

Midnights: Moonstone Blue Edition Vinyl, $30,

This masterpiece of an album from Taylor Swift “hits different” on vinyl (see what we did there?). It’s just one of four album jackets, marble colored vinyl disks and gatefold photos, so true Swifties will be collecting them all this holiday season. If you need a spiritually healing experience, blast “You’re On Your Own Kid” on full volume and sing that bridge at the top of your lungs while you dance around your room. Thank us later.

The Wearable Fuzzy Blanket

Cozy Knit Robe, SKIMS, $128, skims​​.com

This is what loungewear dreams are made of: a soft and breathable boucle yarn robe with functional pockets and a tie at the waist. The roomy pockets are the ideal place to store your TV remote, an emergency packet of Maynards, your phone and any other necessities for sitting down to rewatch all three seasons of Too Hot To Handle in one go. Now the hardest part: choosing which color to get. Is getting all seven a bit much?

The Pillow You Can Personalize

Easy Breather Pillow, Nest Bedding, starting at $86,

Do you feel like Goldilocks and the Three Bears trying to find your perfect pillow? One’s too hard, one’s too soft, one is too bulky that you wake up with a neck cramp. Well, this adjustable pillow from Nest Bedding is just right. It’s filled with shredded virgin foam that allows you to remove or re-stuff to your liking. Each pillow comes with a bag to put all of that extra fluff. Genius if you ask us. Bonus? The cooling cover means that you’ll get the “other side of the pillow” feeling all night long.

The Hot-Girl Headphones

AirPod Max, Apple, $549,

Becoming an adult is getting excited over practical gifts like durable socks, ergonomic office chairs and noise-canceling headphones. Speaking of the latter, there’s a reason you’re seeing the Apple AirPod Max’s all over your TikTok FYP (specifically the pink and light green ones). The aluminum cups and mesh textile cushions make these over-ear headphones super-comfortable for wearing during long study sessions or WFH productive sprints.

The Perfect WFH Sweater

Accolade Crew Neck Pullover in Espresso, Alo Yoga, $118,

ICYMI, espresso-hued loungewear has had a chokehold on the fashion industry for quite some time now, This über-comfortable French terry crew (which also has a matching pair of sweatpants) is loose fitting enough for lying horizontal on the couch all day, but still looks put together if you throw on a pair of jeans and dad sneakers to run some errands. If brown isn’t your hue, it also comes in an electric neon green, a sweet lilac, a tried-and-true gray and more. We love.

The Meal Prepping Must-Have

Prepdeck Gen 2, $109,

If this doesn’t inspire you to start prepping your produce on Sundays (Emily Mariko-style), we don’t know what will. All of your freshly chopped fruit and veg, grated cheese and sliced deli meat fits perfectly into the compact, stackable, slim containers (that even have measurements on the side). Think of all the room you’ll save in your fridge! This prep system also comes with a cutting board, a detachable compartment for your waste and a tablet/phone stand.

The Knitted Weighted Blanket

Cotton Napper, Bearaby, starting at $199,

Do we need to be swaddled like a baby in a weighted blanket to get a proper night’s sleep? Yes. Do we want to upgrade our weighted blanket after seeing this beautiful knitted bb? Also yes. Available in 10, 15, 20 and 25 pounds, the weight of this chunky organic cotton throw reduces cortisol and increases melatonin and serotonin, so you’ll wake up feeling like you just got a solid 10 hours of sleep, when really it was more like six.

The Stylish and Sleek Tracker

ŌURA Ring, starting at $349,

Welcome to the future. You’ll love it here. If the Apple Watch is ruining your highly curated outfits, might we suggest this discrete ring instead? It monitors your sleep, activity, recovery, temperature, heart rate, stress and more—with precise accuracy. Did you know: Fingers are actually more accurate at receiving data than your wrist? This device is also water resistant, has seven days of battery life and is made from durable titanium. Choose from five metal finishes and two different style to find one that’s best suited for your aesthetic.

The Boujee Candle

Fornasetti Poco Dopo Candle, Farfetch, $649,

Fornasetti Poco Dopo Candle, Farfetch, $649,

By far the most OTT (and expensive) gift on this list, this luxury candle from Fornasetti is almost too beautiful to burn. With notes of Mediterranean citrus, soft jasmine, sweet rosewood and enticing tuberose, your whole house will smell like a fancy five-star hotel. When you’ve burned up every last drop of wax, the container is a piece of art in and of itself with its iconic Fornasetti face and twisting snake motif. We’re sold!

The Sneakers You Can Wear Without Socks

Wool Cross X, Giesswein, $160,

We know what you’re thinking. “There is no way I’m working out in these sneakers without wearing socks. Aren’t they going to stink?” The 3D stretch merino wool interior regulates the temperature of your foot, neutralizes pungent smells and wicks all moisture away. Mind-blowing, right? And with an extra-grippy sole, you can wear these sneakers in snow, slush or rocky terrain—perfect for the tennis court or a hilly hike.

The Not-So-Basic Bracelet 

Gentlewoman’s Agreement Bracelet in Duet, MLE, $95,

Gentlewoman’s Agreement Bracelet in Duet, MLE, $95,

We can’t guarantee that wearing this bracelet to a job interview will land you the role, but it will definitely be a conversation starter while you’re mid-handshake. The mixed metal-plated brass chain and magnetic handshake clasp makes this statement jewelry piece a memorable gift for yourself. How sweet would this be as a friendship bracelet for you and your bestie?

The Best-Selling E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Amazon, $130,

Your mom and grandma swear by their Kindles, but you prefer the feel of a real book. May we change your mind? When you’re packing for a trip, putting all of your books on this e-reader saves you room in luggage and keeps you from dragging around unnecessary weight (five books = 10 extra pounds). This Paperwhite Signature Edition comes with wireless charging, more storage and an auto-adjusting front light for a more comfortable reading experience. Are you sold yet?

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“A healthy baby”
“To pay off my solo wellness trip”
“A pole for pole dancing”

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